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A store for witches to gather ingredients for spells and such. Anything a witch may need will be found here. Open to everyone; though, we don't know why a vampire would be in here. Who cares? Come on in.

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Chrona was looking around the shop for an eight inch yellow candle, cleansing oils, and special herbs. He was preparing to construct a spell of protection around his, Chronas's, Chrono's, Chronan's, and Mallinia's dorms. He had meant to do it the day before, but he got a little lost looking for the shop. Mallinia was hanging out with her new friend Calandra. That was good for her. They didn't like to be away from each other, but she needed to have some time away from him to spend with friends, and he needed time away from her to make Groversdale a sure safe place for him and his family, including Mallinia. He also bought a charmed charm bracelet for Mallinia. The charm was supposed to strengthen the person, emotionally, who wears it. He walked out of the shop and passed by a snowy white haired kid that was headed inside the shop. A feeling of recognition went through him. That had to be Henflesher. He turned around and watched Henflesher go inside the shop with vicious motions. His aura was very, very dark. He figured it would be, but it was darker than Chronas's. So, he thought that something had to be bothering him. He shouldn't help out and bother him too, but he wanted to tell him that Mallinia was here, that he should go see her. So, he walked back into the shop and made his way over to his girlfriend's brother. He could feel the dark emotions. It was thick in the air, breathtaking. Still, Chrona walked forward and stood behind Henflesher. "Henflesher, right?"

Henflesher was feeling very angry. It was bad, worse than usual. It would make anyone else do things that they never wanted to do. It was evil, but since he already had an evil inside of him, he didn't do anything he wouldn't normally do. The new voice, kind and curious, annoyed him. He grumbled for his answer.

"I'm Chrona. It's nice to meet you," Chrona said, sticking out his free hand to Henflesher. He didn't even try to shake it. So, Chrona retracted his hand and smiled. "I'm new to Groversdale. I just moved here with my siblings and girlfriend. I'm pretty sure you know her." He paused for a second to see if Henflesher had any interest in what he was saying. When he got no response, he continued. "Well, her name is Mallinia..."

Images of Henflesher's past flashed before his eyes like a film. He watched as Mallinia rode her first bicycle, tied her shoes for the first time, climbed to the second branch of their favorite tree and had to have Solon help her down, and he watched as Mallinia cried and screamed as their house burned with their little brother inside. A tear slipped down his cheek and sizzled in hot anger. He clenched his fists and looked Chrona right in the eye. "Don't ever speak to me again." Six words that had more malice and hate than you could ever imagine six words having. He bumped past Chrona and walked a little bit like a drunk man for a few seconds. His anger had targeted the sweet, innocent Chrona. Henflesher was still angry, but it wasn't dangerous anymore. Now, Chrona was feeling it. The dark feeling surrounded him all at once and knocked him down to his knees for a moment. He clenched at his heart, and as soon as the shop door closed behind Henflesher, Chrona looked up and stopped shaking. His eyes were black, darker than a lonely night in a creepy alley. He blinked, and they were back to normal, but he was different. He was the definition of Henflesher's evil. He was Henflesher's anger and evilness. He frowned and exited the shop to go home.

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