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message 1: by Steph (new)

Steph I chose this book because it was voted one of the best books of 2014. I had never read this author before but I really enjoyed this book. It offered an interesting and novel way to explore marriage and family and all of the messiness, failures, and successes that come with these huge commitments. I definitely recommend this book,especially for the romantics out there!


message 2: by Cait (new)

Cait (clickcait) | 480 comments Which week are you reading this book for? If you could edit your post to select the week you're reading it for so it will show up in the right folder. :-)

If you get stuck just shout and we'll be able to take care of it for you.

message 3: by Steph (new)

Steph Whoops Cait! That may have been my first post. I edited it and put it into Week 4's folder. I hope! Thanks and happy reading!

message 4: by Chanjot (new)

Chanjot | 26 comments I read this book as well and I just have to say that is pretty amazing. I'm impressed with the author.

message 5: by Maria (last edited Jan 30, 2015 11:27AM) (new)

Maria | 39 comments Overall the book was an enjoyable read, but I expected something more from the author.

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