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message 1: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca (Drache) | 4 comments Hello all. I just finished the 2000th dragon-related book in my personal library (a personal goal) and am looking forward to the next book. Since you are all dragon-lovers too I thought I would see what you might recommend. I love most books with even passing references to dragons, but I prefer something with dragons as main characters, especially protagonists but not necessarily exclusively. I enjoy the high fantasy sub-genre (such as everything under the Dragonlance umbrella) if that helps you to narrow down your recommendations. I am perfectly fine with books that have adult themes (in fact I usually prefer them to the sickly-sweet tame stuff in teen books.)

So suggest away! And if anyone is interested I will be back later this year when I publish my first book which has a half-dragon protagonist.

message 2: by C.A. (new)

C.A. Rose | 50 comments Half dragon protagonist sounds awesome.

You've probably read anything I could recommend. 2,000 titles is incredible. Can't think of the titles now, but Robin Hobb's trilogy-series is my favorite. It's a really different set up on dragons in the first book.

message 3: by Tysha (new)

Tysha (tyshadragon) | 10 comments 2000 is a great achievement, congratulations ^_^

When I get back from work tonight, I will check out your bookshelves here and see if I can suggest a few you may have not read yet. In the meantime, I do have a bunch of dragon books on my shelves, feel free to take a look if you wish :)

message 4: by Marc (new)

Marc Secchia (marcsecchia) | 35 comments *If you're allergic to self-promotion, please ignore this*

I'd love it if you'd consider adding Aranya to that amazing shelf ... has a female shapeshifter MC, and is rated 4.6* from 89 reviews on Amazon, currently a bestseller. Clean but neither sickly sweet nor even slightly tame :-).

I'm off to check out your GR shelves for recommendations!

message 5: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca (Drache) | 4 comments Thanks all. I am still in the process of scanning in all my books to GR. I have read Robin Hobbs books. And I don't mind self promotion. :)

message 6: by Sue-Ellen (new)

Sue-Ellen (suejuddo) | 2 comments My favourite series is Anne Mccaffrey's Dragons of Pern, I saw you had read some some already.

message 7: by Tysha (new)

Tysha (tyshadragon) | 10 comments Some of the books I would have suggested you've already read, but here are some you might not have yet :)
The Dragons of Magic Dragoncharm Dragon Fire Dragonlord of Mystara

message 8: by Betsy (new)

Betsy Campbell | 7 comments If you haven't tried Firelight you really should try it and also Going up in Flames is really good too!

message 9: by Marc (new)

Marc Secchia (marcsecchia) | 35 comments Rebecca, I'd be interested in (beta) reading for you if you need someone. Just PM me when you're ready.

message 10: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca (Drache) | 4 comments These are books that I have been reading since I was old enough to read. One of my first books is an original copy of The Hobbit my dad purchased when he was stationed in Hong Kong when he was in the Navy. I am 28 and have been collecting and reading my whole life. :)

message 11: by Ricardo (new)

Ricardo Chévere (dragonwriter) | 17 comments Hello Rebecca, and congratulations on having read so many dragon stories. Since you mentioned earlier that you don't mind self-promotion, I'd like to introduce you to my series, DRAGONS. I'll be publishing the third title of the series this year, so, right now you can get into the first two:
DRAGONS: The Essential Ties
You can check them out on my profile here, on Facebook, on Shelfari, or you may go to my website: www.dragonsrc.com
My story pits dragons against magic in an ever-raging war that has been fought right under our noses, right here, in the real world. And yes, my dragons are protagonists in the story.
I hope you check them out, and if you read them, let me know what you think.

message 12: by Ricardo (last edited Jan 24, 2015 01:37PM) (new)

Ricardo Chévere (dragonwriter) | 17 comments Scott wrote: "Sounds awesome. What is the title of the book you are going to publish?"

The third book of my series will be called, "DRAGONS: The Dragon Spirit". I am hoping to have it out and about before the gift season at the end of the year. As the release date comes closer, I'll be posting updates on the progress. Stay tuned by visiting me either here, Shelfari, Facebook, or my website: www.dragonsrc.com

message 13: by Kari (new)

Kari (karimichellex) | 1 comments I'm currently reading Seraphina and liking it very much. It has very strong world building and an intelligent character ensemble. It's also very well written.

The other series I recommend, The Dragonian Series, definitely falls under young-adult but I wouldn't let that deter you. The best I can compare it to is Harry Potter later in the series because it does have darker more mature elements. I personally love the world and characters Adrienne Woods has created. There's currently 2.5 books available to read with Frostbite being released in April.

message 14: by Tysha (new)

Tysha (tyshadragon) | 10 comments I've just finished Seraphina and enjoyed it very much ^_^ I would definitely recommend it.

Last night I started DRAGONS: The Essential Ties. I've had it on my bookshelf for a while now and this year I'm determined to get as many books read from my hoard as possible!

message 15: by Tysha (new)

Tysha (tyshadragon) | 10 comments @Scott I've only been collecting dragon books since I was about 12, so only 22 years. For around 10 of those I was out of work due to illness, the lack of money seriously hindered my ability to add to my hoard during that time.

My boyfriend bought me a Kindle to try to stop me buying so many physical books as my poor shelves are really complaining now, but I just love the feel of an actual, touchable book ^_^ Still, my Kindle is very handy for going on holiday and taking to work.

message 16: by C. (new)

C. Sharp | 3 comments Let me recommend THE ELEMENTALISTS by C. Sharp -- it has a modern day take on various world dragon mythologies with an ecological bent. It is part of a series and Book 2 isn't out yet, so the waiting is a factor - but Book 1 is a lot of fun and takes a new approach. Full disclosure, my opinion is biased and should be ignored as I wrote it, but lots of others have weighed in here on Goodreads and on Amazon, so see if it sounds worth a read after you read some of those views - good and bad. Kirkus Reviews liked it.

message 17: by A.D. (last edited Jan 29, 2015 10:50AM) (new)

A.D. Trosper (adtrosper) I would be very honored if you considered adding my Dragon's Call series to your shelf.

Embers at Galdrilene (Dragon's Call) by A.D. Trosper Tears of War by A.D. Trosper Ashes and Spirits Dragon's Call by A.D. Trosper

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