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Ayla (aylareadsbooks)

message 2: by Lizzie (new)

Lizzie Stone | 85 comments Mod
Amber looked around and gazed at all the walls. It was just what she was looking for, on each wall there were things that represented each of the elementals. Water, Fire, Earth, and Air. She smiled and sat in the middle of the room. She focused and called up some water from the ocean which came barreling in. She smiled and started to manipulate it into shapes such as fish and notebooks.

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Lizzie Stone | 85 comments Mod
A few hours later, Amber looked at all the shapes she made and touches them. She smiled and combined them all into one humongous sphere. She played with it, having it dance around the room. Her control never wavered the slightest bit.

message 4: by Ayla (new)

Ayla (aylareadsbooks) Saylia walked into the training center. She spotted Amber and walked over to her, smiling slightly.

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Lizzie Stone | 85 comments Mod
Amber turned to her and smiled as well. "Hey, Saylia!" she waved. She stopped the water that was moving around the room and had it hover in a spiral around her.

message 6: by Ayla (new)

Ayla (aylareadsbooks) "Hey," Saylia waved back, jumping onto a ball of air and spiraling upwards into the air.

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Ayla (aylareadsbooks) ((gtg eat dinner!))

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Lizzie Stone | 85 comments Mod
"How have you been?" Amber asked.

message 9: by Ayla (new)

Ayla (aylareadsbooks) ((let's just pretend she left XD))

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Aleya | 266 comments Mod
((ok :D))

message 11: by Marethyu (new)

Marethyu The God of Aether | 45 comments *a blurred form races in to the training center then starts practicing with a pair of scythes*

message 12: by Ayla (new)

Ayla (aylareadsbooks) ((Like I said, if he's not a student he can't go to the institute))

message 13: by Marethyu (new)

Marethyu The God of Aether | 45 comments (there should be a training hall for non-institute members)

message 14: by Ayla (new)

Ayla (aylareadsbooks) ((There is, if you look. There is a training center for each separate territory. If your character is an air elemental, look in the "Air Villages" folder, and there is one.))

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Ayla (aylareadsbooks) ((No problem, just make sure to use parentheses when talking out of rp.))

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Thessa was throwing knives at a target. She turns and smiles at the newcomer.

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"Thessa, nice to meet you as well" Thessa smiles and throws another knife.

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Thessa throws another knife, the thud echoing slightly. "What year are you?"

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((Sure. XD, Idk.))
"I'm a year five air." Thessa smiles sending yet another knife into the center of the target.

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((I gtg, gn))

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((It's fine! I'll be on here for an hour or so if your on and want to continue))

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