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message 1: by Charlotte ✰ (last edited Oct 07, 2020 09:24PM) (new)

Charlotte ✰ (charmknz) | 217 comments Mod
Hey everyone,

So i was playing around with the group settings on goodreads and I came up with an idea of doing book photo challenges.

basically I thought each month we could have a theme (eg. horror for october) and you can upload a a bookish photo to the group based on the theme. the book(s) in the photo could either be our monthly read or any book at all.

each month there could be a winner and I could post their photo on like a winner's thread.

anyway, I thought this could be a fun little thing to add to the group but I wanted to see if anyone would actually be interested first. so let me know what you think! (and be honest lol. if no one wants to do it that's completely fine - its why i wanted to check first) :)


some examples from #bookstagram

message 2: by Raynah (new)

Raynah | 49 comments This seems like a very fun idea! I would love to participate.

message 3: by scout (new)

scout (annabettyjx) | 339 comments Mod
i would love to do this!! would i be able to post my entry on our pinterest group?

message 4: by Charlotte ✰ (new)

Charlotte ✰ (charmknz) | 217 comments Mod
yeah of course! I'll set up everything for the challenge now :)

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