SFF180 presents Space Opera September: Season 2: 2021 discussion

Thank you all for a great 2020!

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message 1: by Thomas (new)

Thomas Wagner (sff180) | 44 comments Mod
Hey everyone, Thomas here! I've been reading through everyone's wrap-ups in the Wrap-Up thread (and I'm not yet done!), and I just wanted to say thank you all for taking part in SOS again this year. I'm glad to see all of you got some great reading in, and discovered some new-to-you writers in your journey across the spaceways!

Certificates: Don't forget, those of you who want completion certificates (totally optional, but fun) should go ahead and email me your completed reading list at tmw[at]sff180[dot]com. I'm going to start making up the first batch of 2020 certificates this weekend (Oct 3-4, 2020). Don't forget to mention any little details that you might also find important, such as: some of you many have finished all the challenges, but still want to remain on the Federation Track. You can do that, just let me know. (Your certificate will read "So-and-so has remained loyal to the Federation".) Of course, if you're here to get your Space Pirate on, I'm happy to oblige!

Thanks again to every one of you, and get ready as I will start dropping teasers about Season Two pretty soon....

message 2: by Claire (new)

Claire (mizzdestiny) | 3 comments this was so much fun! read some really good books!

message 3: by Malena :-) (new)

Malena :-) (cantaeltango) | 10 comments this was amazing!! I finally read books that had been long on my tbr and also got to know some new ones! great job, can't wait to see what you come up with next year <3

message 4: by Eva (new)

Eva It was really great, I read some fantastic books and have discovered new authors I like. I'm also very happy somebody persuaded me to do the Sisters of the Vast Black buddy-read because it turned out great. Thank you for organizing it, Thomas!

message 5: by Ila (new)

Ila | 9 comments Thanks for hosting it, it was a blast, and now I really look forward to seeing what you have in store for the 2021 edition!

REMEMBER UKRAINE NOW ReadingReindeer (readingreindeerproximacentauri) | 8 comments I'm so inspired! My lifelong love of SF was reignited, now I can't stop reading SF and Space Opera!!

message 7: by Sci Fi Engage (new)

Sci Fi Engage | 12 comments My utter gratitude to you and your accomplices for putting this on.

message 8: by Krista (new)

Krista (krickster1) | 10 comments Have certificates been completed? I'm just wondering if my e-mail got lost in cyberspace or if they're just not ready yet. No worries either way!

message 9: by Sandrine (new)

Sandrine | 2 comments It took me more than two months but I finally finished my four space operas! Do you think I could still get a certificate if I write an email, even if I couldn’t finish then in september? I completely understand if not, I’m just happy to have read them either way :)

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