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Heather K (dentist in my spare time) (dentistinmysparetime) | 1751 comments Mod
Say hello to your fellow participants and talk a little bit about what kind of books you like and what you might be interested in trying!

message 2: by Emily (new)

Emily Manny (mzemilyjane) | 15 comments So excited to be back again! This is my second year. I prefer either audio or hard copy but open to regular ebooks too. I tend to read thrillers, chick lit, or popular titles like Reese’s or Oprah’s book club. I have a lot on my Elfster wishlist but I like surprises too :) my goodreads is always up to date so you can see what I have read! Hope everyone has so much fun with this!

message 3: by Isaiah (new)

Isaiah (jugglingpup) | 130 comments Hello all!

I am Isaiah. I have been doing this exchange since 2014.

I love queer books of all sorts, but I HATE mysteries/cop drama sort of stuff. I work in the legal world and it just makes me so annoyed. I am down to try anything (outside of mysteries/cop dramas).

I tend to be active at first in the forums, but then get overly anxious at how active everything is. So grab me while I am less shy if you want to be friends :)

message 4: by Cadiva (last edited Oct 29, 2020 09:02AM) (new)

Cadiva | 120 comments Thanks Heather! My favourite place to be this time of year, loving the early start .

I'm not picky, I'll read most things within the MM genre, just stay clear of the horror or psychological thrillers and we're good!.
I also love historical biographies and am a big fan of Sci-Fi/Fantasy.

My Elfster wishlist will be the most up to date, but I'll try keep a Goodreads one going too.

I've been doing this a few years now and it always makes my heart happy with how generous everyone is.

message 5: by Neha (new)

Neha (neha298) | 22 comments Hullo all!
Hope everyone is doing good.

I am Neha and this is my second participation.
I love Sci-fi/Fantasy and mystery/thriller books. I also do like to read a good romance every now and then. I prefer hard copies but wouldn't mind e-books.

message 6: by Sandra (new)

Sandra  (myfictionnook) | 207 comments Hi everyone. I hope y'all are well. This is my... I lost count how many years I've participated by now. Most of them since inception, I think.
Anyway, this is always so much fun, and I'm so happy we're doing this again this year. I'll be sure to have my wishlist ready! :)

message 7: by Chad James (new)

Chad James | 82 comments Wow 🤩 time has certainly flown by, hard to believe it’s that time of year and what a year it has been, I hope that everyone has been staying safe 😷 and sound in these trying times. Hugs to all!

Hello 👋 everyone, new and old to our secret Santa exchange, my name is Chad and this is my 4th year joining in this wonderful exchange. Last year was another success, I enjoyed giving and certainly loved watching so many people receive gifts 🎁 and as with last year , I was blown away by the overall thoughtfulness, gratitude and generousness of every participant and those super generous elves that come along as the exchange goes on, it always makes my heart soar and the holidays so much more brighter, cheerier and that much more special!

I have always loved reading books 📚 since I could learn to read and my mom took me and gave me the best gift ever, my library card and the rest is history, reading now has become more relaxing for me as I’ve now become my mother’s caregiver, my mom was diagnosed with dementia 4 years ago and is still going strong, some days are better than ever, thank goodness for books, eBooks and umm oh yeah audible audiobooks too 😂 I have been listening to a ton since lockdown and beyond, as they let me escape into uncharted stories by authors I’ve loved and many new ones That I am always finding on goodreads.

I enjoy reading MM romance and gay romance, I do also enjoy all other genres except for true crime, I’m escaping reality not diving into it even deeper. My preferred vendors are Amazon, Smashwords and Kobo.


message 8: by Hemmel (new)

Hemmel | 208 comments Hello,
I love to participate again! Although going through my want-to-read shelf to filter out all the titles I read this year, will take some painstaking hours.
I love mostly contemporary romance with a hea/hfn.

message 9: by Krystafir (new)

Krystafir Silverwind | 1 comments I really love audiobooks and favorite topics are gay male urban fiction (shifter, magic types)...this is my first secret Santa

message 10: by Aղցela W. (new)

Aղցela W. | 343 comments Hi everyone I am back for a 5th time. I love reading all types of genre on ebook or audio. I currently live in Highland CA and I have recently became a breast cancer survivor.

message 11: by Kristy (new)

Kristy Johnston | 103 comments Hi! I'm Kristy. This will be my second year participating in the exchange. I read a lot of romance, especially MM, but i also enjoy Mysteries, Historical, Fantasy, Scifi & Horror. I just love to read especially with a cat in my lap. Or three.

message 12: by Tj (new)

Tj (bluesmokey) | 93 comments Hi. I'm Tj. I've been participating for many years now. I read almost exclusively romance. Right now I'm into the paranormal or sci-fi romance but read many types. I've been absent from GR for quite awhile now so I may be a little slow in responding.

message 13: by Daniel (last edited Oct 01, 2020 04:08PM) (new)

Daniel Hanson-Brown (dozerpup711) | 60 comments Hey all! I was just thinking about when this would start up and BAM! It really is what is needed this year. This is my second year participating and I even brought my bestie along to join in the fun. I almost exclusively read on my kindle, so e-books are best. I like pretty much any kind of book, but my faves are mystery, paranormal, fantasy and sci-fi. Can’t wait to give and receive some joy in these uncertain times!

message 14: by Trio (new)

Trio | 105 comments Hi everyone, this is my 4th year doing the exchange, and thank you Heather for getting us here!

I mostly read stories with LGBTQ characters, and I especially love audiobooks. I've been enjoying historicals and mysteries lately, but as long as it's a good story with plenty of romance I'm happy :).

message 15: by Ami (new)

Ami (amie_07) | 276 comments Hi all you good people... I'm Ami, I'm from Indonesia, and this is my 8th year of participation. Yes, I'm here since its inception *laugh*

Again, thanks to Heather for organizing this event.

I love reading romance, either MM, MF, or sometimes F/F. I also love urban fantasy, paranormal, and mystery genre.

Can't wait for the merriment to start ^^

message 16: by Relly (new)

Relly (relly_h) | 67 comments Hi Everyone, I'm Narelle or Relly
This is my second year of doing this and I am really looking forward to it. I loved it last year
I read mainly romance (MF, MMF & MM), fantasy and historical (MF)
with some mystery ones thrown in. I'm all over the shot
Can't wait to chat to you all :-)

message 17: by mwana (new)

mwana  (mwanamali) | 133 comments Relly wrote: "Hi Everyone, I'm Narelle or Relly
This is my second year of doing this and I am really looking forward to it. I loved it last year
I read mainly romance (MF, MMF & MM), fantasy and historical (MF)

It's my second year too. Twinning!

Hi everyone, my name is mwana. I'm from Nairobi, Kenya. I read everything except sad books.

message 18: by Relly (new)

Relly (relly_h) | 67 comments mwana wrote: "Relly wrote: "Hi Everyone, I'm Narelle or Relly
This is my second year of doing this and I am really looking forward to it. I loved it last year
I read mainly romance (MF, MMF & MM), fantasy and hi..."

Yay Twins :-)

message 19: by Nadine Bookaholic (last edited Oct 02, 2020 04:39AM) (new)

Nadine Bookaholic (nadinesobsessedwithbooks) | 154 comments I thought I was seeing things when I got the email yesterday, how exciting we're starting early!!!

I've participated in this exchange for 4 or 5 years now and I have to say it's my favorite, I can't wait to see all the creative elf names being used this year. I didn't reveal my "elf" name last year so I will be using it again ;)

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Nadine from Westchester County New York. I have four children my only daughter became engaged this time last year and now we are in the process of wedding gown shopping. I am a 6 year Breast Cancer Survivor, and a COVID-19 Survivor.
I'm a Book Blogger @ Nadine's Obsessed with Books, I enjoy all genres but I must admit the steamier the read the better ;)

Happy Gifting and Happy Reading everyone!!!

message 20: by Jairo (new)

Jairo | 22 comments Hi. I'm Jairo and this is my second year on the exchange. I like to read everything as long as it keeps me entertained. I'm more into fantasy, and sicence fiction but I'm open to new books.

message 21: by Lisazj1 (new)

Lisazj1 | 1514 comments Hey everybody. I'm here *of course, as if I'd miss it* for the...I don't know how many times. I'm too old to keep up with that stuff. I read anything except biographies and non-fiction. I'll have a wish list on Elfster but I'll be happy with anything anyone wants to give me. *Just check my owned-but-not-read shelves first* It truly is all about the fun here. <3

Heather K (dentist in my spare time) (dentistinmysparetime) | 1751 comments Mod
Hi all!!

Welcome back to everyone who has been participating for year (it's amazing how time flies!!), and welcome to the newbies. This is, without a doubt, the most positive corner of the internet! You'll be amazed as the generosity here.

I'm Heather, and I've run this exchange for 8 years. I read all kinds of romance, but I don't like suspense or M/F contempories that much. I'm a historical romance junkie!

So happy to have you all join me!

message 23: by NicoleR.M.M. (new)

NicoleR.M.M. (nicolermm) | 6 comments Hi everyone, I’m new to this game, but it sounds like a lot of fun, so I’m excited to be here! Still figuring out how this all works, but I’m sure I’ll get there ;)
I’m from The Netherlands, I have a kindle bursting with m/m romance with all kinds of tropes. Some of my favorite ones are friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, angsty ones, sweet and fluffy ones too. I don’t read any fantasy, vampires, shifters etc. And occasionally I also crave a great historical m/m novel!

message 24: by [deleted user] (new)


I'm Christina (although I go by Teeny here) and this is my first ever Secret Santa. I hope I don't mess up or anything =D.

I only read M/M romances from the moment I came across them and I'm willing to read anything and everything (apart from dark) that strikes my fancy with a greater fondness for urban fantasy as you can see from my elfster wishlist ^^

message 25: by Ed (new)

Ed Davis (ecda01) | 11 comments Hi, everyone, I’m Ed. I’m a very eclectic reader. I love all romance. I’ve always enjoyed it as long as the female lead was not portrayed as a ditz. I like my female leads strong and independent. After discovering mm romance I’ve become totally addicted. I love science fiction and fantasy, especially shifters with strong alpha’s. I discovered BDSM through these books. I love reading about D/S relationships. I also still love reading children’s and Ya books. I’ve read everything Lucy Maude Montgomery wrote that I could find. I always keep two books going at a time one audiobook and one kindle. I try to write something about every book I read on Goodreads. I’m so glad I discovered Goodreads. It’s given me a whole new world of books.

message 26: by Estrella (new)

Estrella | 5 comments Hi Everyone! I'm Estrella and I'm a first-timer for this. Thank you for the invite, Heather. :-) I live in Canada, so I hope that's not an issue.
I read primarily romance, mostly
M/F & M/M, but open to trying others. I also like Fantasy, Chick-Lit, Historical, YA and some Sci-Fi.
I do find with all the craziness in the world this year that I have had to avoid any overly dramatic or angsty books. I need light and fluffy HEA's right now. Escapism at its best. :-D

I look forward to being apart of this and any helpful hints or advice would be greatly appreciated.

message 27: by Andrya (new)

Andrya | 18 comments Hi folks, looking forward to my first exchange with you all. My Goodreads ‘books to find/borrow/buy’ list is nerdishly up to date. I read all sorts, but my particular focus this year has been nature based books including Robert MacFarlane, Roger Deakin etc.

Leelah&#x1f341;♋️ Orion | 14 comments Hello all I’m Leelah. This is my first year doing this so I’m super excited. I’m a M/M romance reader. I love anything thing with a good happily ever after. In this world I crave that. I’m open to anything in the M//M world as long as there’s no cheating or M/M/M. I’m jealous in the real world (probably my biggest flaw) and can’t handle it in my book world. I’m not a fantasy reader either that’s all my husbands world, though I’m intrigued by the alpha omega world that isn’t shape shifting or animals. I’m a sucker for the awkward characters and if one of the main characters is a POC that’s like the candy cane on top. Thanks again for including me.

message 29: by Devon (last edited Oct 02, 2020 12:07PM) (new)

Devon (zeppelin78) | 51 comments Hi all, I’m Devon! Can’t wait for the festivities to begin. I
LOVE playing Santa. And a top secret elf 🧝‍♀️

I only read M/M any genre thought I do enjoy paranormal (no ghosts please), I do go dark (Nicholas Bella anyone?)

I do not go for alpha/omega mpreg unless the story is amazing (Lisa Oliver)

I also enjoy first time with a guy (gay/bi awakening)

I definitely need some books to read...I’m the caretaker of both my mother and grandmother so whatever I receive I WILL read and thank you for it!

message 30: by Ben (new)

Ben Howard | 11 comments Hey all! This is my first time here, thanks for the invite Heather :D

I read almost any genre if it's MM. Outside of mm, I mainly stick to fantasy. I'm always up for trying new (to me) genres!

Some of my favourite authors: TJ Klune, Terry Pratchett, Josh Lanyon (a recent fav), Anyta Sunday, CS Pacat, KJ Charles, Eden Finley, Derek Landy.

message 31: by Serena (new)

Serena | 2 comments Thank you so much, Heather, for organizing this! What an absolutely wonderful idea.

This is my first ever time doing this, and I couldn't be more excited. I know it's so cliche, but I really will read anything. If I had to narrow it down, my comfort reads are historical romances, but I also enjoy mystery, thriller, and horror. I'd love the chance to discover a new author/fav series through this group.

message 32: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (bookoutbelow) | 23 comments Thank you Heather for the invite!

This is my first time doing this particular exchange, but I'm a sucker for gift exchanges of all kinds (giving gifts is my love language). I read almost exclusively MM and I particularly like fantasy (both UF and High fantasy), paranormal, and mysteries; especially if they have humorous banter! No matter what though I like there to be a romantic subplot and at least a HFN. I've read 861 books so far this year, so I'm definitely a prolific reader and will be happy with whatever I get!

message 33: by M'rella (new)

M'rella (mrella) | 621 comments Hi friends!

This is my 7th year.
I read m/m only these days; pretty much anything goes, however horror, PWP and present tense put me to sleep 😆

Outside m/m I am happy to read stories along the lines of 3 musketeers, Lord of the Rings, Sherlock Holmes, Captain Blood... you get the idea. Terry Pratchett is also one of my favorite authors.

Glad to be back, playing Secret Santa 🎅 and Elf 🧝‍♂️

Heather, once again, thank you for putting this event together!

message 34: by Poplora (new)

Poplora | 17 comments Hello! I've never done this before but this seems like a lot of fun :)

I LOVE romance books. Although I shy away from contemporary unless the plot is very intriguing. Lately I've been reading a lot of M/M. Anything poly (MMM+ etc) is bonus points. I have a habit of not always liking the main love interest and adoring a side character more. I'm down for bi, trans, and any other LGBTQ romance books. There is little I don't read, as long as it has romance in it and isn't contemporary I'm down.

Excited to participate! Thanks for inviting me!

message 35: by Renée (new)

Renée (lostinfont) | 35 comments Hello!

I'm Renée and I've never done this book exchange. I'm pretty excited to participate though. I've done lots of secret santas with strangers and friends over the years.

My favorite genres are science fiction, period literature, and romance right now. I'll pretty much read any genre so long as it seems interesting. I read a lot of ebooks these days just because it's convenient, or physical copies. If anyone thinks an audiobook is a must read I'll try it, but I dissolve into books more if I'm reading them so 99.9% of the time I don't go the audio route.

If anyone wants to poke around my bookshelves or wants to be my friend feel free to ping me. I'm only private because I like people that know me in daily life not knowing every detail of what I'm up to. This way they have to ask me what I'm reading. :P :)

Thanks for the invitation!

message 36: by Lena (new)

Lena (lenag4) | 28 comments Hi, Thanks for the invitation!

I'm Lena and This is my first time doing the Secret Santa gift exchange.
I read mostly MM romance these days, paranormal or contemporary - both are great as long as the romance is there. I Love steamy books and don't really go for war or historical fiction.

Feel free to snoop trough my shelves and add me as a friend :)

Some of my favorite authors: Jex Lane, Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy, Ella Frank, Lucy Lennox, Nash Summers, Chris O'Guinn, Eden Finley, Kora Knight, Lisa Henry, Neve Wilder & K.D. Edwards and I'm always loking for more.

Happy Holidays everyone!

message 37: by Ro (new)

Ro (rooc) | 21 comments HI! This is my first time with Secret Santa- hopefully I will do it right! I live in Illinois, where it is already cold. I read mainly MM romance, although I need that HEA and I am not a fan of BDSM; oddly, I love to read cookbooks and right now I'm into medical biographies. I really like trying new-to-me authors.

message 38: by Stefanie (new)

Stefanie Hi there,
I'm Steffi from Germany but I mainly read in English at the moment. It's my first year doing this and I am really excited about it all. :)
I love M/M romance novels as long as it's not mpreg or cheating or M/M/M. I devoured everything Lily Morton and just finished reading Heated Rivalry by Rachel Read for the third time this year; so that should be a huge clue. Cute couples, maybe sports (doesn't have to be though) not immensely easy going and sappy, but with a HEA or a HFN with a probable HEA in the forseeable future. And I love well-written and rounded characters in a good and logical story. Oh, and age-gap stories; I read quite a few already and am always looking for new recs.
My wish list is mainly here on Goodreads.

Heather K (dentist in my spare time) (dentistinmysparetime) | 1751 comments Mod
Oh my gosh, so many newbies! Welcome, everyone! Make sure you are all signed up on Elfster! This exchange is so much fun- everyone who has participated for years will tell you!

message 40: by iam (new)

iam (iamreads) | 41 comments Hi all!
My name's iam, this is my second time participating in the exchange! It was incredibly lovely last year, and I'm in dire need of some positives in my life as my thesis is currently kicking my butt!

I read a lot, mostly queer stuff, and right now I'm also really into SciFi, the weirder the aliens the better!
I'm always on the lookout for more books with aromantic, asexual and nonbinary/genderqueer characters. I'm also kind of obsessed with horses, but I've had a really hard time finding books that feature them somehow.
I have a long Elfster wishlist but I'm always up for surprises. My GR books are always up to date for what I've already read, and I try to add all books that I own but haven't read yet.

I'm from Germany, and amazon gave me some trouble switching regions last year, so I'm hoping everything will go smoothly with it this year! Worst case, gift cards can always be bought in other domains without switching ;)

message 41: by Shari-amor (new)

Shari-amor | 118 comments Heeeey, I'm Shari-amor.

I'm so excited that I get to participate again this year. I believe this might be my 5th year and it has been great every time.

Some of my favorite genres are horror, urban fantasy, pnr. I'll read mf, mfm/mmf, or mm for romance pairings.

message 42: by Kyle (new)

Kyle Sullivan (jamthecat59) | 8 comments I'll join up.

I'm Kyle Michel Sullivan and I've been hibernating the last couple years, but now it's time to wake up and come out of my cave.

I'm looking for MM mysteries or SF. I'm too much of a jerk for romance; edgy is preferred...

message 43: by Monica (new)

Monica (minibux) | 48 comments Hello Everyone! I’m Monica and have been participating for several years. Thank you Heather for the invite this year. I prefer romances of all types M/M, M/F, MMM or MFM

This has been a terrible year, I’m sure for everyone, and hope this will bring some joy. I lost my mother in August and have been in my reading bubble because the “real world” is not nice. I hope y’all stay safe and healthy! Thanks again

message 44: by Aղցela W. (new)

Aղցela W. | 343 comments Hi everyone welcome to all the newcomers

message 45: by Richard (new)

Richard Derus (expendablemudge) | 117 comments Good gravy, without notifications I'm more hopeless than usual. I just had the thought, "where *is* everybody?" and realized I had not been here.

I'm Richard, Heather only knows how long I've done this exchange, and here's to hoping we all have as delightful a time as we all have had in the past.

message 46: by V (new)

V (vijetha) | 5 comments Hai everyone
I'm Vijetha from India.
I love reading real life stories.

I don't understand how this group works????

Heather K (dentist in my spare time) (dentistinmysparetime) | 1751 comments Mod
Vijetha wrote: "Hai everyone
I'm Vijetha from India.
I love reading real life stories.

I don't understand how this group works????"

You have to join the book exchange on Elfster and be able to gift books to whoever you are matched with :)

message 48: by saintsinclaire (new)

saintsinclaire (claireeasterly) | 2 comments Hey there!
I’m Claire and it’s my first year doing this exchange, so thanks Heather! I’m usually more of a voyeur on goodreads but maybe I’m ready to be more active now:)
I live in Northern California and I like to do outdoor active things, watch old movies, oh and read books of course.

I’m all about diverse reads and I have varying tastes in books- love me some kindle unlimited romance reads (mm preferred), adult fantasy, and fiction. I like sad books and books with unreliable narrators who are morally gray but we love them anyways. Books involving dark academia and strong friendship groups are my favorites.

Looking forward to this festive exchange!

message 49: by Kitty (last edited Oct 07, 2020 01:38PM) (new)

Kitty (kittymiao) | 16 comments Hi, I'm Kitty. This is my first year doing the exchange but it already looks like so much fun!

Reading is my escape! I more or less read m/m romance exclusively.

I love a myriad of genres and tropes as long as they have a HEA: (fake dating, sci-fi, historical, fantasy, bdsm, first times, shifters, friends to lovers, fantasy, smut, gay for you, gay/bi awakening, omegaverse, mpreg, angst, fluff, you name it!!)

As long as there are interesting characters and a good connection between them I'm happy!

(I do have a small aversion to the cowboys/ranchers and military tropes, but I'm also pretty open minded, so if you know of one that's super amazing I'd be willing to give it a try!)

I got a Kindle Unlimited subscription earlier this year, so I've been reading non stop for the last several months! If you have a favorite author or a book that's not available on KU to recommend, I'd also especially be interested in checking them out because it's sure to be something I've not had a chance to experience yet.

Some of my favorite m/m romance reads are by Jay Northcote, Piper Scott, Lily Morton, Leta Blake, TJ Klune, Alessandra Hazard, Lisa Henry, Raleigh Ruebens, Rebecca James, Amy Bellows, and Keira Andrews.

I'm looking forward to participating in this exchange! Thanks for the invite, Heather!

message 50: by Mariah Roze (new)

Mariah Roze (mariahroze) | 45 comments Hi Everyone!

My name is Mariah and I am so excited to be back again. I love gifting books, so I am really excited to surprise a lot of you with goodies :)

I personally love to read anything. However, on my wishlist on Elfster I have a lot of true crime and comics. I seem to mostly own those :p

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