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Athena loves books, right? Well, this library is full of books!

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Perry entered the library, hoping to find some comic books.

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"Hey there!" Perry said, noticing Candice and flashing one of his unusually bright smiles. "I'm Perry. Are there comic books here?"

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"Why no comic books? What's your name?" Perry asked.

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"Why not? I mean, some of the Guardians of the Galaxy costumes are pretty tacky, but it's good." Perry said.

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"What books do you like, then?" Perry queried. "Personally, when I'm not reading comics, I prefer books about assassins."

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"YA's pretty good." Perry said.

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"What's your favorite book? Mine is Throne of Glass."

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"I didn't like Divergent too much, no offense. I just couldn't relate to Tris." Perry shrugged.

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"Thanks. Sometimes I'll insult her in front of a hardcore Divergent fan, and then they never look at me or talk to me again." Perry shuddered.

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"Good! So did you see the movie for it? I didn't. But I think that Throne of Glass would be an amazing movie."

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"Some of them are good." Perry replied.

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"None that I can recall right now though!" Perry laughed.

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"Wow, those sound serious." Perry said.

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"Got a bunch of death? Crying?"

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((No, it's fine. One liners are completely allowed.))
"No jokes? No humor? I like comedy." Perry said, getting disappointed.

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Perry gasped. "YOU ALMOST DIED?!" he exclaimed sarcastically.

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Perry slapped his forehead. "Oh wow! I thought only demigods had a bunch of life or death situations!"

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"Me too." Perry said. "Son of Apollo. You?"

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"So you're pretty powerful?"

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"I'm not very good either. I can sing pretty good, and I've got excellent aim with a bow, but nothing much." Perry shook his head.

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"Cool! I always kinda wished I had more power, but I'd probably misuse it!" Perry laughed.

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"So anyways, I gotta go. don't want mom getting worried about me being out for too long. Bye!" Perry said, waving and starting to leave.

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Nemesis walked through the library doors and looked behind her as the doors closed. "Hurry up. The book I wanted to show you is over here." She said continuing on down one of the rows of books.

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"Okay!" Athena said, following her.

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She stopped in front of one of the biggest bookshelves. She grabbed a chair from a nearby table and put it in front of the bookshelf. She climbed on to the chair and pulled out a medium sized book. "Here." She said handing Athena the book as she got down.

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Athena looked at the title. She immediately opened the book to the first page and started reading. She didn't say a word.

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Nemesis put her hand down on the page that Athena was reading. "Mark the page there are others I want to show you."

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Athena blinked and looked up. "Huh?" she asked.

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"Other books. Mark the page and hurry up." She said removing her hand from the book and walking to the other side of the book case.

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Athena made a bookmark appear out of thin air and tried to put in the book, despite the fact that Nemesis was moving.

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"Come on Athena." She said as she pulled three books from the shelf, she waited to hand her the next books before continuing.

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Athena grabbed the books from Nemesis with a sort of immature grin on her face.

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"The ones i just handed you are the Darkest Powers Trilogy. Come on theres more." She said as she walked a few cases over.

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Athena followed her, grinning strangely.

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She stopped in front of one of the biggest book cases. She crouched to reach the bottom shelf and pulled out one book. "There's more on this series but I didn't like it to much, you might though."

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Athena glanced at the book. "I read that. Poor book, really. I hated the characters." she said casually.

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"Ya they where pretty bad, but I think you would like that one." She said taking it back and put it in its place on the shelf.

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"Did you read this one?" Athena asked, taking a book off one of the shelves.

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"Um... Not sure what's it about?" She asked taking the book from her hands and reading the little summary on the back.

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"Well, it's adventure, with some romance, and a little bit of gore. But not much." Athena said.

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"Gore.... Alright I'll take this one." She said standing back up. "Let's go sit down and start reading."

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"Definitely!" Athena exclaimed, plopping down on the nearest couch. She opened up one of the books she was holding and started reading it like a crazy person.

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Nemesis sat down beside her and opened the book Athena had given her. Before she started reading she looks over to Athena and saw how fast she was reading the book. "You should slow down and enjoy the book."

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"There's so many books out there, I have to read them all!" Athena said, not looking up. "I can enjoy, even if I'm reading it a little fast. I can reread the parts I don't remember very well later."

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"But you can only read a book for the first time once, shouldn't you make it special?"she asked opening her book and began to read, "besides its not like you're going to die any time soon you've got time."

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"I do have time, but authors keep writing. And there's hundreds of authors out there." Athena said.

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"I get what you're saying but I still think you should slow down." She said turning the page and looked over to her. "You don't get a headache from reading like that?"

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"Nope, not at all." Athena said happily. "I only get headaches if I'm reading too slow."

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