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message 1: by Leandro Lee (new)

Leandro Lee (leandrolee) | 18 comments Hello!

I hope you're doing fine in these difficult times. 🙂

If and when possible, could you please add two more books (editions) to Goodreads? Here they are.

Title: “Cérebro e Meditação: Diálogos entre o Budismo e a Neurociência” (Original: “Beyond the Self: Conversations between Buddhism and Neuroscience”)

Authors: Matthieu Ricard & Wolf Singer;

# of Pages: 352;

Publisher: Editora Alaúde;

Year of publication: January 23rd, 2018;

Language: Brazilian Portuguese;

ISBN: 8578815025;

ISBN-10: 978-8578815025;


And please, add some more information to the following book:

Title: "Jimi Hendrix por ele mesmo”

Author: Jimi Hendrix;

# of Pages: 216;

Publisher: Editora Zahar;

Year of publication: November 20th, 2014;

Language: Brazilian Portuguese;

ISBN: 8537813546;

ISBN-10: 978-8537813546;


message 3: by Leandro Lee (new)

Leandro Lee (leandrolee) | 18 comments Many thanks!

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