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message 1: by D.R. (new)

D.R. Schoel | 7 comments Hi

I was wondering what people's favorite screenplays are? I've read some screenplays where it's just hard to imagine what the movie will be like... but I've read others where it gives you a really clear feeling. It might not be the best example, but James Cameron's screenplay for Avatar actually gives you the same jolt of excitement as the movie... I'm not saying it's the best screenplay, I'm just remarking that it conveys a particular feeling, and that feeling is very similar to what one gets when watching the movie.

message 2: by Spencer (new)

Spencer Rich | 69 comments Eyes Wide Shut has a great screenplay. It's surprisingly close to Traumnovel--the novella on which it's based.

message 3: by D.R. (new)

D.R. Schoel | 7 comments I actually really liked the screenplay for The Thin Red Line. It had a very different feeling from the movie, which is typical Malick lyricism. I found the script much more grounded, and easier to follow the ideas he was trying to get at... interesting since he also wrote the script.

But was the screenplay for Eyes Wide Shut close to the finished movie?

message 4: by Spencer (new)

Spencer Rich | 69 comments Yeah, pretty close. Kubrick could have put more "this is what the camera needs to do" kind of stuff, but he was the director. He didn't really need to fill in all that.

message 5: by D.R. (new)

D.R. Schoel | 7 comments Then I'll have to read Traumnovel...

On a similar topic, I've heard there's lots of 'lost' footage from 2001... scenes with a shopping mall on the space station, etc. If you know where I can see that stuff... let me know!

I also have a screenplay book available, about Steve McQueen (I worked with his son Chad McQueen). It'll be free on Kindle Oct 19-20:

I'm always interested in getting personal, detailed feedback.

message 7: by D.R. (new)

D.R. Schoel | 7 comments thanks for the link. One wonders if Eyes wide Shut wouldn't have been more evocative if Kubrick had set it in 1926 Vienna?

message 8: by Spencer (new)

Spencer Rich | 69 comments Would have been a lot more expense for the exteriors. He didn't quite succeed in making London look like New York, but it wasn't that important. It was mostly the interiors that were so dazzling.

message 9: by D.R. (new)

D.R. Schoel | 7 comments Agreed...
I've worked with a producer who right off the bat gave me a maximum character amount, and limit on number of locations, for the budget... I always tend to forget that even Kubrick had to face certain limitations...

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