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Authors Seeking FREE Betas > Pumpkin Snatch. Horror/Suspense. Short 6000. Looking for Beta feedback.

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message 1: by Terry (last edited Oct 13, 2020 03:45AM) (new)

Terry Usher | 14 comments Halloween in Pencewood is approaching and for the first year since his Fathers death Ralphy Kimmick will be selling pumpkins alone. But something doesn't want to pay. When Ralph discovers what that something is, he's thrown into a bizarre world even he doesn't quite believe is real.

Hi there, I'm Looking for any feedback really, pacing, character likeability, horror effect, but honestly I'd be just grateful for any kind of feedback.

If you're interested drop me a message on here or at
Thanks a lot.

message 2: by Sabrina (new)

Sabrina Rodriguez (sabgrod) | 4 comments Hi! I just emailed you :)

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