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Librarian Molly | 219 comments Mod
Female agency – or a lack of it – is a theme in this story. Though intelligent and feisty, Casiopea begins as a servant to her family, then becomes an accidental handmaiden to a Mayan death god. Had Casiopea not awakened Hun-Kame, what do you think her future would have held? Would she have made it to Merida?

message 2: by Lorraine (new)

Lorraine Dickie | 100 comments Although I thought Casiopea was intelligent and spunky and deserved to have a full and happy life, the 1920’s in Mexico did not offer a lot of hope for women in general. I’m afraid Martin would keep making her life hell, and her mother wasn’t much help either because of her own circumstances, that if she did make it to Merida, it would be by leaving on her own and becoming someone else’s maid. I hope I’m wrong. I would like to hear someone’s else’s more positive outcome.

message 3: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Ostis | 290 comments I unfortunately agree, Lorraine. The prospects seemed dim, to me, probably because she kept ultimately backing down at each encounter. Without Hun-Kame? There would have to be someone else on her side, to help or at the very least encourage: her mother? Another servant? We didn’t see any sign of that in the story prior to HK’s appearance...

message 4: by Maxine (new)

Maxine | 176 comments Bleak. It would have been exceeding challenging to overcome her circumstances with little or no money or support group.
She was fiesty though and probably would have found a way to at least get to Merida and create a better life.

Librarian Molly | 219 comments Mod
Maxine, I think so too. She was motivated to better her situation well before Hun-Kame came on the scene. I know it would have been difficult, but I think she was up to the task.

message 6: by Kerry (new)

Kerry Jackson | 51 comments I definitely think she would have made it to Merida. She had enough drive within her. She just got out of her circumstances sooner when she awakened Hun-Kane. This was an adventure story to me and she was the heroine.

message 7: by Michele (new)

Michele (mlbose) | 160 comments I agree with Michelle, I don’t think she would have followed through with any plans at changing her circumstances. It seemed Casiopea wanted a better life for herself than what she had at her grandfathers house but she wasn’t really doing much about it other than daydreaming. Her mother mentions savings some money when possible but Casiopea wasn’t even doing that (unless I missed something).
Yes, she was intelligent and feisty but I wanted her to be unapologetically so, Instead, at times, she came across to me like a toddler throwing a tantrum before finally doing whatever she was asked to do. Maybe this changes as the story progresses?

message 8: by Kent (new)

Kent  R (kentr33d) | 119 comments Yes, she liked a lot of female agency. I'm curious on how this would play out in 2020? With her free agency and knowledge of technology, I believe Casiopea may have not been able to get the bone shard out of her hand and make the best of the situation. it's still up in a reason that water technology cannot remove the bone shard from her hand and therefore having to work with the situation. And her emotional maturity
also be a stumbling block.

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