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You were watching tv. You left the room and came back with a soda. 'GLITCH'' was flashing on a glitching screen. almost instantaneously the room started to fade into black and white. You blacked out. 'Please wake up. Emergency meeting in the mess hall.' an announcer said. You woke up and went to the bathroom. Looking in the mirror you almost screamed. Fact is you can't, Because you don't exist. You look like a animated white doll. no hair, no cloths. you don't need any till you start to exist. There was a line in the floor. it glowed a soft blue. you followed it. You finally found the mess hall after 30 minutes of searching. 'Hello and welcome to GLITCH. The games are about to begin.'

'You are about to enter stasis, please do not panic.' you blacked and woke up in a room full of beds. millions of people asleep with wires hooked up to their temples. you pass out again. 'Please exit your area and head to the port.' You get out of the bed and rip the cords from your white skin. You look up at a giant clock on the wall. It isn't ticking.

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A computer virus infected earth removing all colors.

As a result the Government built a world reset button. They could end the world at anytime and be the only ones who could remember their past. They pressed the button because of the virus so that they could keep the world from ending for good. the button was only pressed in world threatening emergencies.

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Fixed Virus- This is when a someone has had an error in the wiping. they start to glitch from black to white for a minute and a half, The virus stops the wiping from taking a few of your memories. fixed virus applicants will have to add 5 sentences worth of history to their characters.

Chances of catching the virus is so slim it could count as impossible. You have the ability to sign up as a fixed virus applicant.

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Normal- This is when the process worked and your oc has had a successful wipe.

Advanced- this means your character has been advanced in smarts and wits during the wipe.

Flitch - your character glitched during the wipe and can now fly.

Precognition - your character glitched in the wipe and received the ability to see the future.

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Sorry, I don't mean to alarm you. If you ask me to stay, I would be charmed to...

A psycho path demon runs the government and created the echo curse/glitch that showed up when the world reset. So he could run the world. The space ships are to re plant all the humans on the world.

Welcome to my world, take a look around Inside your nightmare, Did I mention that your cursed?

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