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The Warning on the Window (Judy Bolton Mysteries, #20)
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William Land (williamland) | 1252 comments Mod
Chapter 14: The Blame Is Placed

The Blade's barn is on fire, and with concern for Roberta, Judy leaps from the car and races toward the burning barn. The smoke and heat keep her from reaching her goal quickly, but she is ready to plunge into the fire until Roberta calls her name. The girls had gone into the house for their pajamas when the fire started. Roberta quickly ran in and grabbed the eggs about to hatch, but she is safe now. The roof of the barn caves in, reminding Judy and Honey of watching their school burn down four years earlier. The house is saved and while the cause of the fire is being discussed, Judy asks the Blades about selling their farm. She learns that a man asked for an option to buy the farm, and the Blades turned him down. The man, who fits the description of Horace's fan, said they would regret not selling. This causes Judy to believe that the fan deliberately set the fire. Judy, Horace, and Honey return to Roulsville, taking Roberta with them. On the way to Farringdon, Judy regrets not asking if the Blades saw a warning.

For those not reading along, this chapter has the reference to “the chickens are pipped” that Kathleen helped us with by finding the meaning of the expression The chickens' hatching during the middle of the fire adds a lighter touch to this chapter and gives the girls something else to focus on.

It is very interesting that the three adults all ride in the front seat together with Roberta on Judy's lap. Times are so different now with everyone wanting their personal space. My aunt and grandparents used to take a lot of trips together and they all three rode in the front. One of my great uncles used to tease them about it, but they liked to sit together. Of course, cars were bigger then.

William Land (williamland) | 1252 comments Mod
During the 1970s, I remember that three adults often road together in the front seat of a car. By 1976, the cars were getting smaller, but still had room for three slim adults. My parents and my aunt rode in the front seat and nine kids were in the back seat for a short 20-minute drive.

Also, around the same time period, my aunt and my mom wrote in the front seat (possibly) with a kid or two and the rest were in the backseat. I remember this short ride to church with two cousins on my lap.

Why didn't they take two cars one might wonder? My mom didn't drive.

message 3: by Faye (new)

Faye Kisker | 408 comments I think it was quite common for a lot of people to pile in a car. And no seat belts. Yes, many cars were a lot bigger then and some people had station wagons which seemed to hold an infinite number of kids.

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