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message 1: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (jessicabeckett) | 22 comments Mod
Hello, everyone! Welcome to the Booked J Book Club.

(If this ends up being a mess, feel free to roast me.)

I figured the best place to start with this book club is to have a thread dedicated to introductions and whatnot for all of our members. (Currently, there are crickets. That's fine. Other's will come. Hopefully. Possibly. Maybe?)

Feel free to tell us anything. Well, not anything. I don't think we want to hear about the time you put your underwear on backwards and accidentally flashed your entire school, okay?

My name is Jessica. I've been book blogging for what feels like my entire life. Aside from an undying desire to turn my life into a musical, write about true crime and make bookish content, I am a fairly boring person with an unfortunate dependency towards coffee. I am a city person and I love rainy days, music, politics, and dancing. I'm prone to rambling about absolutely nothing and everything all at once.

I have an obscene knowledge of musical theatre, Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time and The X-Files.

The last book that made me feel A LOT of emotions was Raybearer by Jordan Ifueko and my favourite book of 2020 was probably The Winter Duke by Claire Eliza Bartlett.

message 2: by kenzie (new)

kenzie (kenziemaybenot) | 1 comments hello! my name is kenzie, i'm a senior in high school, and i've been looking for a book club to join so when i saw that one of the monthly books was the starless sea, i knew it was meant to be. it's one of, if not my favorite book, so i'm looking forward to reading and discussing it! i love math, writing, politics, learning languages (currently studying korean) and books obviously haha. i can't wait to meet new friends!

message 3: by ✩Mannie✩ (new)

✩Mannie✩ (manniereads) | 1 comments Hello!! I am Mannie, I am a sophomore in high school and this is my first ever book club. I just got a copy of cemetery boys yesterday and I am glad I did lol. I love Twilight as many of my close friends know. I also am a nail technician trainee. I also love ACOTAR but hate the fact there is NO DIVERSITY. As always I will recommend the person reading this Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan and Warcross by Marie Lu... and if that is not enough and you want more please message me here or go to my linktree and dm me from Twitter, Instagram or email me. Happy Reading!! P.S I love Jessica's Booktok please follow her there as well!!

message 4: by Kali (new)

Kali (llamajesusbooks) | 2 comments Hello! My name is Kali, and I'm a college graduate who made it big working retail after getting my degree lol. I've been in multiple book clubs over the years but was always too nervous to actually participate. I'm hoping that this will be the year I change that. It was especially exciting to see that Cemetery Boys was one of the books listed for this month because I actually just recently got a copy of it. I wanted to try to make time for it this month and this club should definitely help encourage me more!

I've always been a big fantasy fan and while I branch out to other genres, I still always tend to gravitate toward it. I also still have a soft spot for young adult books despite the fact that I'm not quite the target demographic anymore. I still find it fun, so I will continue to read it lol. Outside of reading I really don't have many hobbies, but I have been off and on trying to self-learn Japanese which has been an experience to say the least. Otherwise I'm basically just a boring homebody. I look forward to meeting everyone here!

message 5: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (johannahk23) | 1 comments Hi guys! I'm Hannah, and I'm a sophomore in high school! I mainly do book reviews on Goodreads and have hopes to expand to a separate platform, maybe like a blog.
I really love most genres like fantasy, contemporary, dystopian, romance, etc... I'll basically try anything in the YA genre lol. Outside of reading, I'm a Latin nerd who loves her history classes and graphic design above all!
I came a little late so I don't think I'll be able to participate in much reading until next month, but I'm so excited to see Cemetery Boys on here! It's definitely something I would love to try.
Some of my favorite books and series are the Illuminae Files, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, Serpent and Dove.. and really anything you may see on my favorites list in my profile.
Thank you Jessica for inviting me, I'm so excited to be here!

message 6: by Marissa (new)

Marissa Hello! My name is Marissa and I'm a freshman in college. I've joined a couple of book clubs over the past couple of years but I'm generally too nervous / anxious to participate, and the nerd college I go to somehow doesn't have one. My hobbies are reading, shopping, listening to music, and traveling.

My favorite genres are fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, and romance. Some of my favorite books and book series are the Lunar Chronicles, The Black Mage Series, Ninth House, Middlegame, The Villains Series and The Hearts We Sold.

I'm really excited to read both The Starless Sea and Cemetery Boys, and I'm excited to meet new people!

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