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No Deadly Medicine (Verity Spencer Thriller #1)
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Book Club Selection > October 2020 Value Read: No Deadly Medicine, by Trudey Martin

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David Gooch | 4061 comments Mod
No Deadly Medicine (Verity Spencer Thriller #1) by Trudey Martin
No Deadly Medicine, by Trudey Martin

"An elderly gentleman drops his notebook. Verity Spencer picks it up. When she attempts to return it she finds the old man shot and dying, his house ransacked. He begs her not to hand the notebook to the police and against her better judgement she agrees. In doing so she becomes embroiled in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with people keen to take it from her and not afraid to injure or kill in the process. Verity is in above her head, engaged in a desperate race against time to uncover what the scribblings in the notebook mean. Not knowing who to trust, and relying solely on her own resourcefulness, she gets dragged into a hazardous trail of discovery, endangering her life in the process. She needs to find new levels of resolve and determination if she has any chance of uncovering what is going on and keeping herself alive. "

Discussion Leader: Bill Kupersmith

Bill Kupersmith | 582 comments Mod
I’ve my copy and started.

Bill Kupersmith | 582 comments Mod
The initial incident where the dying Dr Neasden gets Verity to promise to tell no one about the notebook and substitutes a wallet struck me as a trifle contrived, but once launched into the story I'm finding Verity a quite likeable protagonist and narrator. I'm about a quarter into the story now.

David Gooch | 4061 comments Mod
Just got my copy and about to start it.

Bill Kupersmith | 582 comments Mod
Quite liked Verity's perplexity with unloading the gun. Too often in thrillers we find characters who've never touched a firearm before
pick up a pistol and shoot someone dead.

message 6: by Pat (new)

Pat Cody | 143 comments Suspending disbelief as I skimmed over the more brutal parts was difficult as I read No Deadly Medicine. Verity admits she doesn't exercise enough, then endures pages of injuries and hardships a Navy bloke would wince through. The author gave explanations and motivations far past the point I needed them to find Verity human. The children were almost forgotten in describing mayhem; the impetus for taking on an expensive, arduous investigation wasn't clear; the reason for not calling her DI friend when he ended up being emotionally significant to her without groundwork; why she didn't start the car and drive away when a man appeared out of the night with a bat--all these incidents lacked adequate foreshadowing or motivation. This one barely gets a three from me.

David Gooch | 4061 comments Mod
The bit that I just couldn't get over was the fact that some total random stranger you have never met before and whose notebook you have tells you not to say anything to the police about the book and trust no one and you do it. Really??

Once I got past that and I'm not sure I have it flows ok but it all seemed a bit convoluted and too many but surely moments. You know like Pat said "but surely you would drive away if someone swung a baseball bat at your car". Ok but not spectacular.

Bill Kupersmith | 582 comments Mod
I quite liked the modest and self-depreciating main character but the plot was implausible and the action in the thriller scenes unbelievable. But I was immensely amused by the notion of shopping for handcuffs at Ann Summers- I’d never have thought of that.

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