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dany (elothwen)
      realistic fiction

    spies like us

        Muse A works in espionage, a very elite department that for all intents and purposes, and does not exist. They are the very best at what they do, but always work alone. Muse B functions within the same secret department, and although they are a few years Muse A’s junior, their skill set nearly rivals that of Muse A. One particular mission comes across that seems to be tailor made for Muse A, with one catch. In order to infiltrate an international weapons ring run by a suspected corrupt ambassador, they cannot act alone, but rather need to assume the identity of an international weapons inspector with a wavering sense of duty - including their devoted spouse (or professional associate), Muse B. This mission will extend on for an undetermined amount of time as Muse A and Muse B work together in the foreign country to gain the trust of the ambassador and gather the concrete proof they need to confirm suspicions. It’s a never-ending whirlwind of black tie galas and the finest cocktails, rubbing shoulders with the most influential, lies and deceit, as they gather the information required to bring the underground ring crumbling down. Purely by nature, the spies are reluctant to act as a cohesive whole, but duty demands they watch the other’s back at all times and maintain the facade.

        As time goes on will they warm up to each other and come to appreciate their talent and skills or will they simply wait for the other to make a grave mistake and leave an opening to eliminate their strongest competition? It’s easy enough to make it look like an accident..

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dany (elothwen)
        "You called, sir?" Ingrid questioned her assigner as she stepped in, closing the office door behind her and taking a seat in one of his large leather chairs.

        The man set his papers down and looked over at her, as if analyzing her. Ingrid noted this, wondering if perhaps he was deciding on whether or not she was a worthy candidate of whatever he was about to assign her.

        "Yes, I did," he finally replied, crossing his hands on his desk. "I've been viewing some of your achievements, and I feel you would be most suited for this sort of work."

        Ingrid nodded attentively, waiting for him to continue on his own. She liked keeping quiet and observing; that's why she was so good at what she did. At least, that was a contributing factor.

        "In order to infiltrate an international weapons ring run by a suspected corrupt ambassador, we need a pair of our best men or women. To be straightforward with this, you need to assume the identity of an international weapons inspector with a wavering sense of duty. This mission will extend on for an undetermined amount of time in France, to gain the trust of the ambassador and gather the concrete proof we need to confirm suspicions. Expect many luxuries, as you'll rubbing shoulders with the most influential, but don't forget your assignment."

        Ingrid had been interested, but she was caught up on the part when he'd mentioned pair. Exhaling, she asked, "When you say pair, I suppose you mean there'll be two of us. Am I to pick my partner?" She said this casually, but she really didn't want to be working with anyone.

        Ingrid was normally very strictly independent, in her life and her jobs, so this was something new to her.

        The man had begun to reply just as the door opened behind Ingrid. "Well, not exactly..." he trailed off, gesturing at whoever had just entered his office.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 63 comments Mod
      He had been about to ask what he'd been called in for, but upon seeing Ingrid, Noel thought it best to refrain from what he'd been about to say. A smile flickered over his lips for a moment and he began to shuffle back awkwardly. "I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were in a meeting right now," he began, before stopping short at the sight of Ingrid.

She was several years his senior, and pretty much his idol of sorts. Cue inner fanboy mode, which was the reason behind the somewhat stupid grin on his face at the sight of her. Nothing more than pure awe could be clear on his expression, until he schooled his features--he was embarrassing himself in front of her. He had to be professional, he reminded himself, cool and collected.

He entered the room and crossed to her in a few short strides, before sticking out his hand for a shake. "Noel Singer," he stated, allowing a smaller form of smile than he'd previously worn, "Pleasure to meet you."

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dany (elothwen)
        Ingrid eyed the agent and after standing, took his hand and gripped it tightly. She shook it firmly, and then dropped it. "And the same to you. Ingrid Trevelyan," she replied, but judging by the way he'd entered, he already knew that.

        Ingrid watched his movements, trying to remind herself of a time she'd met or seen him before. She was sure she had at least heard of him, or seen him in passing around the base, but that's it. Whatever made him look so surprised at the sight of her was beyond her.

        But not entirely beyond. Ingrid knew that people liked her for what she did, what she could do.

        "Actually, Agent Singer, I was just talking about you. I was going to, anyway. I presume your assigner has told you about your assignment with Agent Trevelyan?" Ingrid's assigner, Agent Sewolt, asked him. He probably hoped he wouldn't have to explain it again.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 63 comments Mod
    Noel blinked, confused for only a moment, then nodded. "Uh, yes, she did," he replied, stuffing his hands into his pockets. A quick glance towards Ingrid only seemed to confirm, much like every fan in any situation, that she had no recollection of him. "I am very eager to be working with Agent Trevelyan."

  Though, he did recall that there was to be some sort of cover that they had to take that put them fairly close together. "I'm just not clear on what our covers will be," he went on, "I was told that we may associates of some sort, but there was no clarification."

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dany (elothwen)
        Sewolt stood from his seat, grabbing a file from the table and handing it to Ingrid, who happened to be closer. Clearing his throat again, he answered Noel's confusion.

        "Spouses, actually. Like I said," he recited again exactly, "an international weapons inspector with a wavering sense of duty--and their devoted spouse. We would have given you another option, but a low key position like that would lower suspicions even more. Those papers elaborate further for you to interpret as you will."

        Ingrid's main concern was who was going to be playing the spouse. But instead of voicing it, she nodded once at Agent Sewolt. "Thank you, sir. We'll report back when we're ready to leave."

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 63 comments Mod
    Spouses. He was gonna be Ingrid Trevelyan's spouse. Noel nodded in acknowledgement of her statement, shooting an glance her way in the process. If he'd been excited before, he slightly more excited now. The stupid grin was back for a second, but was quickly wiped away from his face.

    Rocking back on his heels, he turned and started for the door, pausing only to gesture for her to go ahead. "After you," he stated--questioned really, with the way his voice and brows rose.

    Once out the door, Noel turned back once more to Ingrid, grin returned. "As I said before, I'm very eager to be working with you. I hope that I can learn from you on this mission, and I promise that I will do my best not to hold you back." Did that sound too much like he practically worshiped her? He hoped not; wouldn't want to ruin her impression of him.

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dany (elothwen)
        Ingrid walked out in front of him, appreciating the gesture but wondering why he had done it. It wasn't expected in a place like that. Still, she stepped out of Sewolt's office, and once the door had been closed she gestured for Noel to follow her as she moved to her own small office.

        Granted to her pretty much solely because of her rank, it wasn't anything special, but it was a better place to spend time then the co-ed barracks separated by skill that made her feel like she worked at a boarding school instead of a espionage. But nothing truly beat the real world, spending time kicking ass and retrieving secrets.

        "I, too, am glad to have been partnered with someone with such... youthful enthusiasm. I certainly hope that you'll take some pointers as well. Don't know if you need them, but you can never learn too much." Ingrid tried to stay professional, but a sarcastic tone slipped into her reply.

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  Noel walked in behind her, eyes bright. "I'm sure there's much that you can teach me," he responded, before pausing and realizing that might have just been sarcasm. Which, was a little odd considering--oh. Rocking back on his heels again, a habit done in times of thought or when he was nervous as he was now, he nodded and kept smiling.

  "So, which of us is the spouse," he asked. He figured that he might as well ask, rather than just jump into it when they get there. While he was good with talking his way out of situations, he did like a good plan to walk in with. He supposed that Ingrid was much the same, though he'd never heard of a case where she was paired with someone else.

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dany (elothwen)
        Ingrid shut the door, leaning against the edge of her desk as she set the file down, eager to read it but willing to wait to further analyze her partner. Crossing her arms, she wondered if maybe he hadn't caught on. Still, she wanted kept her speech mostly friendly.

        At his spouse question, Ingrid scoffed slightly. "Well, most would point to me, wouldn't they? Perhaps that would be a mistake. You know, Singer, I don't know much about you. Or what you can do for the matter. Assigning appropriate people to the appropriate roles makes everything go smoother... but I'm sure you already knew that."

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 63 comments Mod
  Noel, for the moment, was pleasantly intimidated--if that was possible. While he did see where she was coming from with Ingrid immediately being placed as the spouse, he himself had thought that she would have been bettered suited for the role of weapons inspector. He didn't see himself as adequate enough for such a role, or able to pass it off well enough. She certainly had the air of authority down pat. "Well, what would you like to know about me," he inquired, brows furrowed.

  It was beginning to feel like another job interview, something similar to the one he'd had when he first arrived at the unit. The jittery nerves, the twitch of the knee, and the figure before him holding years of experience over him. He sucked in a slow breath, gaze averted to the floor, then back up at Ingrid in anticipation of any specifications she'd provided.

  He, in waiting, began to process a list he could regurgitate to her. Verbal vomiting was something he had to work on, he knew, but not much that he could help. He, instead, focused much of that on sarcasm and wit, which he supposed he could add to his skill set should that be asked for.

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dany (elothwen)
        "Your espionage skills, of course. What else is there to know?" Ingrid asked, raising an eyebrow. It's not like any of them had a history anymore, so that part was out of the question. And in truth, she couldn't care less about anything but his strengths and weaknesses, at least for the time being. She could learn about his weird hobbies later.

        "Unless, of course, you intend to show me on the field, or have me read your file. I can do both. I presume you'll also want me to tell you what I can do, yes? Or do you already know?" Noel already knew, without a doubt. You probably couldn't find anyone in the organization that didn't know about Ingrid and why she held her position so well.

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