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Charles (carlo60) | 6 comments Please change the description for Baseball Man

New Description

Generosity has limits. Neighbors have boundaries. Ignoring both has fatal consequences

Vinnie Briggs is in the crosshairs of a NY mobster since his testimony could put the boss behind bars. Vinnie does what any sensible person would do and runs three-thousand-miles, leaving behind his bodybuilder husband and their life together.

A homeless, gay ballplayer and a precocious Boston terrier ease Vinnie’s miserable exile in San Francisco. Serendipity brings new next-door neighbors: two women and one’s pregnant.

Vinnie’s good with kids and looks forward to helping the struggling couple. All’s well until the pregnant woman confides that she was raped. Her refusal to reveal the rapist baffles Vinnie. He makes erroneous assumptions about her motive. He obsesses over finding the man—his intolerance for injustice.

Applying amateur sleuthing skills, Vinnie inadvertently reveals the woman’s secret to the wrong people that leads to murder. When a second corpse shows up, he becomes the prime suspect. To exonerate himself, he must find the actual murderer. He didn’t kill anyone but wishes he had.

The body count mounts. Vinnie wants to prevent more murders and his life is at stake too—behind bars.

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