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October 2020: Other Books > [Poll Ballot] Normal People, by Sally Rooney, 5 stars

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Hilde (hilded) | 424 comments Normal People by Sally Rooney - 5 stars

***Big thank you to Nicole for sending this book my way so that I didn’t have to wait six months in library que***

Read this book back in June, but due to procrastinating I haven’t gotten around to posting my thoughts yet (writing reviews are not a strong suit on my end, and not an activity I particularly enjoy either).

I was probably one of the few that discovered the series before the book. When the series was released here, I binged it over one weekend, and completely fell in love with it. So, I knew I had to spend some more time with the characters and read the book. Since the show was a big hit here in Norway when it released, the library que was astronomical. Lucky for me, Nicole kindly send it my way so that I was able to dig into it immediately after I finished the show.

I don’t really know why I enjoyed it so much, but maybe just the fact that it was so real and authentic. I loved both characters, and for once the tv-series didn’t screw up the book, each complemented each other very well. Beautiful book & a fantastic adaption.

Nicole R (drnicoler) | 7784 comments So glad that you loved it!! This book and show will be a defining aspect of 2020 for me. I was obsessed with it and still find myself talking about it all the time with other fans.

Joy D | 4057 comments I really enjoyed this one, too!

Hilde (hilded) | 424 comments Haha, I know what you mean, I have been recommending this several times to all my friends :)

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