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Untamed - Part 1 & Part 2 Discussions and Thoughts

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Alexandra | 4 comments Mod
Hi friends ❣️ this upcoming *Wisdom Wednesday*, *Warrior Wednesday* (how do we feel about those slogans?! HELP) we will be discussing Part One and also Part Two of Untamed by Glennon Doyle - pages 3-77. Numerous questions will be posted Wednesday morning, opening our minds and hearts to the different themes and ideologies set forth by this brilliant author!

Can’t wait to hear about your experiences and feelings while your minds are running through these pages.

Talk Soon - Mik & Dre 🤍

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Mikaila Jegtvig (inspiher) | 4 comments Mod
Hello I love the slogans?! They are CUTE. Wisdom Wednesday? I’m in.

LETS TALK WEDNESDAY. I hope you’re all loving the book!

message 3: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra | 4 comments Mod

The one day of the week where we get to open our minds to one another! We have listed a few questions down below. We encourage you to dig deep, get real and raw, and let us know what these questions and this book has meant to you thus far.

Please please please feel free to discuss as openly as you would like, it is so important to see and understand other human being's perspectives and experiences.

If anything comes from this book club, we would want it to be GROWTH. *I water you, you water me. We grow together!*

1.Let’s first talk about the title. Why do you think she chose “Untamed”?

2. The book starts off with a prologue where Glennon and her family see a caged in cheetah at the local zoo. This becomes a metaphor for all women to break free from their cages. Let’s discuss this.

3. Glennon made huge changes in life: she got divorced from her husband and married female soccer star Abby Wambach. After she first meets Abby, Glennon writes on page 6: “I looked hard at my faith, my friendships, my work, my sexuality, my entire life and asked: How much of this was my idea? Do I truly want any of this, or is this what I was conditioned to want?” How much do you think one’s decision making is based on other people’s expectations? What’s the balance between forging your own path and listening to advice from others? Or does the balance exist?

4. Glennon writes, “We forgot how to know when we learned how to please.” Does this feel true to you? Do you ever find yourself ignoring your own instincts in favor of pleasing others? When? Why?

5. She talks about God and religion throughout the book and says “to me, faith is not a public allegiance to a set of outer beliefs, but a private surrender to the inner Knowing.” What do you think about her viewpoint on God and religion? Do you have your own version of her 'Knowing'?

6. In “Know,” Glennon describes learning to connect to her inner Knowing. She
says that each of us may call this Knowing something different, but that we all
have this inner wisdom. She writes, “Why do we worry about what to call the
Knowing, instead of sharing with each other how to call the Knowing”? How
do you call your Knowing? What does connecting to it feel and look like to

7. In “Imagine,” Glennon says that there is an “unseen order inside us” and that it is “the vision we carry in our imagination about a truer, more beautiful world.” Can you relate to this idea? Have you ever felt a “hopeful swelling” inside you “insisting that it was all meant to be more beautiful than this”? When? What did that feeling prompt you to do?

If there are any questions or key points/themes you think we missed or would like to bring to the forefront, please do so in the discussions!

Can't wait to hear from all your beautiful souls!

Always, Mik & Dre

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Mikaila Jegtvig (inspiher) | 4 comments Mod
Okay people - I am going to start with question 1.

"Why do you think she chose "Untamed"?"

I love this title A LOT. To me, it feels like there are no boundaries and you can do EVERYTHING you want. Even in the first chapter, she really explained how we feel as if we are only to feel and do as others tell us. Like we shouldn't break out of those chains. I think she chose Untamed because it is a powerful word that screams do whatever the hell you want, its your life! We get to decide what makes us feel good, powerful, strong, etc. and remove all of those things that don't!

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