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please god tell me someone else has read this book

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Malia i have only successfully gotten one person i know to start this series and they havent even gotten to monster yet but i need to talk abt them or i WILL explode

Malia mr dickinson sir i KNOW u commented on this even tho it looks like u deleted it and whats funny is u would have been a GREAT person to discuss this with

message 3: by Seth (new)

Seth Dickinson Lol I said "No one else has read this book, you are the only one :("

Then I said "I haven't even read it, too embarrassing"

Malia well i have a 27 slide powerpoint explaining the traitor baru cormorant and i have it on good authority (mine) that its *very* comparable to ur great work of literature, so. if u need a summary u and know where to look

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Seth Dickinson Send me the power point so I can remember what happens

Malia Some things to keep in mind
1. I haven't read Traitor since October 2019
2. This was made between the hours of 12am-2am
3. It was made for the ~layman~

Please enjoy The People's Account of the Traitor Baru Cormorant
(also you have to view it in presentation mode because I have a lot of important transitions)

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Seth Dickinson I think we can just print this instead of the book tbh

Malia it can be the special ten year anniversary edition in 2025


Malia omg i forgot that this thread was public lmaoooo glad to see u tiffany

and YEAH i want to talk abt tyrant So Bad but its literally impossible to discuss hmmm any plot point if u dont want to be spoiled. but tyrant was so good jfc baru and yawa's alliance literally cured the existential despair i fell into while reading monster. and idk if this is controversial or not bc she's literally a torturer but i love aminata and when i thought she died i was CRUSHED

((speaking of aminata,,, is it possible for her to be the secret daughter they were talking abt? i dont think the timelines match up, but then why all the talk abt how she looks so much like kindalina? seth if ur reading this blink twice if im right))

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Tiff xawa for totally unexpected fave!! god the ending of tyrant where it's just. holy fuck baru cormorant has Friends that actually trust and care for her //tears up we totally needed that. SAME i deffs freaked out about aminata too bc no way was anyone going to survive that but she did... phew

i like aminata too! she's kinda rly pitiful... and ngl i keep forgetting she's a torturer... mb bc she's so repressed about it but she'll be free from falcrest and her fucking duty soon hopefully so there's plenty of time for it to slap her in the face next book

wow that's so big-brained since aminata's an orphan and also from segu AND I DONT BELIEVE IN COINCIDENCES... honestly have no idea how the timelines work out tho;;; all i remember is that aminata's a bit older than baru and apparently that puts her out of contention?

(What was it like, growing up as Kindalana’s daughter? Where is that woman now?
“Aminata told me,” she says, softly, “about how she fucked you.”) < im so SUSS about this tho it's very perfect placement to mention her name right there even tho it makes sense in context

man can't even guess at what book four is gonna bring I JUST WANT EVERYONE ALIVE AND HAPPY (esp svir and tau they deserve the world) and for baru to fuck up falcrest's inner-city politics tho the way she fucking told farrier all her motives worries me to hell

Malia YEAH i think the timeline is like. i think aminata is around 25 and i *think* the ash storyline in tyrant was 19 years before, so that doesnt add up at all, but so many things dont add up lol. i thought seth was gonna reveal the fact that she's the daughter during the reveal scene w farrier and the fact that he didnt makes me rlly sus bc why would he delay smth that was kind of obvious in retrospect?? unless its NOT her?? then baru was straight up like "maybe its stargazer" but idk if i should take that at face value or not

anyways watching farrier's downfall was just....chef's kiss omg and yeah the way baru was like "im telling him too much..." then girl STOP

do u think its gonna end with her actually taking down falcrest? at the end of monster i thought the only happy ending possible for baru was her dying saving someone or something and then being reunited w tain hu. but now that she has like ,,, a support system lmaooo that might change

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Tiff god i have no idea but one of my hc is that baru n stargazer grow close in book 4 just bc. names... i dont get that part too what was baru's reasoning for immediately suspecting kinda's daughter as stargazer? apart from being easily blackmailed

also what do you think renascent is? apparently we've already met her in some form Twice, but that makes her sound like something completely inhuman;;;;

baru stop ruining your own plans HAHA man that showdown was epic but i hate how even farrier and cosgrad are so humanised i actually felt kinda bad for farrier when she stomped over his hopes and dreams (they deserve what they got for sure but ugh all power to the book for making even the worst ppl hard to hate)

i rly think so!!! welp tyrant was so optimistic this is totally baseless but i have faith for a happy ending for baru TT UTT since she's beginning to move on and grow... or more like how is she even gonna suffer more lmao that's downright impossible

Malia oh god honestly i forget abt all that we dont know still and it stresses me out lmaoooo. i am legit terrified of renascent. i have no clue what she could be, maybe smth related to the lightning shit on the islands svir explored? idk i kind of forget everything they've told us abt her except she's Big Dog

i also liked the unexpected tain shir semi-allegiance, if only bc her character scared the shit out of me and im glad she was no longer actively trying to kill baru. i already forget how her arc ended in this book as well. gonna have to reread the whole series before 4 comes out

and there's always the possibility for more suffering......i feel like yawa is definitely going to die just bc we like her now and its illegal for good things to happen to characters we like. i rlly dont want aminata to die again bc she's my emotional support character (bc for awhile she was the ONLY ONE who liked baru and it was just so nice to see someone be nice to her omg) and i will sue seth

message 15: by Tiff (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tiff me too, i was thinking that renascent was the brain until... well. (and same WHAT IS GOING ON W. THE LIGHTNING SHIT). the weirdest thing is how she can immediately screw over anyone who even asks after for rumours about her like. how do you even do that. (also :eyes: at "execarne" being a cryptarch of his own BUT A SECRET SEPARATE UNIT???)

HAHA same all thru monster i was like i can't think of any way that baru's gonna actually survive tain shir... because she had a point that baru's cause was too important as she'd already sacrificed everything for it, baru just got way too depressed haha

except then the power of love happened. p. sure the last time we saw her was the part with the apocalypse fuse? hi fives you we're all gonna have to reread because these books are so dense TOO MUCH HAPPENS

yeah i feel like yawa will die too idk why tho...;;;
but i rly don't think aminata will die either just bc we got faked out once and she's already left in really bad shape... i hope they all get their happy ends ; _;;;; btw do you think aminata's in love with baru and just insanely oblivious about it

Malia OH YEAH FORGOT ABT EXECARNE,,,,bro this fourth book is gonna be huge, even if its not like 800 pages its definitely gonna feel like 800 pages worth of content

also abt aminata. i've had Thoughts abt this. while lowkey i do like them together, i dont actually think it'll happen bc thats just a little TOO convenient. but while reading tyrant i totally thought she was into her, and even during monster too i was side-eyeing her a little bit. i think ur theory abt stargazer tho i think that has some interesting potential

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