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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Adult Historical Western Romance. Female character is tar and feathered, with a group of outlaws. Read around 1973-1981.

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message 1: by Dora (last edited Oct 11, 2020 01:19PM) (new)

Dora | 3 comments I read this book (bodice ripper) around 1973-1981. I remember the female heroine gets tarred and feathered (from waist to neck) because she broke a rule. Perhaps trying to escape as I seem to remember she was with a group of outlaws in the old west (perhaps kidnapped or rescued from some situation). The male character took care of her afterwards cleaning the tar off her. I can't remember anything about the title or the cover. I enjoyed it so much I bought it for a friend who also liked it a lot. Does anyone remember reading this? Thanks!

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Kris | 35333 comments Mod
Dora, what are the couple's jobs? Do they live in the same town?

message 3: by Dora (new)

Dora | 3 comments I think he was with a band of outlaws. I can’t remember how she ended up with them but of course it was against her will. I don’t remember what she did for a living.

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Dora | 3 comments They were not in a town. The outlaws were out in the wilderness, frontier or the old West, hiding. It’s possible she was headed out West?

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