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Plans for "Wonder" book conference

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message 1: by Eka (new)

Eka Listy | 3 comments Mod
Hi, I believe you have now finished reading Wonder. We are having a book conference where you can share your feelings or thoughts about Wonder. Please write your plans on what aspects you are going to present/discuss.

message 2: by Cindy (new)

Cindy Theresiawati | 2 comments I choose “patience” as my topic in the book conference. I will explain how Auggie, Olivia, and their parents showed their patience in their own ways. I will mention some scenes that show their patience. For example, when Auggie start his new school, many kids looked at him stangely and whispered about his face. But he is not angry about that. Olivia also shows her patience when their parents give more attention to Auggie. She kept her problems by herself patiently. The last is Auggie’s parents. They always tried for being the best parent for their kids, especially for Auggie, who is different with others. They supported him and gave motivations to Auggie in every difficult situation. When Auggie did not want to go to school, they talked to Auggie patiently. So, those character have patience in different ways.

message 3: by Salsadila (new)

Salsadila Sindya Dewantari | 2 comments I choose the topic Life as a special needs. Life is a special needs kids is never easy, especially the one like Auggie who has deformities face. This syndrome is called "Treacher Collins Syndrome." It is a genetic syndrome. This syndrome caused cleft palate and hearing loss to Auggie, that is why he has to undergo many surgeries and using hearing aids. However it can not be cured though Auggie has undergone many surgeries.

message 4: by Zhorifa (last edited Oct 07, 2020 08:43AM) (new)

Zhorifa Fitri | 2 comments I choose courage. I chose this topic because I thought I needed to learn from Auggie's courage, which in my opinion was not easy.Courage here means to do the right thing when it is difficult. Because at first Auggie tries to refuse to go to school. He also feels nervous and afraid to meet new people like Mr. Tushman and some kids (Jack, Julian, and Charlotte). Auggie also afraid if someone saw his face and told something bad, but Auggie was trying to be brave to go to school and get out of his comfort zone. For more details I will mention some parts of the novel that illustrate examples of Auggie' courage. I will also add some quotes that related to this topic.

message 5: by Kyla (new)

Kyla Fasetia | 2 comments I will choose the topic 'family' for the book conference. I wanna talk about how Augie's parents and his sister treated him. For the parents, I think they are good parents. They always protect Augie and do their best for Augie and Via. Even so, they kinda treat their children differently. For Via, I think it is the most understanding, carrying, sister for Augie. She never complained about how their parents treated her and Augie differently. Actually sometimes she feels envious because their parents are giving more attention to Augie, but she is still a great sister to Augie. It's kinda makes me feel bad, because I have a brother too, but I think I can't be as understanding and carrying as Via.

In the book conference later, I will add some scenes that show how protective and carrying Augie's parents and his sister are.

message 6: by Rafiunnisa (new)

Rafiunnisa Sofiya | 2 comments I choose a “friendship” topic in Wonder. It starts by Auggie met with his friends at the first time in a school that are Jack will, Julian, and Charlotte. He was offended by Julian’s question about his face. At the first day to go to school, Auggie didn’t have friends because all people thought he was weird. But, he was met Summer in a canteen who regards Auggie as a nice person. All that time at school, he was always hated by Julian. Auggie only has 2 friends that are Jack will and Summer.

message 7: by Tsaniyatul (new)

Tsaniyatul Mufidah (tsaniyatulmufidahkhoirunisa) | 2 comments I interested to talk about kindness–one of the main theme of Wonder, because it makes me realize that we have ability to choose kind based on the precept mention on the book "When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind." However, this novel also reveals that even being kind is the right choice, sometimes it is hard to always behave kindly in daily basis. I really relate that and I think most people too, so I will mention a scene where Auggie was not willing to help Henry to open his locker because Henry was rude to him at his first day of school. Not only that, I will relate it to my experience in facing difficulty of maintaining kindness. Moreover, I will try to discover all scenes that shows kindness, as example when Summer and Jack are the only kids that willing to hangout with Auggie.

message 8: by Riska (new)

Riska Rania | 2 comments I choose Justin’s role to be talked on the next book conference. For me, Justin is one of the characters that has important role. I will talk about Justin’s first impression towards Auggie, then how it extremely changed after knowing more about Auggie. Besides, I also pointed out Justin’s courage to protect Auggie from his cruel friends. It shows that Justin purely loves Via and her family. For me, Justin is a kind and brave men which is interesting to be talked.

message 9: by Syahira (new)

Syahira Marsha | 2 comments In the books conference I will take the topic 'school life'. I want to talk about some special moments that happened while Auggie was in school life. The first one I'll discuss when Auggie made a really good new friend, Jack. Then I talk about when Jack and Auggie did their science project and they won. Also talk about the holidays before the semester ended, there Auggie seemed happy and also touched, because finally some of his friends wanted to play together and open up with Auggie. And the moment that moved me the most, when Auggie got an award because he appreciated his friends, that moment succeeded in making me touched, and also happy. I think it's a tribute to Auggie for going through so many challenges during her school life.
After I read these books I think 'Wonder' is a wonderful book because of the many messages it contains.

message 10: by Mohamad (last edited Oct 07, 2020 10:54PM) (new)

Mohamad Noor | 2 comments I choose to explain some characters in Wonder for the book conference. It starts with the first time the principal asks for 3 people to met Auggie named Julian, Charlotte, and Jack Will, and the first time Auggie has a lunch tablemate named Summer. From this, I would like to explain some characters like Julian, Jack Will, Summer, and Via. Julian has a bad attitude toward Auggie but he always trying to be the best in front of the teacher and Auggie's mom. Next is Jack Will has a good attitude, he's funny and kind. He's one of Auggie's best friend. Next is Summer, she has a good attitude to Auggie and she saw Auggie with a different viewpoint. She is one of Auggie's best friend. Last is Via, Via is Auggie's sister, she is always loving Auggie much. She is tough people who are can pass all of her problems herself. In the book conference, I will add some quotes related to these people.
Name: Ryan

message 11: by Emilia (new)

Emilia Naila | 2 comments I decided to choose "family" as my topic for the book conference later. The reason why I chose this topic is that because I was truly amazed at how much love that given by Auggie's family to him. It can be a heartwarming to see a big support from his family when other people look at him in different ways. Moreover, Auggie's family always had great ways to make him stronger and able to do something by his own way. I also liked Auggie's sister, Via because she could understand well the condition of his brother. She knew that Auggie needs more attention and love from her parents.
Beside discussing a good side of his family, I will also discuss some bad sides of his family. For example, I will talk about how selfish his mom is. She has forced Auggie to enter public school although he actually did not want.

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