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The Phantom of the Opera
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Charlotte ✰ (charmknz) | 217 comments Mod
Discussion thread for October 2020 read: The Phantom of the Opera - Gaston Leroux
The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux

I already have a copy of this book so I'm super excited to get straight into it!

message 2: by Raynah (new)

Raynah | 49 comments My library doesn't own this book so sadly I won't be able to read it this month.

message 3: by scout (new)

scout (annabettyjx) | 339 comments Mod
i think my mam will probably have this! if not, i won’t be able to read :(

Charlotte ✰ (charmknz) | 217 comments Mod
I'm a few chapters in and am already loving this book! It's great how it gets straight into the action - literally first page and the phantom is introduced! There's lots of characters and at first glance it seems kind of overwhelming trying to remember who's who but after the first chapter I pretty much got it and now it's kind of like reading a dramatic, thriller soap opera about the opera. (lol) The style of writing is great too!

message 5: by scout (new)

scout (annabettyjx) | 339 comments Mod
can’t wait to get into it (if i can find it!)

message 6: by Allison (new) - added it

Allison Eliza, It's in the public domain(at least in the US) so you will probably be able to find a free Ebook or PDF online.

message 7: by scout (new)

scout (annabettyjx) | 339 comments Mod
thank you for telling me! if i can’t find a physical copy i’ll do that! :))

message 8: by scout (new)

scout (annabettyjx) | 339 comments Mod
wow this one really didn't take off!! i guess everyone was too busy or couldn't find a copy (me as well, don't worry). if anyone managed to read it, feel free to give their opinions on it here! :)

Charlotte ✰ (charmknz) | 217 comments Mod
I just finished reading it! I quite enjoyed this book it was a really interesting read. I definitely can't wait to watch a movie version.

message 10: by scout (new)

scout (annabettyjx) | 339 comments Mod
i might get round to it eventually but i think i’ve only read about 50 pages of a book this month so i need to get out of that slump first haha

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