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Librarian Molly | 219 comments Mod
The author combined traditional Mayan words and stories with her own unique tale. Were you familiar with any of these terms or Mayan tales previously? (Confession: I had to look most of them up.)

message 2: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Ostis | 290 comments I was not, despite my husband having worked in Mexico for a number of years, with the kids and I visiting archeological sites all over the country.

message 3: by Retta (new)

Retta Brandon | 179 comments Silvia Moreno-Garcia did help us by her Mayan glossary. I have visited Aztec and Zapotec pyramids and archeological sites and read about their different gods. It is interesting that most mythological deals with an underworld where mortals are doomed to death. I tried to get translate on Google to pronounce the different character names and various terms and it was difficult to find or pronounce.

Librarian Molly | 219 comments Mod
Retta, I did the same thing! And sometimes, a simple translation was not available. I did a little more research on this selection than usual. For example, Hun-Kame means one death while Vucub-Kame means seven deaths. And Xibalba could be translated as both "Place of Fear" and “Place of Astonishment”--interesting!

message 5: by Kent (new)

Kent  R (kentr33d) | 119 comments I saw elements of Mayan mythology that resemble Greek mythology. I think it's incredible how different independent cultures seem to have similarities. The Mayan Egyptian pyramids are relatively the same, yet neither culture is really considered each other.

message 6: by Michele (new)

Michele (mlbose) | 160 comments Like others, I was not familiar with the Mayan terminology or mythology and did a lot of Googling.

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