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★  вℓα¢к ѕнυ¢к gнσѕт  ★ | 6 comments Mod
Hello and welcome to The Writer's Lounge! Please feel free to introduce yourselves and meet your fellow writers here!

message 2: by Bleedingautumn (new)

Bleedingautumn | 1 comments Shuck. That gif on the page. I believe that hand is writing "ige" over and over again. xD I discovered this because I am bored.

I wonder what word they were finishing that ended with "ige" o3o

★  вℓα¢к ѕнυ¢к gнσѕт  ★ | 6 comments Mod
I see what you mean. Well, I think it could be the word "image", as they seem to also dot an 'i' at the beginning of the word.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm Shine.

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