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Lets talk about "love"- Spoiler Alert!
Veritas Veritas Oct 03, 2020 06:09AM
Im totalllyyyyyyy obsessed with Grace and HUDSON!!. I mean I get why some fans are disappointed in grace and jaxon not ending up together and some say it doesn't seem natural but how does it not? This book really dives into who GRACE is- her strength, her fears, and her just being in her own right. It goes into how she feels about things and that she doesn't want to be coddled OR "protected" all the time. Jaxon does just that literally the entire time. He doesn't listen or believe in her , and really, they don't even know each other! Hudson is a much better fit. the entire time he does nothing but push grace to be her best self, cheering her on at all times. The book doesn't go into the 4 months they spent together which I'm hoping book 3 does.

I’ m the only one who love Grace and Jaxton! They’re love are epic!

I totally agree, I AM OBSESSED WITH GRACE AND HUDSON ! Their relationship is so cute, really adorable. They really bring out the best in each other !

I hope Grace will remember her time with Hudson and choose him <3

I think Hudson loved her while he was in her head, but realized the mate thing only when he "came back" to life. Because in the last paragraph he said "there were a million ways I was hoping to break my NEWFOUND KNOWLEDGES to Grace" !

I actually agree with you completely. I’m currently re-reading the book again and a few things have stood out to me. One- when she questions the bond and how it started with Jaxon. How does she know what she actually feels for him? When they first met he was an ass to her (though we know why) she touches his cheek and they mate, and that’s before she can even decide on her own terms whether she has feelings for him or not. With Hudson, there was no bond at first and she fell for him on her own terms ( though she can’t remember) And it seems that she can be herself with him, she doesn’t have to hide how she thinks or feels (which she does for Jaxon the entire book, afraid of how he’ll feel about it) and he also pushes her to be her best self and just flat out believes in her instead of coddling and almost belittling her how Jaxon does. So with that being said and taking in the fact that this is a more of a feminist book, Id absolutely LOVE if she put the brakes on the whole love triangle stuff and came out on top By her damn self. She shouldn't need a man to find and hone her inner strength to kick their parents and the circles ass lol

I think Grace and Hudson became mates because they love each other and not some force that just randomly puts people together like it happend with Jaxon in my opinion Grace never really loved him i mean she barly knew him when she bacame stone and fall in love over the course of multiple months without a supernatural Force binding her to sombody she barley knows .
And i also have the theory that it was meant to be Hudson and Grace all along but because he died the universe paired her up the the person thet came the closest to him which would be Jaxy-waxy . Idk I just really fell for that guy and truly disliked Jaxon in this book

I definitely agree! I absolutely love Grace and Hudson together. Husdon knows like everything about Grace and she knows everything about him (even if she doesn’t remember). I get why Jacob was being protective but I think he was going a bit over board. I really want Grace to remember the months she spent with Hudson. I must say I really hate Jaxon and Flint. Like where in the world did that even come from. Can’t wait to see how it all unfolds in book 3!!

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Maddie I completely agree! I for sure think in those 3 months Hudson and Grace were together they actually got to know each other, unlike Grace and Jaxon who ...more
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I am currently reading Red Queen and it’s AWESOME !!! If you loved Crave you will love Red Queen !

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I do not have a problem with them, Grace and Hudson, being together, not at all. But I think that what happened to Jaxon was unfair to a T. This being said after reading Covet, Jaxon was definitely thrown under the bus and ran over...multiple times. You see where he came from, what he's known. And seeing Hudson with Grace hurts, not going to lie, because I'm just constantly thinking of Jaxon when they are. He didn't deserve that, so I still have hope for Jaxon and Grace to love each other, even if they aren't in a relationship. It frustrates me that they didn't even talk a good half of Covet.

Glad theres a discussion about this. I do see your point of view. BUT. I think it was not faire to just say Hudson and Grace belong together because he "knows" her best/more. If we look back Jaxon and Grace were only together like two-three weeks? 80% of the time it was Jaxon looking after her to make sure who ever was plotting to kill her (it was more than one person) to make sure it didn't happen. So they honestly did not get a faire chance to get to know each other.

Hudson had her all to himself for 4 months without anyone else. It was just them two. So of course she was going to share more about herself with him.

Jaxon did promise he would do his best to consider her opinions and such. But lets remember Jaxon thought he was doing Gods work and keeping the "peace" Even if it meant shutting his feelings for a while.

Grace is going to be in a very tough situation to see who she goes for. I would not be surprised if she doesn't choose either lol I'd love for her to be her own mate and take on Hudson and Jaxons parents lol

I for sure agree with both sides here - although at the moment I am all for Grace & Hudson !!!

I feel like it is so so true that Jaxon and Grace never really had enough time to get to know each other truly. Meanwhile Hudson and Grace had three months with just each other - so I also think it's super possible they mated and fell in love!

I also feel bad for Jaxon, since he didn't really get that time with Grace....I am so pumped for Covet to see how this all plays out!!

What is everyone reading while we wait to Court? I’m looking for a similar book series.

I agree with Valerie. I believe Hudson and Grace definitely had a mate bond during the 4 months they were together. Because Hudson does say that they both agreed to come to Katmere together and tell Jaxon that were “in love” again we won’t really know what happened until Covet comes out.

But come on, it’s not Jaxons fault being overprotective he didn’t see her for 4 months. He thought she was being tortured by Hudson the entire time. I can see why he was so “protective” he doesn’t know Hudson real intentions nor that he killed the man made wolves for a “good cause” these brothers have definitely been through a lot because of their parents. I hope they can squash it and become close brothers. But the Grace, Jaxon and Hudson triangle is going to be interesting to see unravel. Also this Flint and Jaxon is complete bs like where did that even happen.

Cora And by the way anyone else in a really bad book hangover rn ?
I would do anything for the third book Arghhh

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