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Saturday, the Twelfth of October
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA/Science Fiction, Time Travel. Young teen girl slips into a parallel primitive society [s]

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Kim VanDrunen-Fletcher | 2 comments Read in early 1980's, borrowed paperback from public library. Seems like the title was something like "Thursday, July 14" or "Wednesday, October 26."
The story involves a girl who slipped into a parallel world after being harrassed by some boys in an alley. I think she was pushed down, hit her head and then awakes in a forested area where she thinks she's alone. The only thing she has is a pocket knife. She is hungry, finds water from a stream and then runs into another girl from this world. Somehow they manage to understand each other. The girl shows the protagonist how to find bird nests so she can eat the eggs but stops her from eating them all so the birds don't lose all their progeny.
She meets the rest of the tribe. Once she witnesses the girl finding a snake in the forest then holds it down and calls for the other tribe members who come running and kill the snake with rocks. Another time the girl describes how any babies born in the tribe with horrible birth defects are brought out to the forest to be killed by "crushing them under a fallen tree." At one point the girl needs to cut off one of her fingers as a tribute to her grief over losing her little brother? So she asks the protagonist if she can borrow the pocket knife for the job. The tribe is impressed with the pocket knife because they do not have any tools that cut so well. They call it "ni-uff" or some such. By the end of the story she wakes up in the alley and just goes home, i think.

Frustrating that i remember so many details of the story but not the title. Have tried searching for books with days of the week in the title...

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Kim VanDrunen-Fletcher | 2 comments thank you!!!!!

Rainbowheart | 19567 comments Welcome, glad to help out!

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Lobstergirl | 39582 comments Mod
This is a fairly popular book - requested 7x now.

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