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The Afterdark Princess
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Simone | 3 comments I read this book in my school library back pre 2000 maybe 1998?

It was about either two friends or two siblings.
A babysitter with this bag with markings on it and all the kids in the street wanted her to babysit them.
When night fell the world would change and they would be transported to a magical world and she was some sort of princess or something.

There was a “bully” / evil boy but that’s as much as I can remember.

I’m sorry it’s so vague I kept calling her the nightmoon Princess or something like that

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Andria (airdna) | 2502 comments Mod
First thing that comes to mind is The Peculiar Miss Pickett

If that's not it, is the book you're looking for a picture book, chapter book, or for young adults (teens?)

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Marietta Blackburn (mariettablackburn) | 5 comments Possibly The Secret of Droon? It was other worldly with a princess but I don’t know if there was a babysitter angle.

Simone | 3 comments It wasn’t either of these unfortunately. I was at secondary school so it would have been a young adults book.

It was something about the streets turned into this other land after dark.

The emphasis was on the girl and how she’d taken the kids from the street on adventures while she “looked after them”

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Becca (beccalikesbooks) | 2804 comments The Afterdark Princess by Annie Dalton? It's the first book in a series, so you may have read one of the others.

Simone | 3 comments Yes!!!! This was it! Thank you so much! It’s bugged me for years!

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