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Here your adorable little bat-eared foxes can run around their desert savanna! lone Fennec and Bat-eared foxes can also walk around here, just don't get caught! Or do, and join their Skulk or just befriend the one you talked to.

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Cereus pads around, stopping every few minutes to roll in the sand. he sees... A BIRB. "Feel my fury!" He cries, leaping at it and missing.

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After a few more leaps, he finally catches the bird. "Ha! Nothing escapes me!" He boasts, sniffing the air. That smells like another fox! He thinks, grabbing the bird and running towards the scent.

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He chirps, hoping that the other fox will think it's a bird and come to catch it.
(You did see that he chirps like a birb, right? good.)

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When he doesn't hear anything coming towards him, he continues on, sniffing and chirping every few steps.

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Cereus sees his tail disappear into the hole. "Found you." He declares, running up to the hole. "You in there! Show yourself!" He shouts.

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"Hey! Come back here!" He growls, chasing after the fox, fluffing up his fur, and smoothing back his ears. "Who are you and what are you doing here?" He demands.

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(Ok yeah Bat-eared foxes are especially short and Tibetan foxes are especially big XD)
"I'm Cereus!" He declares, stretching his neck upwards to try and look taller. "You're on my territory!"

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he droops, fur smoothing back down. "Yeah, well, grrrr!" He yowls, jumping at him and biting his tail.

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"Eep!" He cries, jumping off of the cactus. "You bully!" He says, scrambling up onto the rock next to Seeker. "So how'd you get here?" If i can't beat him, I'll make friends with him.

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"Well, I haven't seen you in the Skulk. You were born a loner?" He asks, rolling onto his back.

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(I'm a Bat-eared fox you dummy)

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"oooh, them darn birds." He says, stretching himself out and chirping a few times. "Well, that sucks. You must be lonely out here."

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He gets up and knocks off a small arm off of a cactus, and starts licking it.

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"Hmm." He says, flicking his tail. "I really should bring you back to the Skulk, you know."

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"Because. They'd want to know about a loner in- or near, their territory." He says, beginning to groom himself. "Buuuuut I won't tell them. Imma probably come out here to talk to you sometimes."

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Cereus walks over to him and lays down in the curve of his side, closing his eyes.

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(Should we time skip to the morning?)

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# in the morning # Cereus rolls over in his sleep, flicking his tail onto Seeker's face.

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He doesn't react except to start snoring loudly.

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When he sets the birds down, he wakes up. "Oh, hey." He says, stretching.

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He jumps up suddenly. "I HAVE TO GO." He says, sprinting away.

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He runs, panting back to the middle of territory. Are they gonna smell his scent? Should i eat something or roll in the sand? He thinks frantically.

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