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message 1: by Dianne (new)

Dianne (dianeterry) | 37 comments I cannot make up my mind on what challenge I want to do this year, A-Z, History or Classic. So I have added lots of titles to extend,challenge my reading from all your suggestions as well as from 101books you must read before you die.
I have pledged 35 books(personal challenge), 12 Audio books(mini challenge) and shall update this topic with everything I read/listen to this year and if book, e-book or kindle. This year has started odd and my work is changing so I did not dare commit to any more at this stage.
So far

The Goldfinch Donna Tart-book
The Childrens Act Ian McEwen- Audio
Shadows of the work house Jennifer Worth-book currently reading
Always looking up Michael J Fox-book currently reading
H is for Hawk Helen MacDonald-Audio

Thank you all for you inspiration.

message 2: by Overbooked ✎ (new)

Overbooked  ✎ (kiwi_fruit) | 800 comments Good luck with your reading and also with your work change Diane

message 3: by Dianne (new)

Dianne (dianeterry) | 37 comments The Rosie Project-book, ended up changing to the audio - feb Valentine/ romance read
H is for Hawk (audio) was so great, am buying the book now for my husband to read- he made us aware of T.H White & I want to read it, tether than listen.
I Capture the Castle-Dodie Smith-book-Feb romance read
The old curiosity shop-Charles Dickens -on the kindle
Amazing Amy - e book

I am making a good start thanks to a weeks holiday!

message 4: by Camille (new)

Camille (camillesbookishadventures) | 812 comments Nice start! My holidays always fly by as I spend all my time reading.

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