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All of the latest group news and updates

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Group Guideline Discussion #1 - Worlds with Inequality & Oppression:
Thanks to everyone who participated in our first Group Guideline Discussion. Based on your feedback we have updated our group guidelines and developed an FAQ for new members. Both can be viewed HERE

If you have any questions or feedback on the guidelines/FAQ, share them HERE

Group Bookshelves:
As a result of our first group guideline discussion, we have agreed to tag books with content warnings on our bookshelves. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a fully comprehensive list for each book. We strongly encourage those with specific triggers to use GR review's keyword search to determine if a book is right for you.

We aim to add content warning tags to all of the books on our bookshelf-database by mid-late November

If your curious what the warnings will look like. Check out our bookshelf HERE. 2 of the more recent additions have warning tags:
• The House in the Cerulean Sea
• The Book of Koli

Next Up:
Our Guideline discussion for how to best handle book series will open on Tues, Oct 13.

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Group Guideline Discussion #2 - Guidelines for Series
Thanks to everyone who participated in our Guidelines for Series Discussion. Based on your feedback we have proposed an interim guideline for the next few months. Details are listed in comment #26 HERE.

The thread will remain open for interim guideline feedback until October 25

Group Guideline Discussion #3 - Excluding Sexual Violence
Our third discussion will start on October 26 and will focus on some nuanced questions that have resulted from the moderation validations we have conducted so far. Details are HERE

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Group Guideline Discussion #3 - Excluding SV
Discussion completed and our finalized guidelines are in comment #32 HERE

Group Guideline Discussion #4 - Excluding Authors
Our proposed guidelines are ready for review in comment #41 HERE. We're open for feedback for a few more days.

Group Guideline Discussion #5 - Excluding YA
This is our last planned town hall discussion and will open in early December, once we have finalized discussion #4

Content Warnings Project Update:
Adding content warning tags to each of the books on our bookshelf-database is 80% complete. The revised estimated completion is early December. Once final, an update will be posted here with a few tips/learnings.

2021 Plans:
We are planning monthly invites to discuss our recent reads and new additions to our bookselves. Stay tuned for more info!

Moderator Update:
Christina has decided to leave Goodreads. We thank her for all of her contributions and early support for this group.

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Thanks to everyone who participated in our group Town Halls from September to December. Thanks to your feedback, we have now finalized how we will manage the DB group project in 2021.


1) Common Content Warnings have been added to our bookshelf-shelf database. A list of the common CWs are available in comment #1 HERE. Going forward, when members recommend books, we also request they include any common CW they noticed while reading.

And as always, we recommend sensitive readers conduct their own research before reading any books on our bookshelf-database

2) Some of the content warnings made lighter books appear to be darker than they are. New Shelf Tags have been created to help highlight elements such as: found families, friendship, hopepunk, humour, kindness and romance.

3) A new Pending List for books which moderators don't have enough info to make an informed inclusion/exclusion decision. Members are welcome to volunteer to read these books and help make the final decision

4) A set of Author Rules which also includes guidelines for members.

5) Updated FAQs - In addition to pending books and author rules, we have clarified our 2021 approach to:
a) Series - see FAQ #13 for details
b) YA - see FAQ #14 for details

2021 PLANS

Join Us For Our Monthly Chat
I don't know about you, but I need a reminder to recommend books to DB 😁 To help with that, each month we'll send you an email with group updates and an invite to join our monthly DB Chat. The chats will give us a chance to share (within a similar timeframe) which of our recent reads we are recommending to the DB group. We can also discuss the books we are NOT recommending and why.

Stay tuned! Your first invite will be arriving in early January. Until then, have a safe and happy New Year!

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Just a quick update. Based on your feedback in our previous Excluding SV Town Hall discussion, we have a updated our Excluded List. The feedback from members was you wanted a way, at a glance, to see the severity of the SV. We've taken a crack at sorting the exclusions accordingly. There are 2 lists: Current year and previous years.

Let us know if you have any feedback/ideas on the Exclusion List HERE

And don't forget to share your January reads HERE

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