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The Passion of Thecla: Faith and Fortitude
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message 1: by Edward (new)

Edward Brown (ednch) | 18 comments Hi -

Check out the short PROMO VIDEOS for my books (only 2 minutes long ea.) on my YouTube channel or on my Facebook page.

On YouTube:
go to>>
for the video on "The Passion of Eve" (both books)

go to>>
for the video on "The Passion of Thecla: Faith and Fortitude"

On Facebook:
go to>>
and click on the desired video icons (don't forget to un-mute the audio)

Also, check out all the other good stuff on the publisher's website, including images, summaries, and reviews: Go to>>

All books (paperback and e-book) are available through the website or on

message 2: by H. (last edited Oct 04, 2020 07:10PM) (new)

H. James (h_melvin_james) | 9 comments "Tares among the Wheat" is an epic novel of adventure, romance, mystery, mysticism, triumph, failure, glory, shame, legends and curses. The scope of the story, the dimensions of the characters, and the depth of the intrigue required two volumes to depict. Reader reviews on four websites average 4.8. The genre is literary fiction (classic) but parts of the novel are historical fiction and other parts are mystery.

Volume One Video Trailer:

Volume Two Video Trailer:

Reader Reviews and Radio Interview:

My YouTube Channel:

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