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Captain123 | 630 comments Mod
theme song=wouldn't it be nice {for the record its kinda perfect}

daughterofathenacarli | 476 comments Mod
Sophie wrote: ""

This one is perfect!

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I am actually so thrown off by the names now...

Queen Jenna the III (will-herondale) This is so depressing!!! Poor Keefe!

Queen Jenna the III (will-herondale) Sophie really is oblivious.

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

Exactly! If someone said all the things to me that Keefe says to her, I would melt and fall in love and totally see it instead of laughing or ignoring it.

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Captain123 | 630 comments Mod

Queen Jenna the III (will-herondale) These are so sweet and yet so sad.

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