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Ryan | 403 comments The Land of Valoria

Valoria is a world of magic and elemental energy. Elemental magic itself was first learned a very long time ago, from elemental creatures such as dragons, wisps(view spoiler) and various others such as a phoenix. Then as elemental magic became more used among the different species, new ways to wield it came into existence. Such as Construction (view spoiler), Combat (view spoiler)Special (view spoiler)and Enchantment (view spoiler) magic. There are many other forms of magic out there as well, but they are not as popular and well-known as the main five kinds.

A long time ago, A Great War emerged when the demons from Infernia(view spoiler) and various monsters across the land began to exterminate the other species of Valoria. Dark elves joined them in their conquest while the rest banded together to keep from being extinguished. Many myths also began during this time, such as the Elemental Knights who were able to resist the overwhelming army of the demons and monsters. It took 50 years before angels from Elysia (view spoiler) descended upon the land and started to push back the demons and monsters. However, it still took hundreds of years before the demons and monsters were forced back into the shadows and Infernia. Most dark elves retreated into shadowy forests, and are still biding their time. While, the remaining species and angels built new kingdoms and recovered significantly from the Great War.

Arcadia (Still deciding between this name and Kingdom of the Heavens or a possible other name. XD) was built by angels and a few of the remaining species using materials and Construction magic, for those in Valoria as a secure and kind kingdom. It was built upon a plateau and the main castle has a spire with a beam of light launching up into the sky. The exact purpose of it is unknown and only known by the two kings of the kingdom. The current kings are an angel king whom is permanently glowing pure white and has four wings, while the human king is from a line of kings of different species who each have an equal amount of time with an appropriate leader. It also has a constant amount of knights who protect it from possible threats, such as demons or monsters who may try their luck against the kingdom's defenses.

There are many other kingdoms across the land as well, such as the mountainous kingdom of Minagon which is the home of a group of dragon riders whom have formed a treaty with a family of dragons in exchange for enhanced protection of the dragon's young and taking care of them.

And another kingdom which is entirely underwater called Aquamarius. Which has mostly Oceanic Elves and other water based species/creatures within its borders, but some clever adventurers could use either water or wind magic to be able to go under the waves and enter the kingdom if they are not compatible species.

Myths and legends are also passed among the species of Valoria, but the one rumored about the most are the Elemental Knights (Now I'm thinking of changing the name of this one too. XD). Each of them being an absolute master of an element in the world. They are capable of doing things with the elements that none of those within Valoria deem possible, even beating out the mastery of the most legendary of mages. Some of them have also received names fitting to their myths, such as names like the Living Storm, the Draconic Inferno and the All-seeing Shadow. New mythical names and tales are popping up all the time from across Valoria where it's unknown which names may be real or just made-up by those fantasizing about the knights. And ever since the Great War, nobody knows where they may be, if they still do exist.

There are many other kingdoms and smaller villages scattered throughout the land but Arcadia, Minagon and Aquamarius are the largest kingdoms. There are also many different named forests and biomes as well such as the forest of Aeonis named after a mythical knight whom was rumored to wield time itself against his foes and might have left something within the forest before suddenly disappearing forever. He was also rumored to have possibly fought alongside the ancient Elemental Knights during the Great War. The forest now, seems to be protected by an unknown force, which prevents demons and monsters from acquiring what Aeonis may have left behind.

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Ryan | 403 comments Ryan wrote: "The Land of Valoria

Valoria is a world of magic and elemental energy. Elemental magic itself was first learned a very long time ago, from elemental creatures such as dragons, wisps[spoilers remove..."

(Is there anything else you would like to know about or would like more details about? :) )

message 3: by Ryan (new)

Ryan | 403 comments Ⓚⓔⓝ wrote: "( Hmm, could I know a little bit more about the Knights? )"

(The Elemental Knights? Sure, but they are more as meant to be similar to a myth to the normal species of the world, so there might not be a lot of publicly known info about them, but I'll try to add some info that may describe them from a myth's perspective. :) Unless if you would prefer something different. :) )

message 4: by Ryan (new)

Ryan | 403 comments Ⓚⓔⓝ wrote: "( Oh please dont change it, this is awsome! So they are a myth to the normal people of the kingdom but they are actually real )"

(Thank you. :) Yep, well, more like the normal species of the entire land, not just a single kingdom. ;) But there are a few who may know of their existence across the kingdoms but respected their decision to stay as a myth to most. :) However, yes they are indeed real, just staying hidden nowadays since it is a peaceful time, and only appear fully publicly when necessary which is why some of them have received mythical nicknames. :) I'll go more in detail tomorrow, as I won't have enough time today to add them to it today, but feel free to ask other questions about the other aspects of Valoria. :) )

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Ryan | 403 comments Ⓚⓔⓝ wrote: "( Ok thanks! I dont think I have anymore, because its SOO GOOD! :) )"

(Your welcome. :) Well, thank you. :) But there isn't even a small fragment that you may be curious about? :) I guess if there isn't, then feel free to tell me about the parts you like the most. :) So, I know what to further delve deeper into in the RP. :) )

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Ryan | 403 comments Ⓚⓔⓝ wrote: "( Hmm ok, well one question, you are talking to a 7th grader about how your book is. Im just wondering why is my opinion so important, because I can barely even type right lol :))"

(Oh... well, you are still a person, I'm not going to treat you less just because you are younger, as who knows, you might be a better writer than me. XD And we all have those moments, where we may mess up with typing and you are bound to be able to type better later. :) Does that answer your question or would you prefer for me to explain a bit more? :) )

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Ryan | 403 comments Ⓚⓔⓝ wrote: "( A little bit more... Sorry ive just never been treated more than trash before )"

(Alright, I'm also open to possible changes or additions from anyone to the world, due to it being constantly changed, this version of Valoria is likely the most detailed it's actually been. XD So, I just wanted to know what you may have thought of it, and if it possibly needed more details. :)

Well, I'm also not that kind of person, I'm more likely to try to help someone even if they insist they don't need any help or feel like I owe them something even if they feel like I don't. XD So, you'll be more than that to me. :) )

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Ryan | 403 comments Ⓚⓔⓝ wrote: "Ryan wrote: "Ⓚⓔⓝ wrote: "( A little bit more... Sorry ive just never been treated more than trash before )"

(Alright, I'm also open to possible changes or additions from anyone to the world, due t..."

(Oh, I hope this site will give you a respite from that then. :) And if you ever need to vent feel free to do so in a message. :) But one of the teachers was surprised by your writing, did you ever figure out why she was surprised? :) Your welcome, I'll be here for you if you need someone. :)
Alright, thank you. :) )

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Ryan | 403 comments (Alright, I guess you'll find out tomorrow then. :) Your welcome. :) Hope you sleep well tonight. :) Talk to you some more tomorrow after your classes. :) )

message 10: by Ryan (new)

Ryan | 403 comments (Thank you and your welcome. :) I just added a paragraph for the Elemental Knights and I'm thinking of changing the names of a few things such as 'The Kingdom of the Heavens' being changed to 'Arcadia'. :) But feel free to tell me what you think. :) )

message 11: by Ryan (new)

Ryan | 403 comments (I also just added another form of magic called 'Special' but I may change the name of it later, but not what it is. :) )

message 12: by Ryan (new)

Ryan | 403 comments (Thanks! :) Unfortunately I need to head to bed soon but I hope you have a Good Night! :) And feel free to decide whether our RP begins with a character from Valoria going into Aluria or vice versa. :) )

message 13: by Ryan (new)

Ryan | 403 comments (I be back now. :) But what would you like to happen to begin our RP? :) )

message 14: by Ryan (new)

Ryan | 403 comments (Sure, I'm fine with that. :) Any questions about Valoria before you start the RP with one of your characters suddenly being transported into it? :) (I'm going to be busy today, but I should be free in around 3-4 hours or so. :) )

message 15: by Ryan (new)

Ryan | 403 comments (Ok. :) )

(That's up to you, but there is a lot of characters in Valoria if you want me to make one for each. XD However, I'll be fine if I only do it for some of the important characters and such. :) But I'll leave it up to you. :) )

message 16: by Ryan (new)

Ryan | 403 comments (I be back now. :) And sure I'm fine with that. :) )

(Is there something invisible within that spoiler? XD)

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