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message 1: by Benjamin (new)

Benjamin (guavajuice7) | 8 comments My name is Ben Kleven. As the title indicates, I'm an aspiring freelance editor looking to get my foot in the door. I'm offering free developmental editing, copyediting, and/or proofreading in exchange for a testimonial on my website. ​As for my background/qualifications, I come from a family of Literature Majors and have always been an avid reader. I graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 2018 with honors in Literature and Psychology, while working as a Reporter for the major campus newspaper, City on a Hill Press. I'm really excited to get started and connect with others who are as passionate about the craft as I am.

message 2: by David (new)

David Øybo (correlations_trilogy) | 19 comments Dear Ben,

Thanks so much for this very kind offer - not sure if my story could be interesting for you - blurb below. If is quite a ‘big baby’ at 120000 words... - if yes feel free to contact me at david.hefer (at)

Thanks a lot for considering!

Best greetings,


Julebord (The Holiday Party)

Should chief investigator James Wiley Redding of the Norwegian Police suspect that any of the doctors working in the small rural hospital of Godshus, located where a fjord meets the North Sea, might be linked to the gruesome discovery made on a December morning after their annual Julebord (holiday party)?

Much more whodunit than a diversified nordic noir novel, Julebord is laced with what life is like to work in a small rural hospital, where things and humans occasionally get dirty. Not merely a piece of – at times – a bit upmarket crime fiction, the story brings to the realization that in today’s small global village we are linked to each other in some way – whether we want to be or not and cannot hide from the events that affect us all.
Book II : A Story about Recent Events – Julebord (The Holiday Party), which takes place between August 26th, 1960 and December 23rd, 2019 is the first published volume of the Correlations Trilogy by David Øybo.

The story contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language, as well as descriptions of actions by characters some readers might find disturbing, upsetting, or offensive. It is intended for mature readers only. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK.

message 3: by Asper (new)

Asper Blurry | 28 comments Benjamin wrote: "My name is Ben Kleven. As the title indicates, I'm an aspiring freelance editor looking to get my foot in the door. I'm offering free developmental editing, copyediting, and/or proofreading in exch..."

Hi Ben!

Would you like to help me out with my manuscript?

genre: adult, contemporary/literary novel,
title: "The Secret House of Whispers"
words: 57,000


Her best friend, who was in love with her, got killed. Her boyfriend is missing. Maphi feels that it’s her fault but she can’t remember why.

Trapped alone in the Secret House of Whispers, Maphi isn’t sure if it’s real or only her imagination. She meets You Poor Thing Tree and learns the truth about her past - she is indeed responsible for the tragedy. To make amends, she can return for three months to earth before it all happens.

But when the tree tells her she’ll need to prepare herself for death afterward Maphi is torn between saving the only people who ever loved her, thus freeing herself from guilt, and her own life. The choice is even harder as one of them hurt her and the tree won’t say who it was.

Thank you! :)

message 4: by Halima (new)

Halima Chefchaouni | 16 comments Hi Ben, I'm not sure if you are interested in YA or not, but my most recent MS is a darker upper YA with crossover potential. I am not published, yet, but several literary agents have already expressed interest in this story when it is ready to be queried and my previous work has placed in writing contests.

Here's a brief blurb about the book: VERONICA MARS x a Muslim GHOST WHISPERER. For fans of Zoraida Cordova’s LABYRINTH LOST

Jannat, a seventeen-year-old Muslim of mixed Moroccan-American heritage helps her detective dad solve murders because she hears the dead in Barzakh, the after realm, when she sits near their graves. But there’s one unsolvable case that haunts her: her mother, missing, presumed dead, whom she can never hear. When the dead can’t give her answers, Jannat travels to Barzakh in spirit to find out what really happened.

Please send me a private message with your email if you would like to work on this project. Thank you for your consideration.

message 5: by J.D. (new)

J.D. Fitzgerald (jdfitzgerald) | 8 comments Benjamin wrote: "My name is Ben Kleven. As the title indicates, I'm an aspiring freelance editor looking to get my foot in the door. I'm offering free developmental editing, copyediting, and/or proofreading in exch..."

I have a novella in the works if you're interested in checking it out. But it's still in the writing process, I'll post the first three chapters soon.

message 6: by Wolf (new)

Wolf | 2 comments I have a YA Fantasy Novel on my hands.

Blurb: Fury didn’t ask to be heir of MoonPack, and she certainly didn’t ask for the scorn that came with it. But when the famous killer, Nightmare, escapes from prison, her life becomes his newest target. After unlocking a special connection to the spirit realm, Fury realizes she might have a choice to turn things around on her pursuer. All it takes is a choice to put her destiny into her own paws.

Additional Info: This story features winged fantasy wolves as main characters, and the overall story involves a lot of action/adventure.

Let me know if you'd be interested in helping me out!

message 7: by Brittany (new)

Brittany T | 8 comments Benjamin wrote: "My name is Ben Kleven. As the title indicates, I'm an aspiring freelance editor looking to get my foot in the door. I'm offering free developmental editing, copyediting, and/or proofreading in exch..."

I am looking for someone to beta read the second draft of my novel.

Here is a summary:
Casey Rae Franklin long gave up on her big league dreams after the sudden departure of her mother shattered her world. She spent the next decade slowly rebuilding the pieces of her life, one that did not include baseball. She was happy--or so she told herself. She had what she needed. A job. A home. A significant other. But the lure of the ball field never quite released Casey from it's spell.

Kyle Knight--famed catcher for the New York Emperors--is at the end of his rope. His past mistakes haunt him. His career has dried up. He burned every bridge he built. No one was knocking on his door. And, to make matters worse, his long time manager had finally cut him loose. Kyle thinks it is all over until he receives a call from the New York Emperors newly appointed owner Annette Scythe--a phone call that brings him to New Jersey and to Casey Franklin.

Together, Kyle and Casey embark on a journey that will not only change baseball forever, but will change them as well.

Please let me know if you are interested!

message 8: by Strand (new)

Strand VV | 1 comments Hi Ben,

I want to state that I am not writing a manuscript, I am working on a web-serial. I have been trying to edit the 40k words I have released on another website but I am still getting told it is a bit clunky.
I am failing to see where I am making mistakes so I am reaching out for help. If you are interested and would like to help, please contact me.

My blurb:
For every crime, there is a perpetrator; for every debt, there is a debtor; and for every action, there is a consequence.

Power is within reach to those with the desire to grasp it. In a world with countless possibilities, each can forge their own path. Warriors, mages, shifters, angels, demons, and more clash in a never-ending cycle of war to fulfill their dreams and desires. Each path brings its own perils and trials, but great rewards await the lone traveler.

All dreams require power, all desires require power.

When Franswift was forced to partake and became the sole survivor of the beast tide, he desired nothing but absolute freedom. In this world, that may turn out to be the hardest dream to have.

message 9: by Benjamin (new)

Benjamin (guavajuice7) | 8 comments Hi you all, thanks so much for responding. I had quite a few authors message me directly and am operating first-come-first-serve so will be occupied for around a month editing the various manuscripts sent to me first. I'll follow-up when I'm newly available. Thanks again,

message 10: by E.L. (new)

E.L. Waring | 132 comments I appreciate your willingness to help authors and read their work! Here is a synopsis of my manuscript I hope you will love to read:

Have you heard of the Dunites? You probably haven't, but you no doubt have felt their effect on your life. Something else people don't know about is the secret they kept about something they found in the remote sand dunes they lived in.

You probably have heard and Ansel Adams, Cecil B Demille, and John Steinbeck? Unknown to most is they would never have been the famous individuals they became if it hadn't been for the Dunites, the special place they lived, and the secret they only knew. The Dunites lived in the miles of sand dunes found on the central coast of California back in the 1920s and 30s. At the time, they were well known, and might be likened to the Hippies of the 1960s, just well ahead of their time. They influenced dance, entertainment, politics and religion, influence we see as a normal part of culture today. Strange people don't know who they are anymore.

How did this small group of odd individuals have such an influence on society?

My manuscript explores these amazing people and the incredible place they lived by means of a modern day, semi fictional 14 year old boy. Tristen discovers his recently deceased father's hidden journal about the Dunites and how he tried to discover their secrets when he was a teenager, but soon finds his discoveries unknowingly continued until his death, perhaps the cause of his demise. The boy begins a search for these secrets in the miles of dunes, a search that intensifies with the discovery of an elusive old man said to be the remaining Dunite, and still living hidden there. The secret this old man knows has the power to change mankind!

There are also many historical and modern photos included, adding a further sense of reality, blurring the line between fiction and non-fiction. If this is a manuscript you would like to read, I would love to get your comments! Please let me know of your interest.


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