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Here we go deary!

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol) Heckie to the yeah! So it was your idea which I guess means you get to pick the character you want to be and then we go from there? Also, how much detail do you like there to be in characters?

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[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) Hehe, do you like the title? and hmm, perhaps Guy A and Girl A? You cool with that?
Simple character profile:


Sound good with you?

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol) Yep! I am cool with that!

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol) «Mєямαιɗ»

Name: Kailani

Age: 22

Gender: Female


A nobody from beneath the waves, an invisible resident of this supposed Davy Jones locker. Kailani was allowed to do as she pleased, not because she was exempt from rules, but because she had no one who cared for her safety or well being. She is quiet, she is curious, she is thoughtful. Overall she tries to take up as little space as possible in life but manages to draw attention in one way. Kailani is reckless. She has no sense of self preservation in the sense that she was never taught to value her own life above others. For the most part Kailani is the product of severe abandonment issues and lack of restriction. She isn't used to being cared for, and she has no use for being a rebel because she has no one to tell her what to do. So Kailani wanders not realizing the power she could give to a man. The power she could give to a pirate.

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[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) Awesome! :)

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol) «Ƈαρтαιη»

Name: Chester Hearst Goodwin III

Age: 24

Gender: Male


Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum or two until you drink yourself into a pool of your own piss. That's how Chester's father lived and his grandfather before him. Chester himself is disgusted with how his family conducted themselves as bleeding drunks only to be hanged as pirates in their stupors, and yet Chester finds himself to be drunk rather often. The ironies of apples and trees as he would say. Chester is selfish because he was raised in a place where being selfless would only get you and everyone you cared about dead. Not even his own father cared enough about him, but never mind that. Now Chester is a selfish and carefree bastard in every sense of the term. He is in life for the money and in back rooms for the women. Despite being despicable he isn't entirely an ass, well maybe. No ones been able to prove he's not always an ass.

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◉ Pirate: NAVIGATOR ◉
【Fᴜʟʟ Nᴀᴍᴇ】Richard "Moriarty" Windsor II【 Aɢᴇ】25
【Sᴇx】 M

【Tʀᴀɪᴛs】 Cunning, Manipulative, Playful, Trickster, Kind, A gentlemen with manners [was a prince], Wild, nearly fearless [doesn't want to die], and observant.

【Fᴜʟʟ Nᴀᴍᴇ】Dione Blackbeard 【 Aɢᴇ】 23【Sᴇx】 F

【Tʀᴀɪᴛs】Adventurous, Brave, Intelligent, Outspoken, Reckless, High-Spirited, Honest, Elaborate, Bossy, and a bit Silly.

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol) Sweet! So do you want to start or no? Also, I'm excited to see Dione smack the shit out of Chester.

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol) And are you okay with swearing?

[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) I'm excited to see Moriarty and Kailani( cute name!) I feel like they can relate to each other!

I am 100% okay with swearing, Sweat away my dear, we are talking about pirates after all.

As for starting, I'm a bit of afraid too. Would you like to start? Also where shall we start, if you'd like to discuss or just go random with it?

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol) Maybe right before Moriarty catches Kailani

And as Dione is mustering the wits to make a deal that would involve lying to a pirate about money, almost as dangerous as lying to them about rum.


[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) That sounds perfect! Perhaps at night near or at a cave?

haha, that is good too, she could be at the bar when people ask about her and she goes along and makes a deal with Chester.

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol) Alright then I'm going for it

[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) Awesome and thank you! I pretty sure it would've taken be more than a day to start it

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol) Mermaid, siren, siren, water witch, they're all the same. Just the names humans had for Kailani's people as they condemned them for drowning humans with their sweet voices, and yet humans never realized they were the wicked ones. Kailani made her way to the cove she called home. It was a fair distance from human settlements and allowed her plenty of space to keep odd trinkets she found. So far Kailani's favorite human trinket was the compass just because she found it amusing and oddly comforting to know which direction was North. Kailani grabbed the compass and began tinkering with it. A melody escaped her lips that would have sounded lovely if other mermaids were nearby to hear it, but humans would only have heard a hollow tune. As she sang, Kailani became rather absorbed in her trinkets and most likely only Triton's wave would distract her from her tinkering.


Chester was drunk, a typical Tuesday evening for him. Him and his more trusted crew members filled a corner of the bar as they drank and eyed the pretty women of the island, boasting tales of treasure and adventure. Truth be told, Chester was too drunk to remember if any of the stories were actually true or not, but it didn't truly matter. He was Captain so what he says goes. His crew wouldn't dare defy him which left no one else to call his bluff.

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol) (Didn't know what else to say for Chester, sorry it's shorter)

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For days, Moriarty has been in search for a mermaid, marking up sea areas in which the creatures would inhabit. One of his chosen areas was a cove not too far off where a sighting had been rumored. He was going to check the cove and set a trap. Many sailors and pirates had ridden mermaids as myths and legends because they are rarely ever seen. Not to mention those who would've seen were long dead. But Moriarty knew mermaids were indeed real. When he was but a child, he was saved by one. He could never forget her piercing eyes and raven hair as she saved him. It had been thirteen years to the day. And he knew he must find and capture one that will lead him to largest treasure any mere man could imagine.


Dione moved through the bar steadily with a round of rum to carry to each drunken and perverted male that entered. Many of the males were sailors, navy officers, and even pirates. Dione, often eavesdropped on the many tales that were told. It was the only thing she was ever excited about and it helped her tolerate the vile men and their needs to touch her. And today, there were pirates in the pub and one of them was weaving tales as she placed their beer, entrapping her into the story. When suddenly, she felt someone grab her rear-end and she immediately swatted him. "Careful or you may lose your hand." she warned him as she tried to listen to the tale from what looked to be the Captain of the crew.

[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) [ Its fine dear, I hope mines is okay ]

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol) Kailani had many questions, but none to answer them. For instance, why did the compass point in only one direction? And why was it called north? Humans were certainly an oddity to Kailani, especially because she had no memory of them or how they lived. The memory of a mermaid was a fuzzy one, most likely from the constant exposure to hypnotic voices, but then again Kailani was stranger than the rest of the mermaids she had the misfortune to come across. Most of them condemned Kailani for her eccentricities and disliked her curious nature. So Kailani learned to be alone and answer curiosities herself. She swished her tail through the water thoughtfully as she thought about her decision to be independent. Kailani saw that as one of the highlights in her life rather than something lonely.


"Now you see, there were three of us after that treasure, but only one who could get their hands on that chest of gold. I, Archie, or Tertius. Tertius was skilled with a sword, but Archie liked to throw things. Sharp things. He had to go first. At the time it seemed Tertius was wise enough to come to the same conclusion as I. We wasted no time running that blonde bastard through with a sword." Chester laughed and took a swig of his drink, slamming it back down on the table and surveying the crowd. If there was one thing Chester knew how to do, it was tell a story. Half the bar was paying attention as he spoke, the other half was too drunk to care. "Almost immediately Tertius turned his sword on me, but I was quicker. He lost four fingers to my swordmanship before he died on my sword. You may have expected an epic battle, but Tertius was no match for me. Even this bastard that calls himself my first mate could have killed him with his good eye closed and both hands tied behind his back! And that is how I found myself forty kilos of gold richer." Chester finished his story with a dramatic flourish of his arm, taking in the attention from the crowd.

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As Moriarty came closer to the cove, he heard wailing sound, so hollow no human or known creature could make. In a quick and careful haste, Moriarty looked for a way to peak into the cove. He found an entrance from the back but was unsure of its shaking structure. However, in that moment he didn't really care. He moved slowly through the entrance to the cove, careful not to make an disturbing sound that might scary the creature. When he could finally see a small amount of light coming from the moon, he moved closer until he spotted her. A mermaid. Her back wasn't turned away from him and she seemed quiet consumed with someone she held because he was able to walk all the way behind her when he threw his net over her.


Dione listened careful to the tale, it was all quiet fascinating and fun. She could only dream of going on such a dangerous adventure. A loud and familiar yell came from over at the bar that pulled Dione out of haze. Mr. Schuyler's voice seemed to boom throughout the bar yelling her name, no matter how loud it was already. "Yes! Coming!" Dione responded shouting back, her voice not as soft as many would think and most definitely unladylike. Pouting and irritated, she grabbed the empty cups and headed back to serve other customers. Time few quiet quickly before it was nearly midnight and Dione was ready to head home. Grabbing her purse, she noticed two crew members and the Pirate Captain discussing something intensely. She, being noising, walked near them to ear when she heard the last name Blackbeard. Her last name.

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol) Kailani's first instinct was to shriek. And shriek she did. She heard tales of mermaids getting caught in strange woven blankets, but she never thought they had much truth to them. Only now did she realize that the threat of being captured by humans was in fact a very real one. Kailani began to thrash about, trying to free herself, but the weaving just became tighter around her until she was practically pulled onto the rocks of her cave. She only stopped long enough to realize she had been captured by a man. A human being. This was the closest she had ever been to a human and Kailani was suddenly awestruck at the odd appearance of legs. They seemed so unnatural unlike her own fin now that she was close enough to see the detail. She never truly understood how humans moved with them, but now she could tell they had some sort of joint in the middle, perhaps for propulsion? Kailani was then removed from her thoughts when she realized what being caught by a human truly meant. Similar to how mermaids can do as they please with a man they have captured, a man could do as he pleased with a mermaid he captured. What if he intended to dry her out on land out of revenge for her kind drowning so many? Kailani grew fearful.


"You know captain, they say Blackbeard's treasure is one of the greatest of all." Gorlo, Chester's first mate admonished. "Perhaps we should try after that next?"

"Yes, yes! Then we'll be rich as dogs!" The cook grinned toothlessly. Chester himself could only laugh. Not only were dogs not very rich, but his crew was also very dumb. Even more so now than usual.

"Well that wouldn't be so bad an idea, if we... I don't know, had a map!" He punched his cook in the arm. "No one knows where that treasure is you fools. No one but the Blackbeard family themselves! And how many of them have you seen walking around? Last I heard they were all hanged." His crew members hung their heads and Chester rolled his eyes. "We'd be better off picking the British Navy off one by one. There aren't exactly that many hidden treasures anymore."

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[ Kailani is just adorable! And Chester is funny! ]

Moriarty was completed baffled and in such awe at the mermaid. She was as beautiful as all the myths claim mermaids to be. She had light blonde hair with these big beautiful eyes that stared at him in fear and something else he couldn't quiet describe. For a moment, he was a bit lost on what to do. He had searched through many seas to find and capture a mermaid. And here he was standing with a mermaid he found and captured. He had accomplished what he set out to do but did not feel the amount of excitement he thought he would feel. As she thrashed around the ropes tightened and she was nearly close to choking herself which snapped him out of his state. He pulled her out of the water. "Calm down or you'll hurt yourself." He said trying to get the net away from her neck so she didn't strangle herself.


Dione leaned closely in to the wall she hide behind as heard them talk about Blackbeard's treasure. "Blackbeard's treasure." She said softly to herself as she began thinking. There was a part of her that wanted to believe that perhaps the pirate they were talking about was her father but she knew that was silly even for her. Her father had died along time ago working as fishermen. Her grandfather had explained it to her when she was a child. As for her mother, she had left her with her grandfather and disappeared from her life. "I'm being stupid." she muttered shaking her head as she decided she better leave when she clumsily dropped something and picked it up, only to be faced with narrow eyed stares. "aha, sorry about that, must be careful when cleaning the.." She glanced at whatever was closest to her in a panic. "..chairs..well better be off." she quickly spat, hope they were still drunk enough to not know anything.

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol) [ Thank you thank you. I enjoy being showered in compliments ;) And Dione and Moriarty aren't too bad either. I love Dione's curiosity! ]

Kailani stopped thrashing about almost immediately, but that didn't mean she felt any less distressed. In fact, she was hyperventilating, something quite difficult for someone who was half fish. She was used to breathing through her gills, which appeared as scar like lines behind her ears, but now that she was trapped above water, Kailani couldn't use them. She desperately gasped for air in fearful and awkward breaths. Kailani had little experience using her lungs having usually just held her breath until she could return under water. The terror she felt did not help her cause and neither did the net. Oddly enough, the only thought that Kailani could actually hold onto was the human phrase of being 'a fish out of water'.


Chester practically jumped out of his skin when he heard Dione fumbling about. It wasn't very fitting of a Captain to look so shocked and he had to take a second to compose himself before speaking. "And I suppose you are going to say you didn't hear any of our conversation?" Although he was quite drunk, Chester was still rather astute. Alcohol only lowered his already rather low inhibitions and did not much else to affect him. He walked like a drunk even when sober on most occasions. "Barmaid, come closer, tell me, what do you think of Blackbeard's treasure? Perhaps a foolish quest? Or more... to your liking?" Now if Chester had not been drunk he would have tried to avoid sounding like a theatrical moron as he flirted with the pretty barmaid, but alas his tongue betrayed him as it did on most occasions. He was regretful, but hardly sorry.

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[ No problem! And thanks ]

Moriarty scratched his head as he tried to figure out how he was going to get her all the way to the ship. In his frustrated thinking, he completely ignored the mermaid and her gasping. "Oh no!" he said seeing her struggle to breath. He raced to grab water in his hands and splashed it at her. From his reading, he had assumed that mermaid could breath fine, they were half-human after all. "Do you understand English by any chance?" he said looking into her eyes to see if she even recognized what he was saying. "Look, I am not going to harm you. Try breathing through mouth and nose." He said slowly and loudly as he pointed to his mouth and nose to demonstrate thinking that perhaps she wasn't used to being captured and pulled to land.


Dione smiled with a guilty look on her face. She was not good at lying or at least hiding the fact she was lying. Her grandfather would often said it was painful to watch her lie. "No..I mean yes I didn't hear much....not really...I was just...cleaning the....walls....I mean...the chairs.." She said as she hide her hands behind her back, fiddling with her fingers like a child. She stared at the Captain and the other men, one of them had already fallen asleep. She took a single step closer but none more to the Captain. She wasn't that foolish to think he won't behave like a drunk man. "Blackbeard's treasure...I don't know...sounds like an adventure to had really. " She replied when she heard her named called.

"Dione, hurry up and leave before I have you scrubbing the floors." Mr. Schuyler shouted as he walked over.

"Yes..alright." Dione said scurrying away.

"That lassie can be a hand full, only gave her this job as a favor to Grandfather John Blackbeard. Anyway, can I get you more rum boys?" Mr. Schuyler said to the Captain.

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol) [ I have written a reply like three times but bad internet connection keeps losing the freaking comment and I don't seem to have enough foresight to copy and paste. I will get this, give me a bit. ]

[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) [ Aww really, that sucks! It's happened to be before so I understand, just take your time ]

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol) Breathe in, breathe ou- Kailani broke out into a coughing fit from inhaling a majority of the water thrown at her. Human lungs were a drag. The coughing, of course, brought her hyperventilating to an abrupt halt, giving Kailani room to think about something other than dying. A voice. At first Kailani thought it was her own, but then thought the better of it. He was looking into her eyes, it was obviously his voice. Did she understand him? Of course she did, sort of. English was a weird language with too much flapping of the tongue, unlike Syren, the language of her people. Kailani took this moment to stare, not because she was confused, but because she wasn't sure what to say in reply. She learned English from shipwrecks so obviously hers wasn't very good. So she started simple. "Breathing through your mouth and nose." Kailani repeated, mimicking the man's intonations.


Chester could only grin as he watched the barmaid return to work. Her stuttering was cute and he wished he could have a more compelling conversation with her, but alas her boss was a sodding wanker and he had to settle with watching her ass instead. Not very romantic, but settle worthy. "Blackbeard you say? What an interesting name." Perhaps he would have a more detailed conversation with her later. Then Chester would have a chance to get her name and ask her about her interest in his conversations of treasure. If she truly was a Blackbeard then she would know more than she let on. He turned down the drink and slapped his first mate awake. They would definitely be walking the 'lassie' home it seemed.

[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) [ Sorry dear, just a quick note, she was leaving work because it was near closing time. Just wanted to make that clear ]

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol) [ Fixed! ]

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[ Alright, sorry about that hon ]

Moriarty felt a great relief run through him when she responded back to him. Granted, it wasn't the response he wanted from the beautiful mermaid. And to be quiet honest, he wasn't sure she fully understood him or was just copying him. He kept staring at her like a fool with any beautiful half naked woman with a tail for legs. A smile emerged from his lips. "I am not going to hurt you, okay? " Moriarty said to her, narrowing his as he tried gesturing with his hands to explain it to her. He needed her to be alive, she was the only way to find the treasure and perhaps once he gets his treasure, he could set her free. He wondered if he could trick her into helping him. She didn't seem too scared of him and if she understood him perhaps there was a chance she would help if persuaded. "Do you have a name? A n-ame that I can call you with. You see, I'm Mo-ri-art-y." He asked her as he was still trying to figure out how he could drag her to the ship.


"Erh, as is a lassie a lassie, if ye know what I mean." Mr. Schuyler said with a wink to Captain Chester before walking back to get some rum.

Dione walked the stoney streets, it was quiet dark outside but the moon gave light to her way. Dione's mind rambled as she thought about the treasure the pirates where discussing. Blackbeard's treasure, she thought to herself. She wondered why it was called that and why she had never heard of this treasure before. Not that Dione was an expert in anything of value but she had listen to so many stories and legends from every pirate, naval officer, and wench that ever came into the pub. She couldn't recall anyone of them speak of such a treasure, specially if it was as grande as the pirates made it out to be. Hearing strange footsteps rushing forward, Dione snapped out of her thoughts and paid attention to her surrounds as she peaked behind to see.

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol) [ Don't worry about it, it's fine. ]

Name? Kailani understood that word. She had seen it many times when referring to ships, was he looking for a ship? She decided to go out on a limb. "Andromeda! Felicity! Duchess!" After naming off a few ships she had seen at the bottom of the ocean, a little too excitedly, Kailani realized she was mistaken. He had meant what she was called. Did that mean he was called Moriarty? After a moments confusion and a bit of blushing in embarrassment, she pointed to herself, "Kailani." It was strange to hear her own name in another language. It didn't sound right, mostly because her name meant approximately 'Ocean Pearl' but that wasn't a name. Instead she translated it phonetically, even though it sounded much more beautiful in Syren. There was something else that humans said when they greeted each other, but Kailani couldn't really remember. She felt much more relaxed now that the human didn't seem so threatening, but she also only understood half of what came out of his mouth. Then it clicked in her mind. "Hello!" She grinned, proud of herself for remembering that word.


Chester was not impressed with his crew, unlike him, they were sloppy drunks and for the first time in a long time, that irked him. He wasted no time leaving them behind to follow the barmaid home. It was a little more creepy than he meant it to be, but treasure was treasure and Chester cared more about gold than his reputation. He's a pirate after all. "Good evening Miss Blackbeard." He grinned when she turned to face him, awfully perceptive isn't she? To be fair, Chester was probably making all the noise in the world walking like a drunk. "I was wondering if you needed some company home. I hear there are an awful amount of pirates about this time of year." What a coincidence, Chester was a pirate as well. God he was so hilarious while intoxicated. That made drinking immensely better in his eyes, it was all the justification he needed. "It would be a shame if you didn't make it home safely. You are a treasure after all."

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[(view spoiler)]

Moriarty watched her as she contemplated for a moment before she responded back to him with a rush of names. Scratching his head as he started to realize that the names where names of lost ships. He smiled at her. Her voice was soft but a bit rough. He wondered if she wasn't used to speaking on land or speaking in English tongue. "Kailani." He repeated with a small smile as he looked at her. Her name was beautiful and quiet exotic, befitting a mermaid. He was about to ask her questions when he noticed her tried to say something to him. He enjoyed watching her contemplate, it was like watching a child, very obvious and innocence. "Hi." He replied with a grin. Moriarty realized that tricking this mermaid would be very easy. "Is this where you live, Kailani?" He asked gesturing towards their surrounding. "Do you live alone?" He later added, wondering if there were other mermaids about and how much vengeance would they have against him.


Dione had turned only to completely bump into a shadowy figure. Her heart raced as she let out a yelp until she heard a familiar voice. She glanced up at the figure, taking a step back. "For Heaven's sake. Are you mad?!" She shouted ready to punch Captain Chester but needing her heart to calm down. She placed a hand on her chest as she took deep breaths. She was very wary of the Captain's presence and his stares while continuing to talk to her. This man must be completely drunk,she thought. "No, I don't need any company home. I can take care of myself, I've been doing long enough. Now if you'll excuse me." Dione said as she put some more distance between them and turned away from him when she heard what his said. Was this man really drunk or truly dangerous? She thought, hearing his threat. She tried to think for a moment, this Captain may actually believe that she was the related to the Blackbeard and his treasure. And if he did believe that, then he would need her help. Everything clicked in that moment. "It would be a shame for you to threaten the only person that can help you find that treasure. " she rebutted foolish confidence.

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Rᴏsɪᴇ (RosieCarol) [ (view spoiler) ]

Home? Kailani knew that word, but she never truly called anywhere her home. She supposed this cave was as good as any place and nodded eagerly. It was hard to ignore, but her fingers began hurting in a burning sensation and it took Kailani a few seconds to realize why, tonight was the night of the new moon. No moon meant no tail, not while she was drying out on land. Kailani had to ignore it. She had never seen her tail turn into legs, but in the past, mermaids had used their ability to turn human and negotiate, those times were long gone now, but mermaids still could lose their tail for a pair of legs. Hopefully she could get into the water and fast. "Alone?" Kailani asked. She didn't know what that meant, although she was pretty sure she had heard the word somewhere. It was hard to concentrate because her legs felt they were on fire. Did Kailani really know any English? Yes. No? The pain became visible on her face and the scales on her tale began to disappear. Kailani was scared now, legs didn't look natural. She began struggling again, wanting to get into the water, but she was still trapped by the man. A whine of frustration escaped her lips and she began to glow as her tail split apart. It would have looked graceful and magical if it weren't for Kailani's pained cries. When the process was finished, Kailani stared in shock at her newfound limbs. They were so awkward and strange looking, but the pain was gone and she was grateful for that.


"I might be just a bit mad." Chester said cheerfully, but his face was in a frown. Obviously this girl was smarter than she appeared to be and had a sharper tongue. It would be nice to be able to say that if Chester were sober, he would be able to see through the deception, but he was too blinded by the thought of treasure. Sobriety had nothing to do with his level of foolishness. "But if you do truly know the location of Blackbeard's treasure then I believe I will be much more angry if you didn't share what you know." He grinned this time, his breath reeked of alcohol and obviously he wouldn't be happy in the morning when he awoke. But it would all be irrelevant if he had the location of that treasure. Chester could potentially become richer than the king himself and that was an attractive outcome to Chester. "What do you say? You tell me where the treasure, I go and retrieve it, and you go on your merry way without anyone harming a hair on your head."

[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) [ hey sorry it's taking me long, I'll reply little later! :) ]

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Moriarty watched Kailani, as she concentrated on what he was saying. He could see something consuming her as her facial expressions were shifting. He had never in his lifetime ever wish to know what occurred in the mind of women, mostly because it would involve a lot of curse at him but he would love to know what Kailani was thinking. Was she trying to figure out a way to escape him? He wasn’t entirely sure that she was as naive as he wanted to believe. After all, she was a mermaid and he was a human. She must have thought his kind to be savages at the very least. “Yes, by yourself.” He said as he started to notice her tail glowing, a heat emitting from it. He stared in completely aw as he watched her tail turn into a pair of legs. “Well, there is something you don’t see. Then again, mermaids aren’t either.” he said to himself until he started Kailani struggling. “Oh hold, wait. Kailani, calm down. “ He told her as he put his hands on her shoulder. He saw a great relief once the process had finished. He realized it must have been painful for her. That was also when he realized she was naked and looked away as he took off shirt, handing back to her. “Put this on, Kailani.” He told her.


“A bit?” Dione said raising an eyebrow at him with a critical look at him. She had originally marveled at him. He was after all, a man of great adventure but she hadn’t realized, how crazy he might be. But considering what she was planning on doing, she would wager she must be mad as well. She placed her hands on her hips, insulted by his threat more than scared. She puffed out her chest and marched in front of him she poked his chest. “I would remind you that…. I am the daughter of the great…. Blackbeard and I don’t scare easily. So if you want the treasure, then you’ll have to allow me to join your journey. Otherwise, I will find a more competent pirate.” She said as she stared at him boldly. She felt such a rush of confidence that she had never felt before. She smirked, quiet pleased with herself as she continued, “So, I will kindly give you time to sober yourself up from your foolishness and you will have tomorrow to take my deal. Now, I suggest you leave…..or I will….just leave ..while you can.” She said her confidence faltering a bit near the end as she turned away and left, walking quickly home.

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Legs were officially the weirdest thing Kailani has ever seen. They were so stiff from only bending at the joints. She just had to try walking. But instead of standing up, Kailani was distracted by Moriarty suddenly removing the thing that covered his torso and handing it to her. She stared at him blankly, not understanding the reason he did that. Kailani paused a few seconds too long before remembering that unlike mermaids, humans wore clothing, something Kailani had never done before. She gingerly took the shirt from Moriarty and pulled it over her head, trying to adjust it so it draped across her the same way it did him, but she only succeeded in getting tangled in the damn thing. The result was Kailani struggling again until she had it on properly. It took her longer than she could be proud of. What came next was walking. Kailani slowly rose to her feet, refusing any help from Moriarty until she was standing. Her legs were all wobbly and her first step sent her crashing into her captor. "Avide!" She quickly screeched an apology in her own language before realizing Moriarty didn't understand. "Sorry." She murmured, but still used him as support to remain standing.


Chester was truly a fool as he believed every word that came out of Dione's mouth. Either that or he was drunk beyond reason, but alas, he was more likely a fool because Chester was a pirate and had to hold his liquor for a living. He had to hold his liquor to stay living. Chester could not believe his ears. This girl had him fooled that she was truly a pirate until the very end when she faltered. She wasn't a pirate, but she had the blood in her veins to become one. And so he watched her walk away, and by that, he actually watched her ass walk away as he felt some semblance of a crush form in his heart. If Dione hadn't been a pretty girl then Chester probably would have seen sense. Probably. He began his drunken sway toward his ship. His crew would have to prepare to set out the next day.

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