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message 1: by Amy (last edited Oct 01, 2020 08:22PM) (new)

Amy | 1307 comments I had selected a book to read for task 25.10 which requires a word in a movie title from this list:

List of films set around Halloween

At the time I made my choice, the movie All Hallows Eve: October 30th was there. If I remember correctly, there were three titles that began with All Hallows Eve when the tasks were posted in late August. Now, however, there is only one.

With Wikipedia open for editing all the time, how can we get around this issue of disappearing titles? I'd hate to select another title and read two more books to meet the task requirements, only to have the title disappear again.

message 2: by Julia (new)

Julia (julia103) | 1836 comments I would suggest asking in the help thread for 25.10. Hopefully the creator can approve a film based on it being in the list at the time she looks at it.
And then if you post the task but the film is no longer there you can include in the post that it was approved in the task help thread.
(This is how we handle disappearing genres on the Goodreads pages.)

Note: this is a suggestion, not an official answer. But the task creator should be able to help.

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