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Here, every day there will be a newspaper published. Anybody can buy them for 50 cents.

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The Alulian News
Meet the Selected!

Once again, it's time for our beautiful kingdom of Alulia to have a Selection. The last one was for our current king, King Carlos, to choose his wife, our current queen, Queen Alice. That Selection, was, of course, exactly 20 years ago, when Carlos was 18, and Alice was 16. But now, it's time for their only child, Prince David, to have his Selection. So far, eight girls have come to the palace for their chance at the prince's heart and being the next queen, but will more come? The honest answer is, we don't know! But we hope that Prince David will find his soulmate and wife, soon! So let's meet the girls.
First off, we have Maddison Vera, age 17. She is a Water Elemental whose power is Dark Water Manipulation and whose familiar is a dolphin named Lily. The interviews of the Selected have not started yet, but our sources say she's been an orphan for nearly her whole life.
Next, we have Rose Lakefal, age 14. She is an Earth Elemental whose power is of anything not man-made and whose familiar is a white kitten named Snow. Our sources don't yet have any dirt on her, but we're hoping for some, soon!
Next, we have Evangeline Rose Santos, age 17. She is a Death Elemental, although we do not yet know her specific powers. Her familiar is a wolf named Bay. Our sources say she killed her five siblings and both of her parents in one evening when she was nine. Our sources also say that she has one health problem, an allergy to roses. We here at the press think this is quite ironic.
Next, we have Destiny Partlow, age 16. She is a Death Elemental whose power is Shadow Camouflage and whose familiar is an (unnamed) black kitten. Our sources say that when Destiny was 14, her parents died in a car crash.
Next, we have Feu de Chaleur, age 16. She is a Fire Elemental whose powers are Pyrokinesis and Pyroportation and whose familiar is an (unnamed) lion. Our sources say that when she was younger, she burnt down her house, killing her sister and brother and almost killing her mother. Our sources also say that she has scars and asthma from another fire accident. We here at the press think that maybe she should have been more careful after the first time. Or did she try to kill her family? We'll be trying to find that out.
Next, we have Marianna Shaloight, age 17. She is a Life Elemental whose powers are Energy Emission, Omnikinesis, Gyrokinesis, and Exotic Matter Manipulation and whose familiar is a peacock. Our sources say that she is from an upper-class society, but frequently disappointed her parents with her many disasters. Her parents say they might banish her from their kingdom if she doesn't win the Selection. We here at the press will be digging to try to find out what these disasters were that disappointed her parents so much.
Next, we have Macy May Heart, age 17. She is a Life Elemental whose powers are making things grow, and healing people and animals. Her familiar is a baby cow named Bluebell. Our sources say she is from a lower-class society and grew up on a farm. Her mother died when she was young, but her father took good care of her. When she was chosen for the Selection, her father forced her to go because he doesn't think she should be stuck on a farm.
And finally, we have Brielle Abernathy, age 15. She is a Life Elemental whose powers are Omni Psionics and Sphere Manipulation, and whose familiar is an (unnamed) bunny. Our sources say that she, too, grew up on a farm, and in a farming accident she got a permanent limp. We'll be investigating, what exactly was this accident? And was it a "common farming accident" as her family claims? Keep buying our newspaper to find out.
Is the Prince Already Picking Favorites?
Our sources say that Prince David went on a DATE with one of the Selected yesterday. Some might say, the prince is probably going to do that with every girl he meets, because the girl he went on a date with was the first one he met. But is there more to the story? We're going to find out.
Yesterday afternoon, the prince was grabbing a snack when he ran into Destiny Partlow. They had a long conversation, which is pretty normal, but then things took a different direction. The prince asked Destiny what her favorite movie was, and then they went the the movie theater for a private viewing of that movie. For all we know, it could have been a normal theater experience, but did something more happen in that dark theater? After all, they were alone.
After the movie ended, the prince escorted Destiny back to her room, and talked about having dinner and supper together today. Now, he could've just been asking if she would be there at supper that evening, but we think there might be more to the story.
In short, the prince went on a movie date with Destiny Partlow and then talked about having dinner. But was it just friends, enjoying an afternoon together? Or is this a real romance? Keep buying our newspapers to find out.

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The Alulian News

Meet The New Selected!
Today, a new Selected arrived at the castle, bringing our number to us nine Selected girls so far. We have been investigating her to find some dirt on her, and this is what we've found so far:
Her name is Jennie Kim, age 18. She is an Air Elemental whose powers are Aerokinesis and Aeroportation, and whose familiar is an (unnamed) emu. Our sources say that she is originally from a very poor family who lived in a tiny town, but she is now a famous superstar who is a rapper, dancer, and singer. Keep buying our newspapers to find out about all of the new Selected that come to the castle.

Did The Prince Have An Affair?
If you'll remember, yesterday the prince had a "normal movie date" with a Selected, Destiny Partlow. To find out more information about the date, read our yesterday's newspaper. But anyway, today the prince was seen going into Destiny's room for approximately ten minutes. When he came back out, Destiny was crying and slammed the door in his face. Now, was this a breakup after yesterday's one-day affair? Or was it something else? We here at the press have our theories. but will keep investigating to find out more. If you want to keep following this juicy story, keep buying our newspapers.

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(Sorry, today's wasn't very good, I was in a hurry)

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Destiny came out and bought today's paper and read it. She screamed and ripped it up

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The clerk, who does not work for the Alulian News, in fact he sells all of the newspapers from all of the neighboring kingdoms as well, says "Are you quite all right, miss?"

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"No, I'm not. All the gossip has been on me for the last two days"

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"Well, miss, you just can't let that bother you. That is an incorrect newspaper who's greatest joy is making people miserable and spreading gossip. You just shouldn't believe it. That's why I never read that newspaper anymore/"

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"I don't believe it, cause I know the truth. But I have to read it, once I see that I'm apart of the news or paper, I have to see it"

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"You don't have to see it, miss, because it'll just make you feel worse. I know it's only 50 cents, but do you want a refund?"

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"And yes, miss, I know you know the truth, but, the only good thing about you being in the gossip column is that you learn that when other people are in the gossip column, it's probably lies. Now, I bet nobody will believe it because you're a sweet girl, but if they do, try tellin' em, and if they still don't believe it, just wait until they're the prey of them newspaper folks, and see if they 'pologize then."

(Looking over this, I now realize that as I went along, I gave him more and more of a weird accent.)

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"Ha, sweet? I'm a depressed girl that rarely smiles. And not all they say are lies, yesterday, they told the truth about my parents, and just hearing about it makes my depression worse"

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The man looks shocked for a second. "Well, miss, I've been talkin' to ya for on'y about ten minutes, an' I can tell you're a swee' girl. (LOL, I'm just making his accent weirder and weirder) "And ya, not all they say is lies, because they pu' in jus' enough truth to make people believe 'em! An' also, they pu' in orrible, true, things abou' everybody's past. So don' feel too bad. An' I'm real sorry about your depression, bu' I know you're a swee' girl even if ya don' say ya are."

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"Whatever, I'll cya around" she said, then left

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"Okay, miss" he called after her, then slumped back down in his stand. He was always wishing for company.

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The Alulian News

Poll Results: Who Will Win The Queenstrial?
As many of you know, the Selection girls have to participate in many challenges to prove their worthiness, and every so often, some girls are cut. But one of the first challenges is kind of different: The Queenstrial! The Queenstrial is where the queen, Her Majesty Abriana Ostyn, talks with all of the Selection girls for a bit before ranking them, first as the best, and if there are nine girls, ninth as the worst. Well, we put out a poll asking our readers, "Who do you think will win The Queenstrial?" And here are the results:
Tied for first place with two votes are three girls: Feu De Chaleur, Evangeline Rose Santos, and Destiny Partlow, Destiny being the subject of our gossip the last couple days. We don't know much about the first two girls, but we're hoping to learn more!
In second place, three girls are tied for one vote: Rose Lakefal, Maddison Vera, and Jennie Kim, our newcomer. We also don't know much about these two girls, but hopefully that will change soon!
And of course, that leaves three girls without any votes: Macy May Heart, Marianna Shaloight, and Brielle Abernathy. Tsk tsk, girls, try harder. You do want to be here, right?
We have a second poll, with results being released tomorrow. The poll is, "Who do you think will win the Selection?" Please vote, and keep buying our newspapers to find out the results of that poll, and the many polls to come.

We're awfully sorry, but we don't have any gossip for you today. We are digging to find out more about all these girls, and to continue our story on the romance between Destiny and the prince, so keep buying our newspapers for more gossip.

(Sorry, I didn't have much time today.)

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Guys I’m changing the news to being every Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, I just don’t have time to do it every day sorry

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The Alulian News

New Selected!
There is a new Selection girl in the castle. Here's what our sources were able to find out about her:
Her name is Clara Lily, 16 years old. She is a Fire Elemental whose power is Dark Fire Manipulation and whose familiar is an (unnamed) fox. Our sources say that she has major ADHD and a scar on the right side of her torso from a stomach surgery. Our sources also say that when she was younger, her mother abandoned her at an all-girls school and never came back for her. Why did her mother abandon her? And why did she need the stomach surgery? That's what our sources will be trying to find out.

We sent out a poll a while ago called, "Who do you think will win the Selection?" Well, let's look at our results:
In first place, we have Destiny Partlow, with four votes. She's in the lead by a lot, and also was tied for first place in our last poll, "Who will win the Queenstrial?" Destiny seems to be the public's favorite!
In second place, we have Rose Lakefal, with two votes. Rose was tied for second in our last poll as well, so our voters seem to be consistent!
In third place, we have Jennie Kim, with one vote. She got one vote yesterday too, so is there one person who is a big supporter of Jennie Kim? We'll be trying to find that out.
All of the other girls are in last place with no votes. For the girls who haven't gotten any votes in any of the polls, you better try harder!

A few days ago, one of the Selection girls, Feu de Chaleur, was seen with Destiny Partlow on the palace patio. Now, nothing unusual there, right? Just two girls having a chat. Well, that's not even close to everything that happened. You see, after only a bit of talking, Feu was seen crying, and then made a huge wall of fire around herself. Destiny kept trying to convince Feu to come out and talk, but Feu stayed inside her fire fortress, occasionally saying things like, "It's my fault!" or, "You wouldn't understand!" We here at the press will be trying to investigate what exactly Feu was so upset about. Keep buying our newspapers to hear the rest of the story.

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ℂhigeen( •_•) Jennie bought a newspaper and read it quickly, trying not to attract attention. But the way she carried herself didn't help. Or her fancy-ish clothing. She thought, Please go away. I don't need to deal with this right now.

After finishing the newspaper she ripped it up in disgust. "The nerve! These girls are just trying to get some peace and quiet, and they go and write this?!?!? I should report them!" Then she sighed and muttered," It's their job. But I swear, if they write a single piece of gossip on me, I'm going to wrangle them..."

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The newsstand guy noticed her. "D'ya need help?" he asked "ya seem kind'a distraugh'"

ℂhigeen( •_•) "It's just the reports," Jennie sighed. "Or the paparazzi. They're just so nosy!"

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"Ya, I do know tha'. D'ya know a girl named Des'iny Par'low? She ha' a sim'lar complain'"

ℂhigeen( •_•) "Wait... how did you know I was a Selected?" Jennie asked. "But I haven't met any Selected except for Evangeline Santos. She was... different."

(His accent XD)

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(LOL IKR? I'm just being an idiot now, bcuz it's so fun XD!)
"I jus' assumed. Ya see, all of the newspaper stories have been abou' the Selected."

ℂhigeen( •_•) "Yeah. Wait 'till there's something of a scandal, and they'll be fed for weeks," Jennie shook her head.

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Brielle walked, or rather, skipped outside, singing with the voice of an angel. She saw Jennie upset. "Hi, I'm Brielle Abernathy. Is something wrong?"

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She was wearing
Pink lace tulle short prom dress, lace evening dress – shopluu

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ℂhigeen( •_•) "It's this dumb newspaper," Jennie said, shaking her head. "I'm worried it's going to get out of control. It has before, to me, so it's a likely possibility." Jennie sighed again in disappointment.

(She's wearing->

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"I'm sorry. But I'm sure whatever it is, it's not true. Like you said, it's a dumb newspaper. Anyway, did you here? In a few hours, all of the Selection girls have to go to the stage for an "important announcement.""

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"What kind of elemental are you? I'm a life elemental."

ℂhigeen( •_•) "Thanks," Jennie said, a bit surprised at the kindness she was receiving. "Yeah, I heard about the announcement. What's it about?" She paused to take a breath. "I'm an air elemental."

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"Oh, that's a cool element. And I don't know what the announcement's about, but I think it's something about how the Selection will work and when it's starting." She played with a piece of her almost white hair. "Anyway, do you have somewhere you need to be? I don't want to keep you"

ℂhigeen( •_•) "Yeah, it's pretty cool. Yours is cool too!" Jennie said. "I don't have anywhere to be really, it's just I'm bored right now."

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"Thanks, and Okay, oh wait! I just got a text" she reads it. "The announcement that was going to be on the stage has been moved to a small video to watch, explaining all of the same stuff! Oh that's nice. Then I can stay in bed while watching it." She smiles. "What's your room number? I'm 17."

ℂhigeen( •_•) "Yeah! And we can eat too!" Jennie laughs. "I'm in room 16 I think."

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"Oh, that's cool! We're neighbors!" She smiles, and walks forward, limping. "We should watch it together!"

(I still have to make it tho)

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(Let's go to garden)

ℂhigeen( •_•) (Lol

Jennie notices her limp but decides not to press. "Sure!"

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Destiny walks out. She didn't truly know why she even read the paper, but she did. After she read it, she ripped it and bit her lip hard, accidently drawing blood. She quickly put her finger over the blood

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Destiny quickly left

ℂhigeen( •_•) (Any new newspapers?)

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(Sorry I keep meaning to but I never have time to write them, and right now it's 7:52 for me, my chromebook's almost dead, and I have to write a whole CER outline. Somebody else is welcome to write them though!)

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