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Now that the book has been written, how do you move forward? If one does not have the contacts, queries are sent and the waiting game starts. How long do you think you should wait until you publish on Kindle and start marketing and selling. How long do you wait for the big deal?

message 2: by Monette (new)

Monette Bebow-Reinhard (monettebe) | 54 comments The book is written - congrats! How many times have you edited it? You can start querying no matter where you are in the editing, but each one you query before the book is ready is another "don't call us we'll call you." So proceed with caution. As for doing it yourself. You better spend a couple of years editing and submitting before you got the SP route. Because you'll need to make it as good as you can, first.

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Thanks for your comments. Thread is ready, professionally edited. Most reviews have been 5 stars. One must have patience I suppose.

message 4: by Monette (new)

Monette Bebow-Reinhard (monettebe) | 54 comments How did you get 5-star reviews if it's not published yet? I do think it's worth spending the time to query out. But only you can decide how much time. See what kinds of responses you get.

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