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W | 37 comments Anyone interested in Indian cinema here ? What are your general impressions,favourite movies and favourite actors and singers ?

message 2: by Aditya (last edited Oct 10, 2020 11:02AM) (new)

Aditya | 853 comments I have not watched more than a couple of Hindi movies (Bollywood) in the last decade, but used to watch a lot of them when I was young. Most of it is cheesy, corny made for the lowest common denominator, can be entertaining in a train wreck sort of a way. I guess the same goes for Indian movies in other languages. Ohh and misogyny is rampant, I am not overtly politically correct but some of it is utterly tone deaf.

The two major problems with Indian movies are they have elaborate musical numbers irrespective of their genre. I have seen song and dance numbers (and not musical montages) in sports biopic!! It is completely weird to everyone bar most Indians and completely breaks immersion. So a significant percentage of the movies are fluffy rom-coms. The second problem is they plagiarize shamelessly, which puts me off. I once had an opportunity to interact with a Bollywood director in an open Q&A forum, to the great dismay of organizers I asked him why does he plagiarize? He said the industry views it as "Indianization" of a story. I followed up then why don't get the rights and he fumbled for a proper reply.

As for the actors most of the stars can't act except Aamir Khan, though there are a couple of good character actors - Anupam Kher, Naseeruddin Shah. Good movies include A Wednesday, Rang De Basanti and I come up blank and I had seen hundreds of them when I was a teenager. No idea even if those two hold up. Indian movie has a long history and huge reach but they never had their renaissance moment. Hence most cinephiles around the world sort of consider it as something more comparable to a carnival or a circus rather than films. Outside of Bollywood, Satyajit Ray is very highly rated. I have seen a few of his movies, and they are worth watching, a recommendation will be Days and Nights in the Forest (1970).

In short the average Indian movie is made for the Indian version of Trump supporter - the illiterate backward idiot. The younger generation in metros prefer Hollywood (albeit the summer action movies) and Netflix.

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W | 37 comments An interesting analysis.

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Thomas (tom471) | 466 comments I have watched a few Indian movies/tv series on Amazon Prime. I don't remember all of the titles.
Some that I do remember:
Sacred Games
The Indian Detective(India/Canada)

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W | 37 comments My interest in Indian cinema is primarily due to the music.I particularly like the music of the 1950s,when so many great singers were at their peak including Lata,Rafi,Talat,Mukesh and Surraiyya.Lata is matchless,Rafi was great and Talat and Mukesh's songs are so poignant.And there were so many great composers and lyricists from that era,as well.Those evergreen songs are the ones I watch most on youtube.

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W | 37 comments As for the general quality of the films,most are the typical "masala" (spicy films),relying on romance,violence,crude comedy, song and dance numbers and as much exposure of female flesh as possible.
However,technically,Bollywood productions have improved a lot.There are gorgeous locations and lavishly designed sets.A lot of attention is paid to song and dance numbers,and many of them are delightful.
Movies with good storylines,are few and far between,however.But given the sheer size of the audience,commercially,Bollywood flicks do pretty well.

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