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message 1: by JDB (last edited Jan 18, 2015 10:23PM) (new)

JDB | 154 comments Mod
I've been on a huge action/adventure kick over the last year or so. I have managed to land a few Cussler signed copies.

1. Inca Gold
2. Sahara
3. Flood Tide
4. Atlantis Found

I really would like to find the ARCS of these books and all other Cussler books, preferably signed.

If anyone finds a few nice ARCS, please post the link to the books.


message 2: by Kevin (new)

Kevin (spiralcity) | 297 comments Mod
I took a quick look around but didn't find any ARCS. I'll keep my eyes open.

message 3: by Stacy (new)

Stacy Crete (stacycrete) | 22 comments HI JBD,
I came across this site with a bunch of Clive Cussler books and I remembered you were a fan. So, here's the link and happy hunting. :-)

message 4: by JDB (new)

JDB | 154 comments Mod
Thanks for the link Stacy. I took a look at the site and seen a few potential buys.

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