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Hi everyone! This will be my little corner, where I will talk about books, shows, songs I'm listening to and vent about things I find annoying!

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Trace by Pat Cummings

I started reading this book on Saturday.
It's taking me a little longer than usual to finish it.
But hopefully, I finish it by Wednesday and I like the ending.

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Srujan (srujanreads) | 1320 comments Mod
Hi Taylor!!

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Hi Srujan!

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Srujan (srujanreads) | 1320 comments Mod
What are your favorite songs?

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I love Borderline by King Krule.
Dream by Bishop Briggs.
I'm so tired by Troye Sivan.
And Wild things by Alessia Cara! :)
How about you?

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Srujan (srujanreads) | 1320 comments Mod
I don't listen many English songs, I know only a handful of them like Senorita, Girls Like you, Perfect, Rare album by Selena Gomez.
Do you know some good songs?

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You should listen to Growing pain by Alessia Cara!
Oh, and seventeen!
I love her music.

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Srujan (srujanreads) | 1320 comments Mod
I know Alessia Clara but I have not listened any of her songs. I will definitely check them!

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Song of the day: Savage Love Remix BTS

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I just listened to Ice cream by BlackPink and Selena Gomez.
That song is so suggestive...But that's not the point.
Any BlackPink fans out there?

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Srujan (srujanreads) | 1320 comments Mod
Not me! But I heard that song.
But I love the Rare album by Selena Gomez

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What's your favorite song off of that album?

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Srujan (srujanreads) | 1320 comments Mod
people you know

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I'm gonna listen to it now!

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Hey, that song is really nice!
I'm gonna share it here.

Selena Gomez, People you know:

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Miley Cyrus, Nothing Breaks Like a Heart

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Am I the only weirdo who gets itchy after, having my hair trimmed?

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Srujan (srujanreads) | 1320 comments Mod
nope. I have that too ,sometimes.

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Srujan wrote: "nope. I have that too ,sometimes."

I thought I was crazy for a second.

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Happy National Dessert Day everyone!

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Song of the day, I love you baby by Surf Mesa and Emilee

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Quote of the Day

"You know you've read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend"-Paul Sweeny.

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BTS' performance on tonight's BBMAS!

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One of my favorite indie songs.
Florist, The Fear of Losing

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Srujan (srujanreads) | 1320 comments Mod
Taylor wrote: "She's got skill!

Woho! That's really cool!

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I know!

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Ojas | 211 comments Srujan wrote: "Taylor wrote: "She's got skill!

Woho! That's really cool!"

Ya, ikr!

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Song of the Day

Don't laugh! This song is bad but I find it oddly amusing.

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This song makes me and my brother laugh so hard.

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Katy Perry-Chained to the Rhythm

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I love this song
Dua Lipa- Swan song

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Srujan (srujanreads) | 1320 comments Mod
I know only one Dua Lipa song- New rules.
It is a nice song!

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Yeah, I love that one!

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Song of the day
BLACKPINK-Lovesick Girls

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This song is so pretty and sad.

Heather-Conan Gray

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Ranger's Apprentice: The Ruins of Gorlan Review:

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Some Places More Than Others Review:

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