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Here is the salty lake in the middle of the dark, creepy forest! There is a bit of plains surrounding this, but not a lot. Use your not-really-anything-in-particular creatures here, though anything is welcome!

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Tangerine jumps into the cold water, ducking her head below the surface.

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Tangerine feels the water move next to her, and she leaps out of the lake. "Who's there?" She calls.

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"What do you think I'm gonna do, attack you?" She rolls her eyes. "Whoever you are, I guarantee you're bigger than me. I just wanna talk to you!"

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"Hey." She says, craning her neck to look up at him. (She's like, four foot, which i assume is a fraction of Fizz's height)

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"What's your name?" She asks.

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"Oooh, spicy! Well, Mr. Slithers, my name is Tangerine." She chuckles.

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"Ok, goodbye Fizz! I hope you don't mind me sleeping beside this lake tonight!" She calls after him, starting to dig a hole in the sand.

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Tangerine finishes her hole just as it's starting to get dark, and she crawls inside and goes to sleep.
(Should we time skip to morning?)

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# in the morning #
Tangerine wakes up to find that she has been covered in sand that has fallen from the top of her hole. She jumps up and out of it, then into the water she goes to wash off her fur.

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She crawls out and shakes herself off. "FIIIIZZZZ! ARE YOU UPPP YEEEETTTTT?!" She yells as loud as she can.

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She jumps back as he leaps from the water. "Woah, a shark! Get it, Fizz! You can win!" She cheers.

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(dude are you still here?)

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"Cool!" She says, jumping into the water to try and peer down to where Fizz had just disappeared. Her fur tingles from the electricity.

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(Ok i'm just gonna assume you had to leave so gn I'll be here if you decide to come back)

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(But can you try to tell me before you leave next time?)

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Tangerine splashes in the water. "TAKEDOWN!" She yells playfully.

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"Aww, c'mon man!" She yells, ducking underneath the water. She tries to yell something while she is submerged, but all that comes out are bubbles.

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She chases him, going as fast as she can. (Well crap i gtg now :()

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