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Home of Mr. Fitts, Eli Fitts, Afanas Fitts, Jarda Fitts, Ameria Fitts, Nuka Fitts, Saddie Fitts (view spoiler), and Rin Stokings.

3 Bathrooms:

Living Room:

10 Bedrooms (Afanas, Jarda, Ameria, Nuka, Rin, (Luka, Hatter, Niko), and two guest rooms:

1 Master Bedroom (Mr. Fitts and Eli):

Kitchen: (Don't ask about the penguins)

Game Room:

Mr. Fitts' Office:


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Luka, Hatter, and Niko were all hanging out in the game room together.

Eli and Afanas were walking through the garden, trying to figure out if they should add lilies or not.

Jarda was swimming in the pool in front of the mansion.

Ameria was in her room, messing with her pixl keys. She used Carrie's pixl key and started talking to her about some pixl things.

Nuka was on the roof training.

Mr. Fitts was in his office with Lord Blumiere, discussing some drug business. Lord Blumiere was now allowed to meet the family and be around them, but he was not allowed to talk about the business he and Mr. Fitts were in.

Rin was bathing Saddie who had gone outside and rolled around in the mud after the bath she had been given an hour ago. "You're not allowed to go outside again today, Saddie." The puppy seemed sad about this and gave Rin the puppy dog pout. It got Rin every time. "Fine. You can. I'm not giving you another bath, though!"

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"I haven't seen Dimentio in a while. Did you send him to school?" Mr. Fitts said while looking through some papers.

Lord Blumiere crossed one of his legs over the other and chuckled. "Ah, he insisted on going to school, but right now he's making friends. He showed up at the mansion about an hour ago and said he was at one of the teacher's houses hanging out with a friend that lived there. Then, he poofed away like he always does. I have to admit, I kind of miss him."

Mr. Fitts glanced up at him with a small smile. "Boys will be boys. Nuka has been very distant here lately. Eli says that it's because he's becoming a man and is trying to figure out what to do with his life." He pulled a certain paper from the pile of papers and looked over it. "I'm glad that Dimentio is making friends. Ever since I met him he's seemed kind of depressed and lonely."

"He's just upset that a job didn't work out for him a few years back," Lord Blumiere said and glanced around the office. "He'll be fine."

Mr. Fitts was sort of attached to Dimentio. At times, he saw him as a son. Other times, he saw him as a troublesome boy that should keep his distance from his daughter and niece...Then again, he didn't think that would be a problem. It was beyond obvious to him that Dimentio swung the other way, but Lord Blumiere was blind to it.

"Stop. Turn that blasted music off. Stop it, Luka," Hatter crossed her arms in front of her and scowled at her cousin. "Turn it off."

Luka had turned on his favorite kind of music, dubstep, and was dancing to it. Niko was laughing, and she joined in on the dance.

Hatter wasn't amused. She wanted to throw the laptop at Luka's face. She wasn't a fan of dubstep or anything like that. She especially wasn't a fan of Luka dancing.

Saddie ran past Eli and Afanas, heading straight for a big mud puddle. Rin soared through the air and landed right in front of Saddie with a scolding look on his face. Saddie looked down at the ground and turned away with her little tail tucked in. He shook his head and smiled at the two women. "Good evening. Mrs. Fitts? Would you like for me to make some tea?"

Eli was always impressed with their butler. He was so swift, skilled, and sweet. She was grateful to have him around. "Tea sounds lovely, Rin. Thank you."

Rin bowed slightly and walked back towards the mansion. He was greeted with Nuka jumping down from the roof and landing in front of him.

Nuka threw a fist Rin's way, but Rin grabbed his fist and twisted his arm. Nuka was flung to the ground on his backside.

"Master Nuka. Seriously, must we do this now? Your mother wants me to make tea." Rin gave a look that was a mixture of pleading, annoyance, and boredom.

Nuka got back to his feet in a split second and stood there. "I could take down anyone in this family, Rin, but I still cannot take you down. I don't like it."

"I'm a demon you summoned to protect you and your family. I wasn't created to be taken down by anyone. I will always be stronger than anyone and everyone, including you. Well, except for Rune. Rune is stronger than I am," Rin spoke calmly. He turned away from Nuka and made his way into the kitchen to make the tea. Maybe one day he should act like Nuka had overpowered him so he would stop trying to do so.

Nuka kept an amused grin on his face before going inside to take a shower and clean himself of all the sweat and grime he had collected on his body from training all day long.

Ameria hooked her pixl keys onto her belt and trotted downstairs to get some tea.

Rin already had a cup ready for her. He moved outside to offer Eli and Afanas some tea. He would go to Mr. Fitts and Lord Blumiere after they got some or declined it. He wouldn't offer any to the children or Nuka, though. They made it clear to him in the beginning they didn't like tea. "We will travel all the way to Boston and dump your tea into the harbor." It had been a joke, but it was to let Rin know they didn't like tea. He didn't blame them. Tea wasn't something he liked either.

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Dimentio appeared next to Ameria and smiled at her. "Lovely to see you, Ms. Fitts. You look ravishing as always."

Ameria was a sucker for Dimentio. She thought of him as a brother. "Hey, Dimentio. We've missed you."

Dimentio pushed his hair to the side, but of course, it fell back into his face. He hovered over the floor and made his way to Mr. Fitts' office. He knocked three times before entering. "Good afternoon, Mr. Fitts. Good afternoon, Count Bleck."

Lord Blumiere tensed a bit at the name. He smiled at the young boy before them and patted his hand on the chair next to him. "Take a seat, Dimentio. We were just talking about you."

"Ah, ha. So that's why my ears were burning," Dimentio joked and took the seat next to Lord Blumiere. "I am here to tell you that I have met some students that would be more than thrilled to buy some of I have a list of possible clients." He snapped his fingers and a note appeared in front of Mr. Fitts. "I know you don't need more clients, but I'm sure you want more. So, here you go! I also came to talk to Nuka. Is he available at the moment?"

Mr. Fitts grinned down at the paper, impressed with Dimentio. "Thank you, Dallius." He was determined to get Dimentio to use his real name. It was a wonderful name. "You'll have to ask Rin where Nuka is. He'll be the one that could tell you."

Dimentio flinched at the name but made no voice about it. He smiled, stood, bowed, and started to leave. "Ciao." He walked, yes walked, to the doors that led to the backyard and saw Rin on his way to him. "Rin. Good afternoon."

Rin smiled at Dimentio and offered him some tea. The boy politely declined. "I'm guessing that you're looking for Nuka. He's upstairs taking a shower. I bet he wouldn't mind if you joined him." His lips twitched into an amused smile. He knew that the two of them did like boys. Nuka like both boys and girls, but Rin would take any opportunity he could to mention Nuka's gay side to him or to Dimentio.

Dimentio laughed softly. He didn't mind the jokes because he was proud of who he was and because Rin was pretty hilarious. They both enjoyed and respected each other. Dimentio was allowed to make jokes back at him, like the fact that Rin often wore black nail polish. Dimentio found that funny. Rin liked to here how funny Dimentio found it. They were good friends.

Dimentio trotted upstairs.

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"You couldn't wait until I had gotten out of the shower and into some clothes?" Nuka gave Dimentio a look as he stepped out of the steaming shower and wrapped a towel around his waist.

"And miss this opportunity? Of course not," Dimentio chuckled. "I wanted to talk to you about a guy I met. Maybe you could give me your opinion on him?"

Nuka walked into his bedroom and got some clothes on. "A guy? Ah, so you are going to give into that side? I admire your bravery with Lord Blumiere being slightly homophobic and everything."

Dimentio shrugged, "I could care less what that miniscule man thought of me. I will do as I please...He's super hot, Nuka. I think he would even make you drool over him...or on him."

Nuka lifted one corner of his mouth in amusement. "Yeah? Well, I'd rather have a women, but you have peaked my interest. I do want to see what he looks like. Tell me about him."

And so Dimentio told Nuka everything, including the wonderful sex. The reason why Dimentio was talking about John was because he wanted to be with him, but his future plans would sort of make any person hate him...or it would kill them, and he'd be alone anyways.

"Oh. I see. Hmm, well, Dimentio, I think that if this guy is so wonderful in your eyes to make you have even a sliver of doubt about your plans for the Chaos Heart, you should put those plans on hold and see if this boy is worth it. After all, love is something that not everyone in this world is lucky enough to have. You may have it. So, don't ruin your chances of being happy and in love just to destroy all dimensions and prove yourself to a man you don't even care about." Nuka stretched, popping his shoulders, neck, and ankles. "If there was any way I could fall in love, I would stop my plans to destroy the worlds too." But alas, Nuka knew that he wouldn't come to love anyone because he was dark and menacing. There was no possible way anyone would ever love him. So, it didn't matter.

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Dimentio eventually poofed back to the Engel Complex to be with John.

Nuka came downstairs with an athletic shirt on, one that looked tight and showed off his muscles, along with some sweatpants. He saw Luka, Niko, and Hatter all sitting in the living room together having a good time and asked why everyone was so cheery.

"All of our friends are coming over tonight. Maybe you should invite your friends too," Niko smiled.

Rin walked in with a tray of snacks and passed it around to the kids. "Master Nuka, who are your friends?" He found himself amusing for he didn't believe Nuka had any friends.

"Shut up, Rin. I have friends. my friend. Uh..." The realization struck him so hard it made him stumble a bit. Nuka only had one friend, and they barely hung out.

Hatter didn't change her facial features, but she did use a softer voice than normal. "It's okay, Nuka. I don't have any friends. I prefer it that way."

Rin felt a little bad...a little. He moved into the kitchen to prepare food for the adults and several snacks and such for the children.

About twenty minutes later, Jenna and Tella showed up, already in their pajamas. "We're not going to dress up for you," they grinned at Niko who hugged them and started the squeal fest that girls seemed to have constantly.

Cloud rang the door about ten minutes after that, holding up a bag of sleep clothes and a sleeping bag.

Rin smiled at the girl and took her things. "Allow me, madam. Please, join the others in the living room."

Luka was showing off his new game system to Jenna because she really enjoyed games. They soon joined the party downstairs.

Nuka sat on one of the couches next to Tella. She was trying her best to be kind to him and even be his friend, but he was moody about having only one friend and couldn't focus on gaining another. He was supposed to be wise.

"When are the hot boys coming?" Jenna wiggled her brows. She knew that Kol was bound to come since he knew she was here, and he was, she thought, friends with Luka.

"I'm already here," Nuka, Luka, and Rin said in unison. The girls died laughing. Luka smiled, Nuka glared, and Rin moved away because he felt a tad strange to be a part of a social gathering like this. He was the butler. He wasn't anyone's friend.

Lord Blumiere had left shortly after Cloud had come over.

Mr. Fitts, Eli, Afanas, Jarda, and Ameria were all in the backyard having a cigarette. They would eventually "join the party".

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rimskur Ila and Juliet had decided it was easiest to hitch a ride to the Fitts home together instead of waiting to get into town on their own. Both of them were carrying bags filled with their sleeping clothes and other things for the night.

Ringing the doorbell, the two were met with the sight of already a large group. Most of their friends had already arrived and they were excited to get the night started.

"Niko!" Ila called out, tugging the blonde into a hug along with their dark haired companion. They eventually joined the other girls.

The next person to the door was Dax. He was fidgeting at the door, bordering a sneer on his lips as he rang the doorbell. He had mostly come to this "sleep over" because Cloud had insisted so much.

"Do I get that kiss you promised then?" He called out to his supposed girlfriend as he spotted her though all of the people. Rolling his eyes at the people who were there, he plopped himself down next to Nuka on the sofa, sending a quick glare in Tella's direction to shut her up.

Arriving a bit later than expected, Kol and Zaine hurried up to the front door of the Fitts home, knocking in eagerment to join their friends inside. He heard a comment coming from his girlfriend as soon as he stepped inside.

"The only hot boy coming is me." He pointed out with a grin to the other guys. "Speak of him and I come." He laughed, throwing his arm over Jenna's shoulders before sneaking a quick kiss to her cheek.

Ten minutes later, Sutton arrived with Callum in stow. He had gotten lost on his way up to the family home and she had offered her assistance since she was going in the same direction.

"Hey, Niko." The boy said a bit shyly as he passed by her and joined the other males.

"Hey, darling." Sutton chirped up to Niko, though her eyes returned continuously to the boys across from her on the sofas. And she made absolutely no attempt to cover up what she was doing.

"Could you be anymore obvious?" Juliet sighed as she plopped down next to Sutton on the sofa.

"I don't want them, but I can appreciate their appearances." She shrugged her shoulders, crossing her legs over each other.

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Niko was pretty excited about all of her friends joining her for the sleepover. She was pretty sure that they all had at least come over once or twice. Well, Juliet and Ila came over more often than anyone else, but she was hoping that a sleepover like this would make them want to come over more often. Yes.

Nuka looked at Dax and did a nod that said 'sup'. He was also amused at how Dax had sent Tella scurrying away with one look. That's why they were...sort of friends.

Rin moved around, grabbing bags and putting them in a nearby closet to make more room. He informed Master Niko where the bags were and that anyone could go and get their things whenever they needed to, but he would get it for them if they'd like him to. Of course, Niko thanked him and said that they could stop being lazy enough to go get a bag and he worked too hard sometimes. "It is my job, malady." With that, he shuffled back into the kitchen to finish making the food.

Cloud sat down next to Dax and gave him a peck on the cheek. "You may get a real kiss later on if you behave." She grinned and pulled her legs up to her chest to get warm and comfortable.

Jenna managed to roll her eyes. "Oh, yes. I know," she winked at him and hugged onto his side.

Tella moved over to them and smiled at Zaine. "Hey, cool kid."

Niko was trying to keep track of all the guests, who all was here and who wasn't. That was all, she thought. Her gaze followed Callum. Her smile got even more friendlier now that she was focused on someone. Her hand raised in a waving gesture. "Hey!" She enjoyed Luka's friends just as much as she enjoyed her own. She considered them all future clients in the best friend business.

Niko sat next to Sutton and Juliet. "Are you sure you don't want any of them?" She pursed her lips and made a goofy face.

Mr. Fitts and Eli came inside, smiling at all their new guests. "Hey," Eli said enthusiastically. "Is Dimentio not coming?" Mr. Fitts was wondering the same thing.

Nuka had his arms crossed, and he was laid back in a comfortable position. "Nah. He's hanging out with another friend and their family."

Rin brought a tray of snacks over to the group and handed it to Luka. "Dinner is almost ready, but I figured you might want some of these little treats to satisfy you for another few minutes." He gave a small grin and walked back into the kitchen.

Ameria, Afanas, and Jarda finally came inside as well. Afanas went straight to her room. Ameria talked a bit to some of the girls before heading to her own room. Jarda had his hands stuffed in his pockets but brought one out to wave at everyone before he and Mr. Fitts went to the game room to play some pool before it was taken over by teenagers.

Eli joined Rin in the kitchen to discuss the dinner plans for tomorrow. She was thinking about cooking instead.

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rimskur Juliet mtucked herself close to the sofa, listening to Tella as she had moved away from the scowling boy she had seen hang out with Nuka before. Really, she didn't understand why Cloud was dating him in the first place. He had no redeeming qualities in the first place. "I'm going to get a drink. You want one?" She offered, lifting herself and turning to the kitchen.

When getting her reply, she scurried off from the already crowded space and strolled into the kitchen. A small sound of surprise slipped from her lips as she noticed Rin was inside. "Oh...sorry. I didn't realize you would be in here, Rin." She apologized, her cheeks flushing from her embarrassment.

Dax rolled his eyes as Tella scooted away, leaving him to deal with Cloud and Nuka as his girlfriend sat down next to him. His arm wrapped around her shoulders and he took it as an opportunity to sneak in and give her a nice love bite on her neck.

Kol chuckled, holding her closely and pulling her down on the sofa with her on his lap. "Wouldn't want an angry fiancé, would you? Your just mine." He muttered, tracing his hand possessively across her leg.

A grin rose to Zaine's lips as Tella joined him. "What's up, Tellatale?" He joked, bringing up the awkward nickname into the conversation.

Callum was grinning now that he had gotten some response back from the beautiful blonde that lived with Luka. Chuckling, he joined Luka across with the other boys.

A roll of the older girl's eyes showed her response quickly. "As handsome as they are, I would just be too much competition between those boys. I need a real man." Sutton joked, giggling softly. "Speaking of..." She trailed off as the adults roamed inside.

Ila rolled her eyes. She could be just so predictable sometimes. Flirty as always but a bit reserved. "Careful there. Don't hit on the wrong man." She chuckled.

The response came quick and easy from the twenty four year old. "I think I'm in the mood for some pool. A little bit of billiard's might liven my night up a bit more, if you know what I mean." Sutton cracked a smile before sliding away to join Jarda and Mr. Fitts in the game room.

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Rin was dicing away at some celery for Ameria when the nice voice rang through the kitchen. "I'm always in the kitchen." He turned to face Juliet with a smile. "Good evening, Ms. Juliet. Care to try out tonight's meal before I set the table?" Eli came in, said she wanted to make roast beef stew tomorrow, and left. Rin was trying to think of a way to talk her into letting him do the cooking. He held up a fork with a small piece of meat on it and offered it to the girl.

Cloud tried to remain still and quiet as he bit her. It wouldn't be a good way to start off the party with her moaning out or anything. She turned her head to block her neck and gave him a death glare. "Stop it. Be good," she whispered.

Jenna felt a twitch of pain throughout her body, especially her heart, when he said this and brought them both down to the seat. At the same time she thought of all of her bruises, Nuka pointed one out.

"That's a nasty looking bruise, Jenna. Did you get into another fight?" Nuka arched his brows and squinted his eyes at the oval-shaped bruise on Jenna's arm. He was given a 'shut up, you jerk' look by her. He wasn't supposed to talk about Jenna getting into fights. Jenna said she didn't want to worry Tella or Kol...or anybody that cared. He was thinking of something else, though. The way that Kol touched her made him think this bad thought of Kol, but he pushed it away. (He and Jenna are not friends, but she had recently gotten into three fights and got busted up a bit. He had found her and tried to help stop her bleeding nose. Of those three fights, though, one had been with him for fun.)

Tella laughed softly. "That's such a cute nickname. Why can't I think of anything for you? The only thing that comes to mind is InsaneZaine, but that doesn't do you any justice at all!"

Niko watched Sutton with a worried expression. "I hope she's talking about Jarda and not trying to seduce my father."

Luka did this stupid handshake with Callum as he got over there. "Nice of you to join us, Cal."

Hatter had somehow gotten next to Nuka. They both looked at each other and nodded in a silent agreement. They hated social gatherings.

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rimskur ((Dude...I mixed it up. Pretend where Ila is is Juloet and yeah...switch their roles!))

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rimskur She really didn't want to disturb him. He always seemed like a nice guy, but Juliet was always too shy to actually have a conversation with him. He did get along with all of the others quite well, though. Perhaps this was just her chance at conversation with him. "It's your, I'm sure I'll love it." She smiled, reaching over and taking the fork from his fingers. Taking the small piece and chewing it up, her opinion was clear on her face. "That was incredible!"

He swiped his tongue slightly across of the small redness that had appeared on her neck where he had bit her. He couldn't help it anymore. Even if she was still so annoying to him, Dax couldn't help but feel something different between the two of them. "They don't mind, really." He nearly pouted his lips at her glare.

His eyebrows raised in Nuka's direction as he dared to peer down at Jenna's skin and find the bruises that had appeared on her skins. He had just assumed that they were the normal bruises that appeared when the two of them were doing extracurricular activities. They both seemed to like it, that was. But by the way Nuka said it made him suspicious of what was happening. "What? You've been getting into fights?" Kol questioned when he immediately spotted the bruises staining her blemish free skin.

"Awh, that's the fun of it. Coming up with nicknames that are hard are the best since they are so personal." Zaine informed her, pressing his hand against her back so that they could go sit down somewhere.

Ila rolled her eyes a bit as she watched their older friend walk out before them. "Don't worry." She laughed. "I think she's had an eye on Jarda for a while now. She'll probably just end up disappointed, though."

As he joined Luka, he did a strange looking hand shake with his friend. They looked like idiots, but Callum didn't care. "Wouldn't miss it, man." He patted his back.

Sutton proceeded into the other room, politely greeting Mr. Fitts and Jarda as she spotted them by the pool table. "Oh, I haven't played in so long." She informed them as she spotted all the balls lined up in a triangle.

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Rin waited in anticipation for her approval on the meal. He enjoyed when other people liked his food, especially guests. "Thank you. It's Lukanka. I made it into a stew. I'm very pleased that you like it." He took the fork to wash it and checked the pot of stew boiling. "Hmm, by the time I'm done setting the table it should be ready. How have you been, Ms. Juliet?"

Cloud had to bite the inside of her lip to keep herself from smiling at him. He wasn't going to win this. No. She would not give into his cute pout. "We are at another person's house. It's rude to do things like that now."

Jenna sighed and looked around the room before leaning into Kol's ear and whispering about the sex bruises and how they still hadn't healed. She also said not to listen to Nuka because he was just a jerk trying to start trouble.

Nuka kept his eyes on the beautiful girl, knowing quite well that she was saying something about him lying, and she never got into fights. How funny.

Tella nodded in agreement, "True." She smiled as she felt the familiar weight against her back that was his hand. She sat down next to Kol and made room for Zaine to join her.

Niko nodded with a small smile. She rolled her eyes at how her friend was pretty flirty. She thought about Jarda and how he hadn't had a girlfriend since they moved here from the states.

Mr. Fitts and Jarda looked at one another as the girl came in. "Oh?" Mr. Fitts chuckled and stepped around to grab a pool stick that suited his big hands. "You think you could win against an old man and this professional over here."

Jarda grinned and grabbed a stick for himself and handed one to Sutton. "Well, if you think you're up for it, let's go."

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rimskur ((I'll post in a bit!))

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rimskur She could say that she thoroughly enjoyed tasting his food. She could probably make a living off of it. She could be his official taster or whatever. A blush came to her cheeks as she realized how it sounded in her head. "Lukanka? What else have you made?" Juliet questioned.

A roll of his eyes signaled that he was beyond caring what anyone in this house thought of him. He wasn't the type to depend on the thoughts of others, like Cloud was. "Well, I thought they would enjoy a bit of a show." Dax muttered.

His arm wrapped tightly around his fiancé, feeling especially self conscious of her with him. He didn't need people thinking other things just because they liked to do things a bit rough. "Just ignore him. He's just jealous that he doesn't have a girl like you." Kol muttered, kissing her lightly on the forehead.

Zaine took his directions from Tella and followed her to the sofa the majority of them had vacated. He squeezed in at the end, finding himself balanced if he kept his arm on top of the sofa and behind her neck. "You comfortable?" He asked, always looking out for her first.

"I honestly think it's a waste of time." Ila commented. "Why bother with boys and relationships when there are so many more things we can focus our lives on?" She questioned, sending a glare in Nuka and the other boys' direction. Some of them were pleasant and were quite friendly with her, but relationships were a big no.

Sutton's eyebrows raised high on her forehead, her lips curling up in a smile at the challenge. She always loved to play some sort of game and surely appreciated even the game of pool. "I certainly wouldn't want to shame either of you." She shook her head. "I might be a bit rusty." She warned as she took the stick for herself. "Whose up first?"

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Rin stirred the stew and gathered up more plates for the dining table. "Lukanka is Bulgarian sausage. I'm experimenting with foods from other places." He also put some plates on the kitchen's bar and small table in the kitchen because Eli said that the kids could take the dining room, and the adults would eat in the kitchen. "I'm also making ciabatta, bread from Italy, from scratch. They're baking at the moment. I also have salads prepared in the fridge for anyone that doesn't eat meat or wants a salad, and I have sachertorte which is an Austrian, chocolate cake." He prepared the bar, dining table in the kitchen, and the dining table in the room next to the kitchen.

Cloud knew that she would have to deal with these kind of situations with Dax from now on. She leaned in and gave him a quick kiss. "Is that good enough for you?"

Jenna smiled and kissed his lips. "Yeah, that must be it." She rolled her eyes and got a little more comfortable on his lap. She whispered again, "I like my bruises, okay? I'm not ashamed. You shouldn't be either."

Tella wiggled around until she was situated in her seat. It was nice to be around friends like this. She hoped to make more friends tonight. She smiled at Zaine and nodded. "I'm good. Are you good?"

Niko nodded, "I agree. I mean, I enjoy having guys as my friends, but I just don't feel like being with anyone. Right now, all these guys want sex. I don't want that. I just want to read and sleep."

Mr. Fitts propped against the second pool table and made a 'shooing' hand gesture. "Go ahead."

Jarda raised one brow when he looked at Sutton again and leaned back against the second pool table. "Go ahead, Sutton."

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rimskur She nodded her head, slipping her body from around the table. She had always been a bit interested in things like cooking. But just because she had an interest in it, didn't mean that she was any good at it. Cooking was not exactly her forte, but she hoped to fix it one day. It would be lovely to learn how to cook. "You've got quite the taste." Juliet murmured, turning around in the kitchen and searching all of the meals that he had made for them. "You should try making a Turkish börek. Those taste amazing." She suggested.

Dax's hand quickly position itself on her waist, rolling her body closer to his as he tried to elongate their kiss. But she had pulled away far too quickly. "Nope." He shook his head defiantly, refusing to let her get away with this one.

His hand stroked her soft blonde hair with highlights as his lips dipped and latched onto hers. He loved a good, nice kiss with her. It made him all gooey and mushy inside. "I'm not ashamed. I just don't want people getting the wrong ideas." Kol murmured, stroking her cheek gently.

He caught onto the sofa and comfortably settled next to her. "Me too. Is it just me making this up or is everyone her basically a couple?" Zaine questioned her, his eyebrows furrowing as he searched the people around them.

Ila sighed. "Well, that's you. As much as I don't want to be hypocritical as to what I was saying, one reason that I enforce that is because I don't have guys falling over my feet wherever I go like they do with you, Niko." She explained.

With a smirk settled across of her lips, she took a position with the cue ball set where she wished it to be. Holding the stick like she had been taught long ago, she played the scene that they would be working with. The colorful balls spread out in various positions once the white ball hit the triangle. "Whose up next?"

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Rin appeared out of the dining room looking in her direction with amusement and interest. "Turkish börek? I'll add it to my list of foods to try cooking." He came around, removed the bread from the oven, and moved things around to where he could serve the food with a ladle and some tongs. Then, he placed his white gloves back onto his hands. "So, do you cook, Ms. Juliet?" He turned the stove off that was causing the stew to boil and bubble. He would call everyone to eat in a minute.

Cloud laughed a little. She enjoyed being like this with him, and they actually hadn't gotten into an argument for a little over three hours. That was pretty frappin' fantastic for them since they were constantly at each other's throats.

Nuka looked over at his friend with his new girlfriend with arched brows. It was strange, but he remembered the bet that his friend had made with his other friends. He didn't take part in it. Reason? Well, he was a jerk and all, but he wasn't as heartless as they were. He looked at the girl with pity, but then, turned his attention to everyone else. "Luka, there is no music."

Luka got right on it. He dashed out of the room so quickly you would think that he had used Dashell's pixl key. He went into the game room, grabbed his laptop, said hey to Sutton, and came back in the living room with his laptop. He plugged it into some speakers and let Niko be the DJ. "Everyone move the furniture back, please."

Niko first continued her conversation before she moved to the laptop. "Oh, hush, Ila. I don't have guys falling at my feet." She ignored Nuka saying 'yes, you do' and swatted the idea away from the air. "It doesn't matter. Ila, you're beautiful and awesome. Someday an awesome guy will come along and sweep you off your feet. Now, if you excuse me, I must turn up the beat." She sat down in the floor against the wall and looked through the music they had downloaded.

Jarda "stepped up to the plate" and "took a swing". He went for it and sunk a solid. So, he was solids. His father said something to Sutton about them being on a team together because Jarda was really good at pool, and they needed to team up on him. He decided to show off a little but would make it to where there was still a game left for them. He angled himself and his pool stick in a way that people would make fun of and say he had no clue how to play. Those people would be wrong. He sunk two more balls, then one more, but purposely missed the next time so they could play too. Mr. Fitts took a shot and sunk two stripes and scratched the second time. He was amazing at pool normally, but he did have his off days. That would be today. They both had small smiles forming on their lips as the dubstep version of I Can't Stop came on inside the living room.

Hatter scowled at Niko and Luka got up and started their own dance to the song, that she knew they had practiced over six times a day for three weeks. She had to admit that they were kickbutt dancers, but she still hated it.

Jenna pumped her fist once and wooed for the siblings. "Yeah!" She, then, went back to nipping at Kol's lips and neck. She couldn't help herself.

Tella nodded and looked around. "Hmm, you're right...almost everyone is a couple. I bet you that by tomorrow some other people will be a couple as well." She laughed, looked at him, and got awkward. "I didn't mean us, not to say that us is a bad idea, NOT SAYING I WANT THERE TO BE AN US..." She stopped talking and just watched the two dance until the song switched, and they called for more people to dance with them. Tella couldn't pass up the opportunity. That made Jenna get up as well.

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rimskur She nodded her head in agreement. She wasn't the most experienced in the arts of cooking, but having a grandmother who visited and paid more attention to her than her own parents, was helpful at times. She was always bustling around the kitchen, making cute desserts and extravagant meals. It was only because of that very reason, that she had learned to be handy in random dishes that she had figured out. Her eyes peeked over his shoulder as she watched what had happened in the stove. "Sometimes. It's just a random hobby I picked up, not anything too serious." Juliet modestly shrugged.

His head rest on her shoulder a she pulled her precious lips away from his own. Because he was deprived of her lips, Dax merely devoured her neck while he had the opportunity. He nuzzled her quietly as she laughed. "Fine. You can play with your friends now, but I'll come back for more later." He sighed, releasing her body from his restraining hands.

"I'll be with Nuka." He informed her as he left a lingering kiss on her lips. Before he could fight his urges more, Dax slipped away in the direction of the opposite couch, settling himself comfortably next to his "friend". "I would have thought you would have ditched this place by now." He commented with a soft drawl.

Callum had been conversing enthusiastically with his friend, Luka, but the conversation had even interrupted at the request by Nuka. He chuckled as his friend left in a flash and connected the laptop to the speakers. Soon, the music had started pumping out with loud sound waves. "This is a great soundtrack. Did you pick the playlist?" He asked Niko as he approached the speakers system for perhaps more lively talk.

Ila scoffed, rolling her eyes as Niko denied her comment. She was just too blind to see that so many guys were jumping left and right in attempt to get the pretty girl's attention. Her head nodded in agreement as she heard Nuka's muttered comment. "She's just so ignorant to it all." She murmured to herself as she was left alone on the couch with only Dax and Nuka as her company. Great. Two guys that she didn't particularly take any liking to.

Her eyebrows were raised high on her forehead as she watched the way he had easily taken apart the pool table and maneuvered the balls around. She wasn't some expert on the game nor did she have too much experience. But, being newer to the family, her father had easily indulged her in the arts of pool when she had first arrived at the house. It was one of their most dependably fun things they did together with father and daughter activities. "Okay, Mister show off, let someone else take on some balls." Sutton laughed, taking her stick steadily in her hands as she prepped herself. Taking her hit, she found the white ball hitting a couple of others before landing two in opposite holes of the table. "Oh, I didn't think it would work!" She grinned widely, cocking her hip as she surveyed the table before her.

Kol rest his forehead on hers as he grinned at his friend and his sister dancing on the floor. He called out along with Jenna, hooting them on. He laughed as his head was immediately turned away and his lips were caught on by Jenna's. He hummed with a pleasurable sound as he kissed her lips greatly.

Zaine slowly allowed a smile to creep up his lips. He was amused by the embarrassment that had tilted across of her face. He obviously didn't believe in everything that she had said. The two of them were best friends now, but a relationship between them was something he had never even considered nor did he want to. It was something that he knew would mess up a friendship. "Come on, let's dance." He offered to her, despite his cringing mind at the thought of dancing. Kol seemed to be bit reluctant too but seeing his girlfriend dancing must have mustered up whatever encouragement he needed to get his ass on the dance floor, moving to the sound of the song.

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Rin propped himself against the kitchen counter with his arms crossed. He cocked his head to the side as he looked at her and listened to her short reply. He glanced at the microwave's clock and turned his eyes right back to Juliet. He enjoyed every guest that came over, even Lord Blumiere, but he had taken a liking to her in particular because she wasn't like the other girls that came over. Sutton and Jenna were flirty. Tella was very talkative, not necessarily a bad thing. Ila was a little too quiet. Cloud...she's never even looked him in the eye. Juliet was kind and spoke just enough to where it was pleasant and not annoying. He approved of Niko being friends with her. "Well, if you ever want to show me a new recipe or let me show you a new recipe, I'd enjoy that." He smiled casually and started to walk towards the stairs. "I'm going to call everyone for dinner now. Thank you for your company, Ms. Juliet." With that, he went upstairs and told Ameria, Afanas, and Eli that supper was ready. He made his way into the game room and watched as Jarda sunk another ball into a pocket. "Dinner is ready, Master Fitts." He was speaking to Mr. Fitts but hoped that the other two would take that as an invitation as well. Mr. Fitts followed him out and told Jarda and Sutton that they could finish the game really quick before joining everyone for supper. Eli, Afanas, Ameria, and Mr. Fitts all sat in the kitchen and waited to be served. Rin walked into the living room and waited until the current song ended. "Dinner is ready, everyone. Please, come eat. After you have finished your meal, you may go back to having a wonderful time."

Cloud was dancing with the others, having a wonderful time and knowing that she couldn't ask Dax to dance with her because he would refuse and might start an argument.

Nuka had his lips pursed as he watched some of the girls' breasts bounce around as they danced. Yeah, he was a bit of a pervert. Sue him. "Well, I would have left at the beginning, but this is my house. So, I'm stuck." The next part he whispered to Dax. "How's that bet going?" His eyes looked over the girls again before they landed on the one girl, besides Hatter, that was still seated on their couch, Ila. She seemed quiet, but then again, he had never really given her a chance to say anything to him or around him. He never stuck around when his siblings had friends. He didn't try to strike up a conversation. Maybe later. Maybe.

Niko stopped dancing and smiled at Callum. "Luka and I love music. So, we download new songs every day, but I did create this playlist. It's my 'Dance Party' mix." She laughed a bit and shrugged. "I'm sure that since you're friends with Luka, you have a taste for good music, right?"

Jenna, Tella, Cloud, Luka, Niko, and Nuka all looked at Rin when he said that the food was ready. "Food," Jenna and Tella said at the same time. They loved food. Both of the girls left without another word. Cloud followed shortly with Luka. Niko waited until she told Callum 'come on, it's food' and walked to the dining room behind her friends. Hatter and Nuka stood and left quietly.

Jarda watched his father leave before he turned to Sutton and put one hand in his pocket. "So, you do know what you're doing, huh? The only other person I've played with that can actually play besides my dad, on a good day, is Rin. You've got some skill. How about we make this interesting?"

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rimskur She grew a bit quiet as he made a stop at the counter and took the time to look at her. Juliet's cheeks began to color significantly just by the attention he was giving to her. She wasn't the type of person that many people would give a second glance towards even if some said that there was actually some hidden beauty behind all of the averting glances and sometimes scowling comments. She didn't like very many people and perhaps that was why many people didn't care for her either. "I would like that very much, actually. Thank you, Rin." She composed herself and allowed a soft smile to grace her lips as he moved towards the exit of the kitchen. It made he happy that she had been able to snag the attention of one person, even if it was the family butler of one of her good friends. It was certainly something that she hadn't been expecting at all.

Dax squirmed a bit as he first took a seat, dragging out a long sigh. He was frustrated with all of the lingering and annoying thoughts in his mind. It was all unfair and his emotions were certainly being more than meddlesome. And he absolutely hated it. He didn't need his emotions coming into this all and messing with his mind. He had a plan and he was supposed to stick with it. "I don't know, Nuka. I've got her wrapped around my finger, but's different. A bit more real than I was expecting." It was probably the most he would give away. Dax wasn't the type of person to ramble aimlessly about thoughts and emotions that troubled him. That just wasn't him.

An embarrassed blush spread across of his lips as he felt her eyes meet his. It was a conversation he was looking forward to having with her. Really, he awaited eagerly for any conversation with the beautiful blonde. "Well, he does like to take a big chunk of what I listen to." Callum chuckled in response, pouting his lips slightly as Rin had popped in to tell everyone that the food was ready. "Great, food. I've been waiting all day for this." He commented warmly, following closely behind Niko and the others.

Zaine and Kol, who had been coaxed into dancing with their appropriate girlfriend or friend that was a girl, had been eager to dart out for food. Both had large appetites and were fond of the Fitts family's butler's food. It was some of the best food they had happened to come across. Behind the two of them, Dax and Ila joined everyone else to the dining room where Juliet happened to already be waiting for the others with the adults.

Sutton sported a smirk across of her lips at what she had accomplished. A pout, however, reached her lips as they were called out for dinner. She was about to protest, suggesting a bit more time, when it was already decided for them. Pleasantly surprised, she turned back to Jarda with a grin. "I used to play a lot with my dad." She shrugged. "Is this not interesting enough for you, Jarda?" She laughed slightly. "By all means, let's do it."

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Eli sat next to her husband. Afanas sat next to Ameria across from them.

Jenna sat down towards the end of the dining table. Tella skipped a seat so Kol could sit next to her.

Cloud skipped a seat after Tella for Zaine and left one last seat for Dax to sit beside her.

Across the table from Jenna, Nuka sat down. Hatter sat at the butt of the table between Jenna and Nuka.

Niko sat across from the seat that would hold Dax. This left five more seats available, besides the ones for Zaine, Kol, and Dax. Luka decided to sit at the other butt of the table. Four chairs left.

Jarda tried to think of what they could do to make it more interesting. Hmm, a bet, but a bet on what? "We could bet money...or we could say that the loser has to do whatever the winner says for a whole day? What do you say? I mean, you will be losing. So, you might as well choose which one you'd rather do, give me money or do what I want." He arched his brows and let his cocky, yet sweet smile take over his face.

After everyone was seated, Rin brought around the tray of bread and used a pair of tongs to give each person a piece. He had thought about leaving a basket in the middle of each table, but then, he decided it would be better to just hand it out. He only had enough for each person, and he knew that Nuka and Luka liked to get two or three pieces. That wouldn't work. He went around and asked everyone what they would like to drink and if they wanted a salad. He made his way around with a huge tray, bigger than the one that had held the bread, and hauled everyone's drink on it. He passed them to everyone, remembering exactly who ordered what on the first try. He came back in with a bowl of salad and prepared it for anyone that had requested a salad. He cleaned up his mess in the kitchen before returning to each room with the drink tray that now held everyone's stew. "There is plenty more. If you want seconds, just ask." He smiled politely at everyone and went to the door when the doorbell chimed.

Malvolia was unaware of the party that was going on, and she didn't intend on crashing it. "I left my book here. Can I go get it?"

Niko tried to strike up a conversation that everyone could be a part of. "So, how do you guys feel about the Government now that all that stuff happened with the kidnappings? Not just once, twice."

Rin moved aside and let her come inside. "Would you like some stew, Malvolia?" He didn't address her in a formal way because she said they were partners, and that meant they should address each other like they would a friend. He stuck to it and enjoyed talking to someone like he would if he weren't a butler.

"Ah, I don't have time. I have to train with Rune in less than an hour. If I don't hurry up, he'll make me run seven laps around each stadium and field. It's torture." Malvolia quickly went upstairs, grabbed her book, and came back down. "So, you guys are having a party?"

"Yes. Hatter told me not to invite you. I have to do what she says, you know?"

"I hate her so much. Okay. I'll see you and Nuka tomorrow?"

"Bright and early at six in the morning or you have to do ten laps around every stadium and field," Rin arched one brow.

"You and Rune are trying to kill me. See you tomorrow."

"Farewell." Rin closed the door behind Malvolia and shook his head in amusement. Oh, that girl and her training. She reminded him of Nuka. They could easily be brother and sister. He refilled Afanas's glass of wine and went into his room to catch up on his reading. He never liked reading, but Niko recommended a book to him. He couldn't refuse her because she was his master and one of his favorites. So, he gave reading a chance, and Niko was right about it being entertaining if you had the right book. He didn't like one book she had recommended, but then again, she said, "You may not like this one, but you should give it a shot." He was now reading one of her favorite books, and he had to admit that he was enjoying it. He read three chapters in eight minutes and walked back downstairs to give anyone who wanted seconds some seconds.

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rimskur Juliet crossed from out of the kitchen once Rin had left her on her own, entering the dining room where the adults had gathered. Nodding politely and greeting in a kind voice to her elders, she found a seat next to Luka near the end of the table.

Dax casually entered the dining room, his eyes flicking carelessly around the table. He had seen a seat open next to Cloud, but begrudgingly against his own emotions, he thought it was better for him to separate his thoughts and emotions if he were to sit next to Nuka. But, then, remembering the conversation he had with his friend, he took his earlier option and seated himself next to Cloud on the other side of the dining table.

Callum took the last seat that hadn't specially been reserved for some partner at the table and took the seat next to Niko.

Kol, still a bit breathless from the sexy dancing he had been able to witness from his girlfriend, tried to appear unaffected as he took his reserved seat next to Jenna. He cast her a sneaking smirk, casually slipping his hand under the table to cup her knee.

Zaine walked past the seats that Jenna, Kol, and Tella had occupied and took the seat next to his friend. He was happy to be placed around people that he could easily find conversation with.

Ila was one of the last ones inside of the dining room and moved forward to take the remaining seat next to her friend Juliet. She thought it was a much better option than sitting next to Nuka at the table. Unfortunately, as she made a movement in that direction, she was informed that those two seats would be for Sutton and Jarda. Sighing internally, she took the seat next to Nuka and only spoke up again when Rin came around for their requests.

Sutton allowed a soft smile to spread across of her lips as he mulled over whatever bet they were going to settle. She had money and he surely did too, so it wouldn't be as fun. There needed to be some actual risk in the game to add to their enjoyment. "Arrogance never really did get anyone too far. I assure you...I'll be winning and you will do whatever I want for a day." She smirked. "Now, Jarda...this has to be a good game. So, let's replenish and then start again."

"My cousin was taken in the recent government shutdown." Zaine piped up to Niko's question, shrugging his shoulders slightly.

"Yeah, and they locked up the rest of in the basement until Jenna over here broke us out with her sick metal bending." Kol chuckled, nudging her slightly as he recalled the day the two of them had met.

Callum shook his head. "It's terrible...I saw what it did to one of my friends. She was absolutely torn apart afterwards. I can't think of how terrible it must have been for them."

"Well, obviously, none of this would have happened if it weren't for the terrible issues with out police department." Ila prompted the rest of them with a thought that crossed her.

"True...the island needs better protection. I'm just relieved that they've arrested the largely known masterminds behind the whole shutdown." Juliet sighed, smiling up at Rin as he set down her drink next to her plate.

"Some people have gone through worse things...everyone's just exaggerating about the whole damn thing." Dax scowled a bit in his seat.

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Jenna laughed, "Well, I couldn't just sit there. I had a date to get that I wasn't aware of at the time." She kissed Kol's cheek.

Niko gave a sad glance at Callum and Zaine. She had friends that had been kidnapped as well, including Alana who had been messed up in the head from it for quite a while.

Nuka chewed on a piece of meat from his stew as he listened to the conversation that was going around the room. He grinned for a split second at Dax's reply. He enjoyed when Dax was against everyone else's opinion in a conversation that you're expected to agree with being horrible. "Oh, is that so, Dax? You know, people actually died because of what happened?" He could care less, but he loved a good argument.

Tella blinked a few times and furrowed her brows. "It was a traumatic experience for anyone that got kidnapped, Dax. Alana got kidnapped twice. Her boyfriend just got his father back, and now, he's in jail. Some people left Groversdale. There are so many people living here in fear of another attack. I'm sure that if you had gotten kidnapped, you would be just as upset as they were."

Rin came into the room to interrupt the conversation. He didn't want a fight to start. He'd have to clean up the mess. "We actually gained new members in the police department, and everyone is coming up with different plans to make Groversdale a safer place for everyone. One of your teachers, Mr. Lawliet, is joining the team to help out with investigations so that the other members can work on constructing a gateway or something to enter and exit Groversdale. Who wants dessert?"

Jarda chuckled and nodded, impressed with her humorous side and cockiness. "All right. Let's go chow down. Then, I'm going to show you how I like my shirts to be ironed." He grinned and opened the door for her.

Eli and Mr. Fitts came into the dining room to say goodnight to everyone because they had things to discuss about Luka and Niko. They headed upstairs to their bedroom. Afanas, drunker than Cooter Brown, had to be led upstairs to her room with help from Ameria. She went to her own room after Afanas made it safely to her...bedroom floor. Yeah.

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rimskur A wide grin slid across of Kol's lips as he was granted a small reward from his girlfriend. Maybe it was unhealthy that their relationship was just so physical. Really, they were emotionally connected to each other, but mostly, they sought each other's bodies. He felt they needed to change that up a bit, because he did truly like her, and not just for her body. "I recall it being an acquaintance gathering, actually." He laughed.

Callum raised his eyebrows at Dax's comment, a bit probed that the guy felt nothing at all for what had happened to the people at their school. It was big business and he was acting like it was merely a game.

Zaine shook his head in a disapproving manner at Dax's comment. "That's not fair. Everyone's had their fair share of bad experiences. How do you think a majority of the people in Groversdale ended up the way that they are? A bite, a mutation, a curse." He sighed.

"That's the thing. I wouldn't be as stupid enough to be tricked by those imbeciles. Obviously, no one learned from the first time how to protect themselves." Dax sneered a bit, a bit frustrated how everyone in the room was now turning on him. Why should it bother the rest of them of his indifference towards what had happened in recent events? "How pathetic is it, really? A bunch of vampires, benders, witches, even demons being trapped away by humans? I didn't think there would be a time when a human would be able to overpower someone far more superior than them."

"I can't believe you would even think of something like that! It's absolutely demented." Ila scowled at the boy across from her. "There's no such thing as superiority. You know those type of situations never end well. Are you going to be saying next that a werewolf has more capabilities than a witch or a vampire?" She prompted him, ticked off with what he was saying.

"It shouldn't have happened in the beginning, though." Juliet spoke up softly from her side of the table, interrupting the conversation that seemed to be taking a bit more of a aggressive turn. "We were promised safety when we came here. This island is turning out to be the same as the rest of the world. There's no where that's safe for us."

Her eyes rolled as she set her pool stick aside and followed him to the door. His cocky attitude might have been annoying to her in other terms, but she knew him well enough to not be frustrated by little things. She rather liked it coming from him. "Or, maybe you would like to learn how to organize an entire closet." Sutton laughed, taking his hand lightly in hers to pull him out.

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Jenna laughed a little too loud at his comment. "Oh, you hush. We aren't acquaintances anymore. We're engaged. So, shhh." She requested some dessert from Rin. "Don't even try to stop this argument. It's not happening."

Rin sighed and nodded. He walked out and came back in with dessert just as Jarda and Sutton came in and sat down. He went back out and brought them their food and drinks. He lingered around to listen to some more opinions.

"Losing your parents and not being able to really care for yourself or your brother," Tella added under her breath after Zaine finished.

Nuka scratched his chin and looked at Ila as she spoke. "Hmm, is there a superior species?"

Rin twisted his mouth and thought for a second. "Well, demons are superior in hell... Maybe it just depends on the location."

"So, would benders be superior around their elements?" Nuka questioned.

"Well, I don't know. That would make sense to me, but what about a different species having the same elemental power as that bender?"

Nuka frowned at his bowl. "Oh, that's good question."

"Shut up. It doesn't matter if there is a superior species or not. That wasn't the point. The point is that the kidnappings of the students and teachers and the deaths of some of them, was a traumatic experience for anyone that has a heart. You," Hatter pointed at Dax with a fiery scowl, "need to keep your stupid mouth shut before I shut it for you." She saw how upset he had made Niko and Tella, and that wasn't okay with her.

Rin listened to Juliet and felt the realness of this situation. These kids were afraid of being taken or killed. They came to Groversdale seeking help and protection. Then, the Government killed people and destroyed a lot of student's faith in the protection provided to them by Groversdale.

"Well, Groversdale itself may not be safe, but this place is," Nuka said to Juliet. He didn't care about comforting anyone's thoughts. He just wanted to show off his safety because of Rin. "Rin is the best of the best, and no one will ever be harmed in the Fitts family or our house." He grinned but quickly wiped the smile from his face. "If we told him to protect you, he would have to."

Rin stared at Nuka, wondering if he would speak up on the contract he made or just leave it as him being a loyal butler. He didn't care with either. "The Zabini's are safe as well..." He walked away to gather more dessert for people.

Niko, Tella, Jenna, Cloud, and Luka stayed quiet and really didn't feel like speaking about any of this anymore.

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rimskur Kol shrugged his shoulders slightly, though he was secretly hiding the grin that threatened to rise to his lips. It was mostly because of the fact that they had been flirting with each other while there was a serious, tense conversation happening around them. "I'll have one too, Rin."

Sutton seated herself next to Juliet once she had stepped inside of the dining room, finding herself immediately pulled into a conversation that had wildly taken a bad turn.

Zaine's eyes turned to Tella's as he heard her muttered comment. He felt badly for her then. No one deserved to lose their family like she had. "Hey, it's alright." He murmured softly, turning in his seat and taking her hand in his own to comfort her.

"It doesn't matter." Ila protested. "It was...hypocritical and unfair to say that to some extent that superiority doesn't exist."

Dax curled his mouth into a scowl as he heard what was being tossed around the dining room table. He had only muttered a comment to himself and now these dramatic people he had been forced to speak with had turned everything into a whole storm. "I never said that." He bit back at her.

"Yes, some species have their specific figures that have more power or are more experienced, but that doesn't make them any more superior." She shook her head, frowning at his angered display.

"You may think that what I'm saying is wrong. And maybe some of it is...but I'm not wrong about one thing. Humans don't have the abilities everyone else here does. So, how did they so easily capture them?" Dax growled out, glaring harshly at Hatter as she barked at him. "Maybe the rest of you are satisfied with some fantasy, but I think someone here has to be realistic."

"I think...there must be a way that that branch of the government knew of our weaknesses. I heard they used a butterfly net on a faerie in the first shutdown." Ila sighed, twisting her lips in thought.

Juliet shrunk back into her seat as she heard Hatter's heated remark in Dax's direction. She didn't want to be a part of such a conversation anymore, but she wasn't someone without a backbone either. "Well, not everyone's going to get that luxury. We have the fortune of knowing your family, but not everyone here has that same luck." She was dismayed, but she knew that everyone could not be saved.

"So!" Callum announced abruptly, cutting into the tense conversation. His eyes darted around the room, searching for a topic he could use to relax the conversation. His eyes landed on Jenna and Kol. "You guys are engaged, right? When are you planning to have the wedding?" He piped up.

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Rin had his own idea of how the Government had captured so many of the students. He wasn't going to voice it because that could probably hurt some more people and develop more trust issues. He bent over next to Niko and calmed her down with some soothing words and a promise that as long as he was around, she and her family would be safe, and he would keep her friends safe as long as they were near her or her siblings. It made her smile. "I'm going to retire for the night, but if you need me, all you need to do is call for me, Master Niko. Goodnight." He wasn't going to sleep, of course. He was going to go sit in his room until he was needed.

Nuka frowned at everyone's comments and Rin's disappearance. They had this bond ever since he signed the contract, and sometimes, he couldn't stand to be away from his butler. It wasn't a love thing, by the way. It was more like a baby feeling lonely and sad without its favorite blanket or its pacifier. He needed Rin and wondered if Rin had that feeling as well.

Rin did.

Everyone stopped talking about the argument when the topic of Jenna and Kol's engagement came up.

"Yeah, I want to know that! Do I get to be a bridesmaid or one of these losers that have to sit in the chairs?" Tella laughed and asked everyone to excuse her joke.

Jenna looked at Kol in surprise and nervousness. "Um...well, of course you will be my maid of honor, Tells...because you've been my best friend forever. Uh..."

Niko and Cloud looked at Jenna with bright smiles. "When is it going to be? I have to know! You're going to look so beautiful in your wedding dress. Kol, you're one lucky dog."

Hatter softened her features just a tad and cocked her head to the side. A wedding. How nice.

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rimskur Juliet calmed down in her seat, easing her jittery nerves with a long sip from her glass. She forced a smile as the tense conversation relaxed into the exciting news of an upcoming wedding. She was a bit skeptical of a wedding between them so quickly, but kept up her smile as she watched what happened before them.

Dax scowled, looking away from the others at the table and staring down at his plate. He was far too frustrated and steamed to even know what they were talking about. It was only the squeals and smiles of the girls that told him that he didn't want to know.

Zaine squeezed Tella's hand before turning away in his seat again. He, of course, knew that his friend was passing a ruse over everyone because it was just so painfully obvious to him. But, Kol was a master of deception and presumably, Jenna was going along with it all. "I get to be the best man, right? You were just humoring James earlier, weren't you?" He joked.

"Well...yeah, I guess." Kol's eyes widened a bit, a bit constricted now that everyone was asking questions about their upcoming wedding. "Um...well, I suppose Jenna and I still have to fine out all the details. But, probably during the break, right?" He looked down at his girlfriend for reassurance of what he had said.

Ila let go of what she was saying earlier, but she was still upset about what had been passed around the table. And she didn't let go of her grudges easily. When she wanted to proven right, she would. "That's wonderful, Jenna. Congratulations, you guys." She smiled lightly for the couple.

Sutton had not been anticipated what she had stumbled upon. The conversation had changed so quickly and she hadn't been expecting it at all. "Back up. I think our priority right now is what dress all of your bridesmaids are going to be wearing." She giggled, happy that her friend was happy.

Callum grinned happily, glad that he had been able to alter the conversation and save everyone the misery of fighting over superiority and who was more powerful than the other.

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Tella smiled over at Zaine, happy to have someone like him in her life. She would talk to him and thank him about the comfort he gave her later. Right now, she was a little sidetracked with the wedding details. "I'm thinking that she's going to make us wear blue."

"Blue! I love blue," Niko said happily.

Hatter was a fan of blue, but she liked brown and green a little more. It wasn't her wedding, though. She probably wasn't going to be a bridesmaid anyways. She enjoyed Jenna, but she didn't think that Jenna enjoyed her. So, if she was invited to the wedding, she could find a brown or green dress. Yeah.

Cloud nodded, "Are you going for the traditional white wedding dress or one with a different color?"

"White resembles purity, Jen, and we all know that that doesn't describe you," Nuka said with a sly grin, looking down at his plate.

Jenna threw him a scowl and threw her napkin at him. "Shut up, scumbag." She honestly didn't mind the comment, but she was mad at him for bringing up her fights in front of everyone when no one was supposed to know. "I'm going to wear white. It may have a light blue tint. I'll have to discuss it with Kol. We'll figure out all the details over the break. Um, blue does sound like a great color choice for the bridesmaids' dresses. Although, I think that it would be cute if we did a mint green. Another thing to discuss with Kol. Everyone here will be invited, of course. All of the girls will be my bridesmaids. I'm not letting you guys sit with the audience." She looked at Kol and gave him a small smile to let him know that they would figure this out.

Jarda ate his food quietly. He had known Jenna for about a year now. She had several boyfriends and booty calls, but she had never really tried to be with just one person. Then, out of the blue, here comes Kol, and they're getting married? It seemed unlikely, but they did seem to really care about each other. So, he was just going to see how things went.

Luka scratched his chin and gathered up his dishes and some others. Niko helped out. Finally, Nuka saw what they were doing and joined. They liked helping Rin out with the dishes. Well, Luka and Niko did. Nuka did it because it made Niko sad when he didn't. He didn't like seeing his sister sad. Hatter stood up and helped as well.

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rimskur ((Haha, calm down. Tellaine will have a lovely moment soon enough. I'll make sure of it!))

Zaine returned his eyes to Tella repetitively, mostly out of concern for her. He liked to look out for her whenever she was feeling less than average. It always made him feel weird to see a frown on her pretty face, because a girl like her should never be not smiling. At her comment, he could already imagined the dark haired girl dressed in a beautiful blue gown. All of a sudden, he couldn't just wait for the wedding to be there.

Callum had actually never been to a wedding before, so he was really looking forward to attending Kol and Jenna's. It was a weird pairing, but he was sure that the two of them had their reasons for marrying so quickly.

Dax wrinkled his nose, eating the last of his food. He figured that the talk of a wedding between two people that was doomed to fail was nothing to waste time thinking about. Honestly, he was the only realistic person here. Everyone else was just stuck in their imaginations, thinking that his observations were meaningless insults that were meant to offend everyone in attendance.

Ila leaned back in her seat as the wedding details were scattered out around the table through conversation. "Mint is a lovely color. I'm sure it would look perfect with the dress you plan to wear."

Kol's eyes narrowed at Nuka's comment, unsure of why he kept bothering to derail his girlfriend. She seemed to be concerned with the fact that Nuka kept jabbing such sly comments at her and he thought that it was a little past playful banter, too. "Well, with all of the bridesmaids, I think it's fair that we have an equal number of groomsmen. So, I guess none of you will be in the audience." He squeezed her hand underneath the table in an attempt at showing his reassurance of their wedding to Jenna.

Sutton remained involved with the discussion, happy that one of her friends was having a wedding. While it was a bit strange for her to have a friend much younger than her already getting married, she was happy that it was happening. Weddings were just fabulous and she loved them. "Oh, this will be just the most perfect wedding! I can't wait." She clapped her hands together lightly with a grand smile.

Juliet quietly listened to the conversation happening before them, but she didn't put her input in at all. She was passive about such things, but didn't feel like her opinion mattered about this subject at all. If they wanted to get married, then they would and nothing she could say would stop them.

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Hatter wasn't much into the party, even though it was really just starting. She wasn't a social creature. After washing the dishes with her cousins, she slipped away and upstairs. Of course, Rin caught her.

"What are you doing away from the guests, Master Hatter?" Rin had his usual, grin that oozed casualness and deep amusement.

Hatter stood there with her mouth slightly open before it turned into her infamous smirk. "You know what I'm doing, Rin. I don't belong with them. None of them like me except for Niko, Luka, and Nuka. I'm not the kind of girl to be at a social gathering like a party." She tried to continue to her room, but he stepped in her path.

Rin had his hands clasped together in front of him. He cocked his head to the side, his grin widening just a tad. "You belong there just as much as Nuka does." He let those words hang in the air for a moment before saying, "Well, you belong there more than he does, but I have to be nice to him."

Hatter thought it was funny, but you wouldn't have guessed that by the emotionless expression she wore. Rin knew, though. He had a connection to all of the Fitts, but his connection with Nuka was way stronger. She looked at him for a while longer, sighed, and headed back downstairs. By the time she entered the room, a new conversation had started.

Rin, still wearing his smile, walked further upstairs until he was at the "attic" door that actually took you to the roof. He stood on top of the roof next to the training equipment he and Nuka used every day.

"So, who is everyone taking to Prom?" Jenna asked as Hatter walked in.

Nuka had his chin propped up using his arm that stood straight up on the table. Prom? No. He wasn't interested. Rin would say that he wasn't interested because no one was interested in him. Funny, Rin.

Luka scratched his chin, "You know, I haven't even thought about Prom. I've been worried about the Forensics project that's coming up. Dang. Prom. What's the theme for this year?"

Tella squinted her eyes, trying to think if they had already voted on it. "I think we're deciding on that after the break."

Cloud smiled, "I hope it's something awesome like an underwater theme or a Phantom of the Opera theme."

Nuka glanced at Dax for a second. "Phantom of the Opera? So, you want us to all dress up and have some guy kill us?"

Niko frowned which made Hatter frown and hit Nuka with a small blast of air. This made Nuka frown at Hatter. He stood, ready to fight. Hatter stood. Niko stood with wide eyes. Hatter gave a scolding look that made her sit back down.

"Do you guys have to fight when we have guests over?" Luka voiced, irritated.

The two walked towards each other with dark energy around the both of them. They loved each other like family, but they had the tendency to pick a fight with anyone and everyone, especially each other. As soon as they were close enough, Nuka swung his fist, and before it could collide with Hatter's unimpressed face, Rin's hand clasped onto it.

"Now, Master Nuka. We have guests. It's very impolite to start a fight with them here. You're to entertain them, not frighten or worry them." Rin stared at Nuka while Nuka stared back. He finally let go of Nuka's fist. The two sauntered back to their seats. "Now, you were discussing Prom, is that right?"

Tella and Jenna looked at one another. Cloud joined in.

Luka chuckled softly. "I think that a Phantom of the Opera theme would be cool, minus the part where Nuka said someone would kill us."

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rimskur Zaine pressed back into his seat as the conversation turned to the next school prom. It wasn't a conversation he was particularly looking forward to. School dances just weren't really his thing.

"Hmmm...I don't know who I'll be taking." Kol announced out loud, a smirk growing on his lips as he lived to annoy his girlfriend. Of course, he was taking her, but had yet to come up with a clever way of asking her. He knew that it was expected.

"I don't know...I don't really want to go." Juliet shook her head. She didn't think she would be going, at least. It just wasn't going to be fun for her. And who was going to ask her anyway?

Ila spoke up then. "I think it would be really cool if we did a Great Gatsby theme." She smiled, recalling the radical outfits and crazy appearances that had been kept up in the novel as well as in the movie that the more modern people knew of.

"Shouldn't be too hard for you, Nuka, eh?" Dax smirked, snarking off the comment to his friend. It was always fun to mess around with the guy.

It didn't take long for a fight to break out between the relatives that lived in the Fitts manor. Since Callum was such a peaceful guy, it made a frown settle across of his lips as Nuka and Hatter attempted to start a fight. Thankfully, Rin stepped in.

Sutton pouted her lips as the rest of the younger ones talked about Prom. "Oh, I wish I could go. Maybe I'll just tag along and chaperone, right?" She joked.

"No, I forbid it. You'll hog the spotlight the entire time." Ila joked lightly, grinning at the older girl.

"Please, I'll be careful enough to allow a bit of attention to come to you guys." She winked cheekily. It was more probable that she would end up spending her evening of their Prom with a nice male friend and much alcohol. That sounded fun to her.

"I don't know...I think that both Phantom of the Opera and Great Gatsby sound like great ideas." Juliet murmured. "It's quite hard to choose in between them."

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Jenna looked at Kol for a moment before lightly punching him in the arm. "I give you the goods. You better take me to prom."

Nuka, upon hearing Dax's comment, looked up at him with his usual expression of carelessness, but his lips twitched a tad, wanting him to smile.

Jarda had been quiet for a bit. That was unusual. He needed to voice his appearance again. "We help fund the school for certain things. Fund raisers and all, we put money into whatever they have you doing to raise money for the fund raiser. Like, last year, we funded the fall festival by buying the games and booths so that the school wouldn't have to spend money and could just raise money to use for new computers to replace the crappy ones and buy new text books for the classes they just made available. So on, and so on."

Rin stood there, still, because he didn't trust Nuka right now. He had been more hostile than normal for the past week. He'd have to ask him about it later. "Yes, Master Jarda. Were you going to say something that went along with this fact?" A nice way of saying, 'Yeah? So? What's your point?"

Jarda softened his expression a tad. "We'll probably help fund the prom. So, we're going to be chaperoning. So, I will be hogging the spotlight." He leaned back a bit in his chair, crossed his arms over his chest, and looked at Sutton with a big grin.

Rin glanced over at Juliet when she spoke. He looked in Nuka's direction so that they wouldn't think he was talking to someone who suggested The Great Gatsby. "Both choices have death in them, do they not? Why don't you just do Masque of the Red Death?"

Niko looked back at him, and he met her gaze. They shared a smile. She had told him to read the short story, and he actually did. "Or we could do the roaring twenties so that we can dress up, but no one will have to be killed?"

Rin gave a small nod to Niko and moved back into the kitchen. Over his shoulder, he said, "You know that you guys can go back into the living room, right? You don't have to stay in the dining room."

"How about we just call it a Great Gatsby theme and leave out the death stuff? It will just be a Gatsby Party," Luka said.

"I like that idea," Cloud spoke up again.

Nuka arched his brows and stood up from the table. Hatter tensed, but he wasn't after her anymore. He had cooled down. He could just feel a pull, the connection between him and Rin. Rin was mentally calling for him to join him in the kitchen.

"Let's go back into the living room," Niko said and stood up. Jenna, Tella, Cloud, and Luka followed her. Jarda sat for a little longer, allowing everyone else time to leave first. Then, he stood up and looked at Sutton. "You ready to lose, Sutton?"

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rimskur A funny smirk spread across of his lips at the comment that Jenna had sent back to him. He grinned, internally laughing at what she had said. It was a very tempting offer too, as he knew just what she had been meaning. "I'll think about it." Kol laughed.

Zaine raised a brow at the fight that ha lasted a few seconds before being interrupted. He wasn't surprised though as it was a regular thing. "Great Gatsby sounds good to me." Though the comment was a bit half hearted as if he didn't really care, which he didn't.

Callum smiled as he watched the delighted expressions across their faces. It would be a fun night. "I definitely approve of that." He chuckled, nodding his head in agreement to Niko's comment.

But even as appealing as getting drunk sounded to her, it was equally just as disgusting. Her eyebrows perked up on her forehead as she heard Jarda speak up from next to her. A pretty smile spread across of her lips as she made no hint of looking away from his face as he spoke. If she wasn't obvious enough, she would be waving her hands at him.

"Well, dear, I'm afraid you just haven't seen me in one of those cute tassel dresses." Sutton pointedly looked at him. "No one will be able to look away." She teased.

Dax smirked at Nuka in his own manner before rising from his seat to meet Cloud once she began to edge away. His hand pressed to her hips, pulling her against his side as they walked out to the living room together.

Ila motioned for Juliet to join her as everyone else seemed to be getting up. The two girls met at the end of the table, talking quietly with each other as they walked out to the living room, following closely behind the other girls.

Kol and Zaine rolled their eyes similarly as they slowly exited their seats, distancing themselves from everyone in front of them as they exited the dining room.

"Oh god, I'm going to actually have to ask her in some way to Prom." Kol muttered under his breath.

"That's your problem, man." Zaine smirked. "If you can propose to her, Prom should be no problem." A smirk was sent in his friend's direction once they returned to the sofas.

Sutton's eyes trailed on the backs of the others as they slipped out. Elegantly removing herself from her seat, she returned her intense gaze to Jarda. "I hope you are prepared to be disappointed." She shook her head with a grin, leading the way back to the game room.

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Nuka and Rin stood in the kitchen for a moment, allowing everyone to pass by and settle into the living room before Rin started to speak. He had his back to Nuka as he watched Jarda follow Sutton into the game room. He turned around slowly, his eyes cast downward.

Nuka didn't like when he did that. It usually meant that he had something to say that would upset Nuka. He stared at him expectantly.

Tella took a seat where she had been seated before they had gotten up to eat. Jenna sat next to her and left a space open for Kol. There was a seat on the other side of Tella for Zaine.

Niko sat down towards the end of the other couch and left a space open for anyone that actually wanted to sit next to her. Luka sat at the other end.

Cloud gave Dax a small peck on the cheek and pulled him down at the other end of the couch that Tella and Jenna were sitting at.

Jarda grinned and closed the door to the game room behind him. "All right. You talk the talk. Let's see you walk the walk. Try your hand, missy."

After a few minutes, Luka got back up and played some music, softly, so that it would get everyone in a good mood and still allow them to talk to one another.

(view spoiler)

Nuka sat down next to Ila with his arms crossed over his chest. The conversation around him was still about Prom. The girls were talking about their dress ideas and hair, but he wasn't really listening. He just kept thinking of Rin consuming souls. He didn't think about the townspeople's souls, not really. Honestly, he wasn't against this idea because of them. He was against it because one day, that would be him and his family. One day, all of their souls would be eaten by Rin. They would never get to go to Heaven nor Hell. They just wouldn't exist anymore, except for Nuka. Rin made him an extra deal. So that his family wouldn't be sent to Hell after their deaths, he agreed to be a demon with Rin. He would stand by his side and forever live as a demon, doing Satan's bidding along with Rin and Rune's. He wasn't exactly looking forward to that, but he wasn't going to let his family go to Hell. He stared away into space, into nothing, lost in his thoughts. It was really psyching him out.

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rimskur Zaine smirked at Kol as the dejected expression crossed over his features. He had had his own little suspicions about the supposed engagement between his best friend and Jenna, his girlfriend that they had only just heard about when he supposedly proposed to her.

"It can't be that hard." He chuckled, seating himself on the couch next to Tella. His hand lazily drifted to her hair, playfully pulling at the dark pieces of hair falling down her back. "Who do you want to go with?" Zaine asked her with raised eyebrows.

Kol rolled his eyes, huffing a bit irritatedly at his friend's joking manner while he returned himself to the sofa with Jenna. His hand immediately found some position on her body, always begging for some type of contact with her no matter where they were in public.

"Now, if only I could make some story up about how I asked you to Prom." He muttered dryly, his lips pressing behind her ear as he sighed a bit heavily. He really needed some inspiration for this.

Callum followed everyone out, being social with everyone, but at the same time with no one. It was sort of what he did. Shrugging, he took the seat next to Niko, smiling up at her as he felt the pillow hit his back. "You are planning on going too, aren't you?" He almost pleaded her.

A grumble slipped from his throat as his body was yanked down in the grip of his girlfriend's hand. His eyebrows raised in question in her direction as he took the seat next to her and merely pushed her body into his lap instead of on the sofa. "There. Much better." Dax chirped up, daring her to challenge him.

Ila found a seat nearby Callum, Niko, and Luka, smiling softly as she heard Juliet's voice speak up again. The two of them had always been closer with each other than the rest in the friend group just because they had known each other longer. "You should just stay with me during the break. I know you don't like to go back to them..." She murmured to her dark haired friend.

"Ila, I really don't want to trouble your parents. I mean...having a witch with two human parents is one thing." Juliet pointed out to her. "I'm sure that they wouldn't want to have a demon spending winter break there. Especially, a demon like me..." She muttered, shaking her head.

"Come on, it's really not that bad." Ila tried to console her without making it obvious to the others that there was a serious discussion happening between them. This was information others should not be privy to. "We just have to...control. It's all just repetition and learning how to control." She nodded her head, looking to her side as the couch dipped when Nuka sat down next to her.

"That's easy for you to say." Juliet shook her head, leaning back into the couch with a deep sigh.

Sutton turned around and pressed her back against the pool table as he closed the door behind him. Her hormonic self came up with the small day dream almost instantly in her mind as she saw their environment. At that moment, she really wanted to have his hands on her as he kissed her against the pool table. Alas, it would take some more flirting on her part.

"Don't get your hopes up, good sir. I've been told I'm a professional at pool." She smirked, snatching up the stick from where she had left it and recalculating the positions of the balls.

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Tella arched both of her brows and stared at the ceiling, thinking of who she would possibly go with to Prom. They still had time to figure everything out. Hmm. "That's a good question. I guess I don't really have anyone to go with. What about you?"

Jenna turned her gaze to Kol and frowned. "No, no, no. You have to really do it, Kol. You can't just make it up like our engagement," she whispered. "It doesn't have to be cute, but it has to be good. You know some things I like. Food, music, sex. It shouldn't be that hard." She kissed the tip of his nose and clasped onto his hand.

Niko shrugged, "I should probably be really excited about stuff like that, but I don't know. I should go to Prom because it's Prom, and my family will help fund it, but I don't know who to go with." She paused, looked at him, and looked back down at the floor as she spoke. "All of the guys that have shown any interest in me just want one thing, but I don't want it. Well, going with a group of friends doesn't sound like a bad idea, though." She smiled up at him.

Cloud frowned, but the corners of her lips betrayed her and caused her to give an amused grin. "Mmm, I guess so." She leaned forward and kissed him.

Rin moved into the room with a heavy heart. He could feel the emotions that Nuka felt. He didn't know exactly what this emotion was. It was a mixture of sadness, anger, envy, and confusion. It left a bitter taste in his mouth. "I just wanted to let everyone know that we do have a pool that you are allowed to swim in. We also have a game room that you can enjoy. Each bedroom has a TV that you can enjoy. I ask that no one goes onto the roof. I know I left earlier, but I felt that I needed to be around in case anyone needed anything. I will be in the kitchen if anyone does end up needing me." He bowed and walked back into the kitchen.

Nuka snapped out of his trance at the sound of his butler's voice. He blinked a few times and tried to see if he could be a part of any conversation or if he should just ditch the party and work out on the roof. It always helped him calm down, but he decided to tough it out and stay for the party.

"So," Luka said, "we should do something. Does anyone have any ideas of a teenager game?"

Jarda said nothing. He just leaned back against the wall with his arms crossed, his pool stick leaning against him, grinning like a man that had just laid down a straight flush in Poker. He just hoped that his straight flush was a royal flush, but she was tied up with him right then. She could win this. His smile faltered a bit as he watched the attractive woman before him look around at the game. He felt idiotic. Of course he had noticed her beauty, but he had actually been so caught up with the game, because of his competitiveness, he hadn't been able to really appreciate the sight before him. Wow.

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rimskur He twisted her hair around his finger, leaning back against the sofa as he meaningfully looked up at her. "Hmm...neither do I." Zaine murmured. "Why don't you and I just go together?" He wasn't very good at big romantic gestures and all. It was obvious with just how lamely he had offered her.

He chuckled softly at her reply, kissing her lightly on her skin before resting his head on her shoulder in exhaustion. "Don't worry, princess. You'll get some big proposal eventually." Kol admitted to her. Now, the only thing that he had to do was to actually come up with such a plan. It would be hard for him, however. His creative mind was faltering a bit at this point.

Callum rested casually upon the sofa, raising his eyebrows at her comment. He had always seen Niko as a very involved person, fitting in with just about everyone. But, he could see why she was hesitant about going to Prom with just any guy that had asked her. "I think you've just been asked by all the wrong guys, then." He informed her, smiling a bit.

Dax hand rose up her thigh, petting her lightly as he caught her lips in his own and allowed himself to take advantage of her gesture. He didn't care if the others would much rather not have a bit of a show happening before them.

Ila frowned at her friend's sagging appearance. It was much too a serious topic to be discussing at such a light heartening event. They were supposed to be having fun. But, Ila was more straight laced and therefore, wasn't much of a non-serious person. It was something she certainly needed to work on. Was it wrong to want to stick to rules and not betray them? It was only for that reason she perked up and suggested the game in reply to Luka's question. "What about Eros and Psyche?" She raised her eyebrows in question.

Juliet's eyes wandered from her hands up to the people that surrounded her in the room. Everyone was involved in their supposed partners. She found more than a couple of people, specifically the actual couples, showing their display of affection to their respective partners in front of everyone. It embarrassed her a bit to see it, turning her eyes away as if being caught looking would be scandalous. She finally returned her eyes to Ila at her suggestion, her expression revealing pure surprise. "You can't be serious." She spoke, her voice rising a bit and coming out in a higher pitch.

Scrutinizing the setting before her, Sutton raised her pool stick and positioned herself accordingly to the balls before her. Her bare leg was stuck back a bit in a bent stance as her back raised while she arched by the table. Holding the stick between her hands, she kept her eye on the balls and allowed the first strike. The white cue ball rolled with the push, easily unsettling its environment and inadvertently forcing the other balls to move around the table. A pretty smile fluttered across of her lips as she turned her head over her shoulder in Jarda's direction to reveal the smirk that grew across of her features.

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Tella, loving her new friendship and hoping for it to be a forever thing, blushed slightly at his question. He technically asked her to Prom. She mentally told herself that it had to just be a friend thing. They only needed to be friends, and that's the way she liked it, but she just couldn't stop thinking about how attractive her new friend was. She wouldn't try anything, and she wouldn't allow herself to have a crush on him either! She smiled and nodded. "Yes, that sounds like fun."

Jenna intertwined her fingers with Kol's. She couldn't ask for a better guy to be with. They hadn't been seeing each other for too long, but they had been together long enough for her to see that he was a much better guy than anyone else she had tried to date in the past. Hopefully this relationship would last. She wanted it to.

Niko had a serious expression on her face that turned wondrous. She thought about how she had never had a genuinely sweet guy try to be with her, except for Ky, but that was about a year ago. Also, he backed off when he found out her age. They were still friends, though. Her smile returned as she looked at Callum. "You know, I think you're absolutely right. I know that there are nice guys because you're living proof. I just don't think that any of them are interested in me. Or they're shy." She laughed softly.

Nuka's eyes widened just a tad, and his brows arched. "Eros and Psyche?"

Luka, Niko, and Tella all looked confused. "What is that?"

Nuka looked at Ila for a moment before speaking. "It's a 'card game', and it's pretty sexual."

"How do you know about that game?" Jenna asked Nuka. "I'm sure that no one gives you any." She grinned devilishly.

Nuka made a face and fake laughed.

"Tell us about it, Ila," Cloud said before going back to her small kiss fest with Dax.

Jenna knew about it because she was sexual and loved any sexual game. Heh, that's what really got her and Kol together was a sex game. She didn't speak up on her knowledge about it, though. She wanted to leave her past behind her and live her present and future as a blank slate.

Jarda squinted his eyes a bit, looking at Sutton's butt. It was nice. His eyes traveled up her back and stopped at her hair. He shook his head and focused on the game. His mouth opened a bit as he noticed that Sutton's last ball had gone into the pocket. Now she just had to sink the eight ball in the pocket she claimed, and he would have to do whatever she wanted. So, she had the royal flush after all. Dang it. His cockiness got to his head sometimes. He met her eyes and allowed a small smile to form on his lips. "All right, all right. I see you're about to win. Go on."

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rimskur A smile slid onto his lips at her reply. He was happy that she was obliging to his suggestion. He did like her a lot. Of course, it was only as just friends. There just wasn't any other terms he saw fit, really. Of course, he thought of what it would be like to actually come into a relationship with Tella. She was very beautiful, after all. But, he just didn't do relationships. Zaine rest his arm on the sofa space, relaxing by her body as he heard the ideas for some sex game from the others.

Kol muttered incoherent words as the sounds of the others in the room seemed to overwhelm his ears. His unoccupied arm wrapped around Jenna's waist. His attention was however quickly diverted with the announcement for some sex game from the others. "I'm definitely up for that!" He perked, not bothering to hide his indecencies or the vulgarness of it all.

Callum took the time he had to appreciate the female before him. It was obvious to him and every other male practically at Groversdale that Niko was definitely a beauty that could not compare. She was beautiful and it was hard not to notice. What he liked about her was that she didn't want people to like her for her appearances but other things about herself instead. "I'm sure that's the case. Who needs a boyfriend anyway, right?" He chuckled.

A blush bloomed across Ila's cheeks as soon as the name of the game came out of her mouth. She wasn't a prude, not was she some slag. If there was suppose to be some middle ground in between, she supposed that she would fit somewhere in there. But, the odds that she knew such a game was suspicious. "Why am I not surprised that that was your reaction?" She muttered under her breath at Nuka.

Dax perked up immediately as Cloud pushed away from his momentarily to speak up. He didn't know the game, but from the way it was described, he was sure interested. "See, the world just wants us to have sex again, Cloud." He informed her before pressing their lips together again.

A bright blush spread across of Juliet's cheeks. She didn't know about this one. She knew what entailed in this game, but not because she had played it before. It was likely that by the end of the first few rounds, each set of partners would most likely already have had sex together. "I'm sorry, guys. As much as I like you, I don't think I want to pair up and have sex with any of you." She spoke in her voice, breaking a bit in the center.

"Juliet, not all of the deeds and forfeits entail having sex or anything having to do with your partner's body anyway." Ila told her. "To everyone who doesn't know, the game splits all of the participants into two teams. We have to have equal numbers of girls and guys on both sides." She proceeded to counting everyone.

She was pretty happy with herself. One more and she would be the winner of their little game. This also contributed to her her own personal little slave. Of course, she would be good to him. Jarda had been great company so far and she was happy to continue forward. "What a vote of confidence." Sutton allowed a laugh to leave her lips. Claiming her pool stick again, she aimed her stick at the cue ball and pushed it again. Miraculously, the eight ball had been hit in the impact and bounced off the side into the pocket she wanted it to. "Looks like the rest of the night is going my way." She smirked, turning towards him again.

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Tella pursed her lips. She didn't know about a sex game. Sure, she had had moments with other guys...some girls, but she had never had sex, and the idea of having sex with someone in this room was a bit unnerving. Yet, she wasn't going to chicken out if no one else did. Juliet's words made her think that it was okay to say no to playing since that was what she just did, but Ila's words made her stay quiet. If Zaine said no, she would too, but if he didn't, she guessed that she would stay.

Jenna tried to act like she was offended that her fiancé had just agreed to having a sex game with other people, but she actually enjoyed the idea as well. So, she gasped at him before falling into a laughing fit and nodding her head. "Yeah, sounds fun."

Niko gave Callum a goofy grin. "Not us, Callum. We don't need boyfriends." She continued to grin until she laughed and shook her head. "I'm kidding. I feel like I don't need a boyfriend, but when I do, a good guy will come along. For now, I'll just stick to having my buddies."

Nuka scoffed slightly and actually smiled a little bit. "You don't know me. You don't know what I do." He then glanced over at Ila and cocked his head to the side. "Why am I not surprised that you know about the game?" His smile grew sly before it slackened, and his face went back to its usual emotionlessness.

Cloud widened her eyes a bit and smacked Dax lightly on the arm. "Shush, shush. No one here needs to know about my sex life, thank you!" Still, she met his eager lips with her own.

"Come on, Juliet!" Jenna encouraged with a wicked grin. "It'll be fun! Someone go get Jarda and Sutton. They should join in on this too, and none of you guys need to back out of this."

Tella smiled warmly at her friend. "I'm sure that there is something else you can do if you get something that you don't want to do. Let's go ahead and get started."

Jarda nodded, impressed. He stepped up to her, very close, and grinned nonchalantly. "All right, Sutton. You win. I'm yours for a whole day." He cocked his head to the side before stepping around her to put everything back where it was supposed to go.

Luka stepped in and told Sutton that an interesting game was about to start, and everyone wanted them to join. Once the three stepped back into the living room, Luka spoke, "Um, well, I know that you guys really want to do this, but I'm not even comfortable with kissing any of you. So, I'm going to go to the game room. Uh, you guys should join me after this game is over." He smiled and left the room.

Jenna frowned, "Poo. Oh, well. The show must go on. Please, Juliet, start us off."

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rimskur ((Since Rin is like Juliet's future partner or whatever, will he be her partner in the game? Or should I have her withdraw too?))

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((I figured since Luka was out, it would leave them with one more male spot open, and Nuka would tell Rin to join. :D))

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rimskur ((Ooooh yay!! It's going to be fun since she's all conservative about this stuff and is still a virgin, blah blah. This is going to be fun YAY!))

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rimskur His lips pursed to the side slightly as he looked around the room. It was pretty much split evenly already among everyone. The girls and guys were evenly matched. He only hoped that if he were to play this game, it would end up with him getting someone he felt comfortable doing anything with. Because, really...he didn't think that he wanted to share himself with someone just because it was a game. Zaine just didn't think like that. But, he knew that with a game considering magic, the rules would be enforced magically, therefore having to do whatever the cards said for them to do.

Kol smirked as he turned his head to the side and caught onto his fiance's expression. Maybe, he hadn't quite thought it all out. What if the cards didn't in fact pick him and Jenna? What if he were to get one of the other girls, or maybe even one of the guys? That would definitely make things a bit uncomfortable between him and her. Unless...maybe she was into that type of thing. "Come on guys, it wouldn't hurt to just try." He tried to encourage those around him that were hesitant.

Callum smiled happily at her, laughing slightly at her comment. He had dabbled back with his curiosity in his own gender, but decided that it was only an experiment and his true feelings lay with the female population. "Wow...this game sounds a bit intense." He murmured, finally recognizing the commotion around them.

Once Ila had counted everyone, she found they had an odd number. But, the numbers had evened out when Luka stepped in and opted to taking himself out of the game. While the others chattered, she muttered a small spell, conjuring the magical deck of cards. Waving her hand, she recognized the the magical spell had worked and each of the cards had their respective titles, rewards, punishments, and questions. Her attention was diverted when she heard Nuka's comment next to her. "What exactly are you suggesting, Nuka?" She questioned with a glare in her eyes, though the blush on her cheeks betrayed her.

"What's to hide?" Dax laughed slightly, devouring her neck with his busy mouth. He wasn't about to not take advantage of her awaiting body. This game would surely give him the chance to get some attention from his girlfriend away from the others.

A nervous expression pressed onto her features as she felt the encouragement from her friends. She was embarrassed about her body and had a few self esteem issues when it came to it. And such sexual wasn't something she had experienced before. Was it fair to lose it to some game? "Oh, fine." Juliet sighed, relenting to her friends' demands.

Her eyes followed him, a hint of excitement sparking across of her face as he came up close to her. She tilted her head to the side as she felt him bend forward to pick up the balls that they had played with. Her mouth opened to respond when they were interrupted by Luka. "Are you guys sure you want to play this game?" Sutton questioned the others as she rest herself on the couch next to Jarda. She had after all played this game before...

" exactly does this work, then?" Juliet blushed, turning her nervous gaze at the four decks of cards before her.

"Well, everyone gets a partner card first." Zaine spoke up, testing his knowledge as he speculated as to what happened in the game. Reaching forward, he passed the deck of cards out to everyone. Each white card had a beautiful, mysterious design on the back and on the front was the name of their partner who they would be spending their punishments and rewards with.

"Looks like your with me," Dax muttered in his girlfriend's ear as he revealed his card to her.

Juliet flipped her own card over, finding that it was blank. They must have miscounted the number of males. "Hey, we need one more guy for this to work." Her eyes widened a bit in surprise as she noticed a fading shade of black become darker and darker on the paper, becoming the script of someone's name.

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((And Rin usually keeps to himself because his priorities are to keep the Fitts safe, but he won't refuse a good time if it's allowed *wank wank*))

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rimskur ((Haha we should give them the worst punishments and rewards or whatever hahaha.))

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((Yes. I think we're about to have to bring this to PM lol))

Niko looked around and heard Jenna's words. "Oh, my. A sex game?" She felt uncomfortable with that since she was a good girl and didn't like sex or anything sexual, but then again, it wouldn't be her first time of doing something naughty. Also, this was a game with her friends. What could go wrong?

Tella arched her brows in surprise at Zaine's words. She didn't know if he really knew how the game went or if he was just guessing. She really hoped that she was with him because he was the only guy here she was okay with doing anything with.

Cloud looked at the card and grinned. "Good." She kissed him again and gave her attention to the rest of the group.

Jarda laughed, "I'm thinking that they do want to do this." He took a card from the stack, read the name, laughed again, and showed it to Sutton. "Ah, so I guess I am yours."

Nuka shrugged at Ila and looked over at Juliet. "Eh, no problem. We'll substitute Luka since he'd never agree with this. Rin! Come play this game with us!"

((Forgot about Hatter)) Hatter had skipped out as soon as she had heard something about sex. She was chilling with Luka.

Rin poked his head around the corner and stepped into view. "What game, Master Nuka?"

Nuka grinned at his butler and waved him over. "Eros and Psyche. Have you heard of it?"

Rin was a little surprised. "Oh...yes. I know of it, but do you really think it would be appropriate for your butler to join in on a sex game?"

Nuka shrugged, "Do you think it's appropriate for all of us to play it?"

Rin opened his mouth and quickly closed it. He didn't know how to argue with that. He could say, 'Yes. You all are not allowed to play such a game as that in this home,' but Nuka had given him an order, and his contract said that he could not refuse an order of his master. "Fine." He stood next to Nuka. "Who am I with?"

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rimskur He handed out all of the cards, keeping the last one for himself before sitting down next to Tella again. He was a bit nervous about turning it over, knowing that the person whose name was on his card would be the one doing naughty things with him behind closed doors. Sighing deeply, he flipped the white card over, revealing the name he was most comfortable with. "Tella...thank god." He muttered, relaxing his body next to hers again.

Callum wasn't repulsed by sex. No, not at all. He did like sex, had had it a couple of times. It wasn't something that was new to him. But, he hadn't quite thought out what could occur in a sex game. Those things really went wild. He waited impatiently until he was handed his card. "I hope you don't mind being with me, Niko." He was trying to be casual, but he couldn't help but allow the smile to show across of his lips.

His hand groped up her thigh, focusing on her for another moment before turning to their friends. "What's next, then?" Dax questioned, peering at the others. He was definitely going to be surprised by all of the pairings.

She shrugged her shoulders, wanting to make sure that those who did not want to play such a game or were not comfortable with it didn't have to play it. Surely, the experience would be less than satisfactory if they were forced into it. Her head turned as Jarda showed her his card. An amused expression lit her features as she situated herself close to him. "All night long." Sutton spoke slowly, allowing a smirk to spread across her lips until turning back towards the others.

She immediately felt regret as soon as she had suggested the game. It wasn't like her to do something like this. But, now it was done and she would be dong heinous things in someone's bedroom. Her heart rose and fell repeatedly as she was handed her card. Turning it over, she found that her partner was the male sitting next to her. Swallowing her disappointment readily, Ila merely turned to her friend and asked who she had gotten.

Juliet furrowed her eyebrows, sheer morbid fear stuck across of her features. She was scared to death now. She had never done the things that this game required. And now she was supposedly partnered with her friend's butler? She felt that she may pass out from the pressure and embarrassment she felt then. Sure, Rin was very attractive and kind, but everyone expected her to play this game with him? "You'll be my partner." She spoke up to the question the man she had taken had asked himself. Swallowing thickly, she looked down at her hands in her lap, a redness coloring her cheeks.

Kol was ready to play this game. And what made it more perfect was that he had Jenna as his partner. While he and Jenna had played many games like this before, he just knew that this game of Eros and Psyche would master all of those games. "Ready, partner?" He asked her cockily, his arms capturing around her waist and dragging her back into his lap.

"We start with the interrogation card then." Ila muttered, casting a concerned glance in Juliet's direction. Maybe the game wasn't something that they should play. But everyone was on board, so they couldn't back out now. Leaning forward, she picked up the first card of the deck. "First question is...if you were to spend the rest of your life with anyone in this room, who would it be?" She paused, stumped with the question herself.

"If you answer, you pick the card from the Deeds deck and and if you don't want to answer, pick from the Forfeit deck." Ila told everyone, placing the interrogation card down.

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