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The Way of Kings (The Stormlight Archive, #1)
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message 1: by Shel, Moderator (new)

Shel (shel99) | 2314 comments Mod
Post here to discuss The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson if you've finished reading. Spoilers ahead!

message 2: by Chris, Moderator (new) - rated it 5 stars

Chris (heroncfr) | 564 comments Mod
This was a welcome re-read, with the third book in the actual trilogy supposedly due out soon. This is such a richly imagined world with deep and complex characters. Yet there really isn’t a lot that resolves in this first book. We see how Kvothe overcame adversity to excel as a musician and arcanist. His interpersonal skills are not as developed. But we are left with so many questions... who is Bast? Why is he called Kingkiller? Who are the mysterious killers with the blue flame? I guess I’ll need to move on to the next book....

I absolutely loved the description of the archive cataloguing system wars. As a n archivist myself, this is truer than you know...

Ryan Dash (ryandash) | 99 comments Wrong topic, Chris!

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Kathi | 3278 comments Mod
Apparently some group is reading The Name of the Wind...

message 5: by Chris, Moderator (new) - rated it 5 stars

Chris (heroncfr) | 564 comments Mod
Argh! Wrong group! So sorry......

Gabi I've read it for the third time (and I've already re-ead "Words of Radiance" as well) and for me this series so far is the best that I've ever encountered in Epic Fantasy. I've read some in this field during the last years, but more often than not I didn't feel compelled to go on with those series at some point.
I'm more than thrilled for the fourth part next month and of course quite curious if this series is able to hold me till the end.

Rafael (laepo) | 27 comments This is an amazing book. Im also re-reading it to catch up with the 4th book release next month. It's such a rich story, so much detail and complexity.

Wekoslav Stefanovski (swekster) | 39 comments That. Was. Epic.

Yes, it's long, but it's a great story, and a very readable book. The characters draw you in, and the setting is, to put it simply, magnificent.

The resolution is greatly executed for a book that is a part of a series. All of the characters reach a somewhat stable point in their arc, yet, the storm is visible on the horizon.

I will however, need some down-time after this, but I'll definitely pick up the next book soon.

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