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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA book set in hospital ward about a girl with breathing problems? Set around the 1940's I think. [s]

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rory (rorybaskin378) | 85 comments I'm thinking of a book about a girl (name unknown) with breathing problems? The book opens with her going to the hospital that the majority of the book is set in with her brother (maybe twin?) and father. I don't think that her mother was present. I know that there was a nice nurse at the hospital and maybe one that the girls didn't like as much? There was definitely a girl named Pearl who was a central character, but I think that she might have died. I think that the book ends with the main character back at home, growing closer with the mother she didn't have a great relationship with before. It is set maybe around 1920-1940? Definitely more on the more old-fashioned end. I read this book around January of this year, but I already forget the name. Please help!

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Rainbowheart | 20336 comments Did the book seem new when you read it, or older?

How old was the girl, teenager or a younger child?

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rory (rorybaskin378) | 85 comments I think that the girl was around 14 (I'm not sure, though) and it could have been written anywhere from around the 1990s-present. I could be wrong though - I don't really know

Stephanie A. | 289 comments Breathing Room by Marsha Hayles?

rory (rorybaskin378) | 85 comments that's it, thank you!

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