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message 1: by Mia (new)

Mia (pulidomia) | 6 comments Title: Sex

Author: Paul Rénin


Publisher: Kaywin Publishers, Inc.

Publication Date: 1951

Format: Paperback

Description: At sixteen she was sweet, innocent and unawakened; she had never been kissed and was puzzled by her feelings of feverish excitement whenever a man put his arm around her; she she had the body of a woman, voluptuous and tempting, and was completely ignorant of the promise which it held.

Turned out of her home by an over-strict mother, Lilirose sets out to solve the riddle of Life. Almost immediately she learns that she must pay a price for her ignorance of the ways of men. Bitterly disillusioned, Lilirose travels downward on a road filled with misery and disgrace; the familiar road leading from an engagement as a party girl to “entertaining” in smoke-filled night spots, to finding herself tricked into boarding a boat bound for the South Seas and a fate holding new terror and humiliation. Will Lilirose find the life she is seeking?

Paul Renin once again gives you a novel packed with fiery emotion and breathtaking suspense.

Page Count: 127

Link to Cover: here. Photo is original, I took it of my own copy.

message 2: by Javier (new)

Javier (palchetti) | 7191 comments Done.

Sex by Paul Rénin

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