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What the Other Three Don't Know
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Realistic Fiction - A girl is required to go on a white water rafting trip down Green River for an english class. Her mom died white water rafting and she has to go with the guide who was with her mom. Spoiler [s]

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Ainsley | 4 comments I read this book in I think 2019. A girl is required to go on a white water rafting trip down Green River to join a journalism class, and they're supposed to write a piece about one of the other members of the group. Her mom died on a white water rafting trip, and the man who was with her on that trip is the guide for her group. Her mom was a teacher at her school so everyone knows what happened and they all really liked her. A big focus of the book was that all of them had secrets. One was gay, one was known on social media for being perfect and pretty but her hair was a wig because she had alopecia, and one was supposed to take over his dad's job (I can't remember what) but he wanted to be a river guide or a fly fisher instead. The main character struggles the whole time to forgive the guide even though she knows it's not really his fault. It turns out though, that he didn't bring the right kind of phone for emergencies on this trip, and when a big storm comes and floods the river, things go bad. The guide gets really hurt and the rest of them have to figure out how to like not die. They end up rock climbing onto some big rock but not before they see other tour groups drown or get smashed against the rocks. She also ends up falling in love or something with the boy who wants to be a fly fisher. That's about all I can remember, thank you so much if you can help me find the title!

Ainsley | 4 comments This request has been SOLVED! Thank you!

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