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message 1: by John (new)

John Seymour | 1910 comments Mod
7. What other books by Hilaire Belloc have you read? How would you compare Europe and the Faith to those other books?

Manuel Alfonseca | 1546 comments Mod
I have read till now 8 books by Belloc, 6 non-fiction and 2 fiction. The two books I liked best were this one we are reading now (a re-read for me), and The Great Heresies, which we read in the club some time ago, and I have read 3 times.

Of the others, I'll mention The Four Men: A Farrago, a short novel about four men who make together a three-day walking trip through their county. Their trip is seasoned with absurde discussions, invented legends and history, ditties and dirges.

Mariangel | 566 comments I have only read "The Great Heresies" with the club.

Fonch | 1321 comments O i am going to start the rereading now that i have concluded the book of my admired Juan Manuel de Prada and others. It is a pity that Belinda was not translated to spanish for Joseph Pearce is the best Hilaire Belloc's novels. I have to Hilaire Belloc The Crusades, The Life of Richelieu, The Life of Mary Antoinette, The Servile
State, Path to Rome, Great Heresies and This but i have the feeling that we have not Read the best of him. It is a shame that his book was not arrived to Spain.

message 5: by John (new)

John Seymour | 1910 comments Mod
I have read Great Heresies and the Path to Rome, both of which I enjoyed.

Fonch | 1321 comments Belloc although he has a different style to his brother in arm G.K. Chesterton despite the fact he writes rather well.

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